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  1. I doubt GW would decide to make a non competitive army. While I don’t think Moonclan would lose its comedic relief, it would be a profit failure to not make them competitive and the way things are trending it doesn’t seem they would sacrifice that.
  2. Hey, selling the following models (PICS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST) Trades are considered but Paypal is King Prices Negotiable I'm in California Dwarf/Dispossessed/Ironweld - SOLD Battle for Skull Pass Half Set - 50 USD 1x Unforged 1x Warden King 12x Warriors 10x Thunderers 8x Miners 1x Cannon + Crew Moonclan Grots - 1x Fungoid Cave Shaman (assembled, unpainted) - 25 USD Spiderfang Grots - 10x Spider Riders (Battle for Skull Pass) - 20 USD Tzeentch - 5x Tzeentch Screamers (Metal, OOP) - 35 USD Nurgle - SOLD Poxbringer, Herald of Nurgle (On Sprue) - 15 USD Stormcast Eternals/SCE - SOLD 1x Lord-Aquilor (NIB) - 25 USD Old Codexs - Tyranids, Tau, Tau Empire, Orks, Astra Militarum
  3. a terrain piece of a giant mushroom that emanates poaisonous spores to damage enemies and maybe either heals or buffs attacks of units around it. Mainly, I want to paint a huge mushroom.
  4. If there is one, can someone possibly PM me an LOA whatsapp.
  5. I would be so ecstatic if it has some sort of Octopus/Kraken model. Would buy that alone. *Looks at name*
  6. Check out the new Battletome, it has some good stuff for nurgle
  7. HypnoKraken

    Nurgle List Check

    A single, unbuffed plagueclaw isn't too effective usually. Trolls might be better
  8. Hey everyone, I really love the Bloab Rotspawned paint scheme from GW and wanted to copy it as best as I could. However, I can't find either the paint scheme or a guide on how to do it. Before anyone says anything, I've looked through youtube, Discords, Whatsapp Groups, Facebook etc and haven't had anything but smart answers (no the end times maggoth lord painting video does not include Bloab). I've even contacted GW Customer Support and they said they couldn't give it to me apparently. (It's the white and green paint scheme) Any help is appreciated!
  9. There's also the one bursting out of the Blightking stomach
  10. The nerfs/point increases seem fair with the amount of buffs that are incoming. I think the general strat right now is rotigus sits back and kills heroes, while the rest including maybe another GUO (or 2 hehe) go forward.
  11. CHaos or Rotbringer Sorcerer for Blades?
  12. Would love to join the nurgle group if possible
  13. Maybe they could use the Old Bret spear formation or whatever for cavalry, it's not something that is good on it's own but adapt it to be used against hordes. If we apply it to monsters, maybe some type of bonus sweeping attack modifier either for damage or attacks (or both) mechanic applied to hordes. If they really want to tame hordes, maybe add bonuses to shooting for shooting into them since they would have so much mass it'd be hard to miss.
  14. There's already a nurgle lets chat, some good armies in there too
  15. So, I want to start a Nurgle army, however I'm planning on waiting for the new BT and models. Is there anything I could order in the meantime that would be almost a must have in an army? Going with the Rotbringers theme
  16. I'm only just starting my army but now I want some cute Papa nurgle and sons
  17. Hey all, As you can imagine, I got some Amazon GC for Christmas. I would like to buy some more FW models though, would anyone be interested in trading? I have up 250 USD available.
  18. Finished my first ever miniatures for my future LOA/CD army, C&C Appreciated :)
  19. I just got into AOS and have gone with LOA/Chaos Dwarves as my faction. I purchased a COmmand Staff and Ironsworn to start with. I'm hoping to have some painted over the holidays.
  20. Awesome, thank you for the feedback it's much appreciated. What if I swapped for a dreadquake instead of a magma cannon? That sounds like killer firing line though, I will pick that up for an army
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