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  1. I suppose it's slightly underwhelming for any AoS players expecting a new/the next battletome reveal, but honestly GW do so many events and announcements now that I feel that could come at any time. As for announcements as a whole, I'm really excited! - The contrast paints look amazing, particularly excites me as an Imperial Fists collector, but also because I've been using the wash over white technique on my slayers - so I feel prepped to go already! - Yeah, we don't know how the Warcry minis will work in AoS yet, but I'm sure they've mentioned they'll all translate to the game. I'm choosing to hope that these are all super versatile kits that will somehow all band together into a lovely Darkoath battletome, so I'll finally have use for that Archaon I probably shouldn't have bought on a whim... - I'm actually mega excited about the Lion. With the little teaser in the Hedonites tome (below), I'm hyping myself up to believe this little guy is part of a new faction I'm calling Teclis & Tyrion's Angel Force™ and I couldn't be more excited. I'm definitely not building myself up for Slaanesh Mortals levels of disappointment... nope.
  2. Thanks for pointing all of that out! I've not even got the army assembled yet so I've not even had them on the table. Eager to give this a whirl and try out some of the different artifacts - I'll let you know how it goes when I do.
  3. Hey all, Was looking for some feedback on my list. I'm looking at taking it to a local competitive tournament later in the year and I want to start getting prepped, painted and practised! Plenty of wounds, plenty of shooting and good armour buffs but really lacking on bodies. I wanted to dodge the 30 H.Berzerker blob (as good as it is) and use something a bit more varied. I was tempted to ditch the H.Zerkers all-together for 20 more vulkites and the fyrewall, but I think I'd lack killing power. Thoughts?
  4. Sorry if this has already been answered, but can the "Skull-breakers and Oath-takers" ability be used more than once in a turn as long as it's on different units? It seems like you can. If so it seems incredibly good and Hermdar might be my competitive pick!
  5. The disappointment is shared fault for sure - you shouldn't get yourself excited over something you've fabricated but GW have also set a bit of a precedent with the other Chaos army releases. I'm disappointed because I don't like the current set of Slaanesh daemons (bar the KoS), but remembering Sigvald and old Warhammer fiction that touched upon Slaanesh warriors got me more than a little excited. But, now there is little hope we'll see anything of that sort until they get a new book a few years down the line. These splinter arguments going on are a little weird. Why would it matter how strong the army is? People just wanted a wider model range. Time for me to go back to getting excited about a potential StD/Darkoath release instead... so I can be disappointed about that too 😄
  6. Sorry if I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but figured it might be rumour-worthy! I was looking at buying the little plastic grot shaman a week or so ago and it was on the UK webstore. Having looked today it's no longer there at all, no non-moonclan grot units are either and any/every old Greenskin model has disappeared. Only Ironjawz, Bonesplitterz or models used in the new Gloomspite book are still there under destruction. I'm sure this fell outside of the made-to-order promotion too. A hint at an upcoming tome maybe? Signed, An ever hopeful Ironjawz player
  7. Let's all calm down and look forward to the Tomb Kings vs Bretonnia box coming next month.
  8. I'll give the above list a try and see how I get on, using his voice on himself and seeing how much damage he can do before being picked apart. With it being against Stormcast I just have to hope he survives the trip across the table. The Warboss on boar looks great, problem is after looking they seem near impossible to get hold of at the moment. How come the Weirdnob has fallen so far out of favour in comparison? From a cursory glance the Fungoid only seems good for the potential command point, whereas the Weirdnob's Foot of Gork spell looks like it'll almost always cast on an 8 and can be devastating.
  9. Hey all, I was wondering if there was a reasonably competitive way to run Gordrakk in a list as I don't see him getting much love here. I realise he is pretty squishy in comparison to the cabbages with access to Ironclad and relics, but was trying to figure out a way to get him to the table. Allegiance: Ironjawz - Mortal Realm: Aqshy LEADERS Gordrakk the Fist of Gork (580) General Orruk Megaboss (140) Artefact : Thermalrider Cloak Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120) Artefact : The Boss Skewer UNITS 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) - Pair of Brute Choppas - 1 x Gore Choppas 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) - Pair of Brute Choppas - 1 x Gore Choppas 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) - Pig-iron Choppas 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) - Pig-iron Choppas 20 x Orruk Ardboys (320) - 12 x Pair of Choppas or Smashas - 8 x Choppa or Smasha & Shields BATTALIONS Ironfist (180) More of a little tester in a local campaign before I try and force Gordrakk to a tournament of any kind (I realise that I have no Warchanters in there...) - If anyone has had any success with the big guy please give me your suggestions!
  10. Wow, thank you for such a comprehensive and detailed response, it's a massive help! I'll certainly be looking into getting some start collecting boxes, a Maw-Krusha and some Brutes. Love the look at a couple of the lists posted, I'd go Grunta heavy if the things weren't quite so pricey! No more questions for now as I think you've covered everything I can think of, I'll keep reading the conversations in here and likely post up in a couple of months when I've managed to get some games in!
  11. Hey all! While I'm not new to AoS, I'm rather new to Destruction and have very little experience with AoS2. Even though there seems to be negativity by the bucket over the last few pages of this thread, I was looking at investing in Ironjawz as my next army and was looking for some beginners advice! Where is the best place to start? I assume the start collecting box is a good jumping off point, but I always get new-army paralysis when it comes to assembling and I'm not 100% sure on which equipment to take on my units. I'd also love to know what some of the more competitive builds are. While I'm not after copying the hottest lists shown online, I am hoping to use the army to attend a few local tournaments in 2019 and (fingers crossed) have a fighting chance - so any lists that have done well in the new edition will certainly get my cogs turning in terms of what I'd like to build.
  12. I realise that Games Workshop are a business, but the people designing the game aren't the people running the business - they want to make the game fun and fair. As a game designer myself I know "the company" can influence the course a game takes and some concessions have to be made along the way, but I think it's rather short sighted to assume they've brought back summoning just to make some extra cash. GW have been all about pushing the cinematic look and feel of their systems recently and summoning isn't any different. It's something (some) players have been asking for to come back. I know my local group thinks summoning is pretty much useless in its current iteration. Cash for models may have been GW's MO for many years, and it's hard to argue that wasn't the case, but it really seems they want to push the quality of their game systems now. Have some faith!
  13. Wow, there certainly seems to be a whole lot of jumping-the-gun on this already! Fact is, we don't really have enough information to make a snap decision on if this will be too strong or not. The community post was rather vague on details and we don't know what to expect in terms of new allegiance abilities and such. It's more than likely that armies without summoning abilities will get something as a counter-balance, either benefits they get for the game (like the tides of death table) or will get benefits akin to summoning, where they have to accrue points to gain unit buffs. Have some faith in the company! In recent times they have earned that much, especially when they are now involving their play-testers so closely. Yeah, it'll be tricky for them to balance (summoning has been so broken in other systems I've played), but you have to think - why would they bring it back to matched play if they aren't confident it'll play well?
  14. Looks like they can ally with all the Aelves but Phoenix Temple, so there goes my original plan! Very excited to get my hands on the book now, I really want to go Akhelian heavy because of their Greek look, so I see lots of eels and sharks coming my way!
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