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  1. I don't remember the core rulebook for the 2nd ever saying that Hysh is the sun. The whole Ulgu-Hysh cycle was described as metaphysical relationship that adjusts the strength of the light of each of the realms suns.
  2. Actually i've rechecked and is not definitive, but it was in Mighty Battles. https://ageofsigmar.lexicanum.com/wiki/Gates_of_Dawn What was retconned?
  3. What about lore inconsistencies. I've heard there's a few problems like Troggoths being labelled as Greenskin and Ignax being dead. Unless GW changed something and haven't told us I think neither of those are true. We also known that Aqshy is also the sun, atleast of Ghyran.
  4. If you put Deadwalkers, Deathmages and Deathrattle together you get a fairly solid "Necromantic Hordes" faction.
  5. Here are a few of the Hinted factions that we found in the game. https://ageofsigmar.lexicanum.com/wiki/Lexicanum:_Hinted_factions
  6. We need all the help we can get really. Especially with unit pages from Battletomes. Those feel like the ones we need the most help with.
  7. I'm trying to be more strict with images since the sourcing on them has been lax in the past. Before I add such images I need the source, with atleast pagenumber or chapter. I also remember this being a depiction of GF(through I could be wrong) at the time of the Season of War, so it might have expanded considerably since then. Also Dalaran has sewers so that's a moot point.
  8. Wish I add this so I could add this lore to the Age of Sigmar Lexicanum.
  9. Yeah we need a lot of help. If you have problems joinging do tell me so I can help.
  10. We don't really know if they are different entities though.
  11. I only care if they have new shop images of old miniatures with round bases and the unit lists for the Lexi anyway. That's the old compendiums, these are the new: https://www.warhammer-community.com/legends/ They don't have points yet, but they were slated to be released after 40k legends which happened in December.
  12. Oh okay. I know they said that they would be put stuff to Legends with Cities of Sigmar, but we have been in radio silence since then. I assume because they choose to prioritize 40k Legends first.
  13. There was a bug didn't allow people to request accounts. This has now been fixed and people can request accounts again. If you tried to join us before and couldn't you can now. It's always great to hear that! We really need someone with the early Battletome: Seraphon as we are missing a lot of that early content, specially about the different kinds of Seraphon.
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