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  1. Probably not. The programming side of the Lexi needs to be adjusted for the split to happen and the people responsible for doing that are busy on something else more important to their network. Which is why they gave me February as the earliest possible moment to do the split.
  2. Last I heard I was told the earliest moment the split could happen is this month. Still waiting for further developments.
  3. Ashendant

    The Rumour Thread

    From what I understand this Blades of Khorne tome is a multi-army one, allowing one to play as Bloodbound, Daemons or Generic Khorne. Maybe even Khorne Beastmen? From what I understand the old tome of 2017 was heavily Generic Khorne only. It seems like giving every sub-faction allegiance abilities is what they are going to do moving forward with Battletomes.
  4. Ugh it's always a bit annoying when these happen. I've to make sure I have all the good shop images of miniatures saved in the Lexicanum before they disappear. I think I already have all of them, but I always have to double check to be sure. Skaven is going to be annoying since they are one of the largest chaos armies.
  5. Ashendant

    Age of Sigmar RPG

    What era will be the "setting"? I'm asking because the most recent era of the Age of Sigmar, the Arcanum Optimar had some changes to how the magic work, most notably with the addition of Endless Spell, Realmsphere magic(the ability for magic users to innately tap the magic of the realm to enhance spells and access to natural spell list) and the spontaneous enchantment of objects of notoriety. And if it happens during this time will there be options to play in different eras with different rules? On another note I would like to know if there will be information on: Religions: not just the gods from the World-that-was but also the new ones like Dracothion and Ignax, Generic race info: By which I don't mean an entry on Fyreslayer Duardin. What I really would like to see is a entry with general Duardin information from all factions. Bestiary: A real thick bestiary book.
  6. Ashendant

    The Rumour Thread

    The warscroll pdfs are still active, even if the shop page itself was turned off. I keep a list of those links on here: http://whfb.lexicanum.com/wiki/List_of_Warhammer:_Age_of_Sigmar_units Every link, including Gitmobs, should be working still. EDIT: Feel free to nab them. It's always good to have backups.
  7. I think it's more likely they will turn it into a new Warhammer Legends pdf.
  8. Ashendant

    The Rumour Thread

    There are a few factions that I think don't have any lore whatsoever besides being in the Grand Alliance books. From memory as a editor in the Lexicanum they are: Order: Darkling Covens, Order Draconis and Order Serpentis. Chaos: Daemons of Chaos. Destruction: Firebellies, Gitmob Grots and Maneaters. Death: none
  9. Ashendant

    Carrion Empire

    Skryre have 11 different options. Every other Skaven faction has between 5 or 6. Out of a combination of 6 factions, Skryre has more than 1/4th of the Skaven factions units.
  10. Ashendant

    Carrion Empire

    They need more stuff that isn't Skryre, since it has almost twice than every other Skaven faction.
  11. Ashendant

    Faction predictions for 2019.

    I expect a Gholemkind faction.
  12. Ashendant

    The Rumour Thread

    The Bad Moon is a deity that actually beat Gorkamorka by breaking it's teeth when he tried to eat it.
  13. Ashendant

    Big FAQ?

    I'm disappointed that GW chose to name the Monster factions for Order and Destruction as "Monsters of Order" and "Monsters of Destruction". This is beyond lazy and extremely disappointing, specially when Monsters of Chaos and Beasts of the Grave are already pretty great names!
  14. Ashendant

    Races of the Grand Alliances

    My list about the sapient races are of the mortal realm by grand alliance are: Order: Human, Aelf, Duardin, Seraphon, Sylvaneth, Slaan. Chaos: Humans, Duardin, Chaos Daemons, Gor-kin, Dragon Ogor, Skaven, Ba'hal, Gargant. Death: Grot, Ogor, Gargant, Orruk, Snotling, Troggoth, Fimir. Destruction: Human, Skeleton, Vampire, Malignant, Mordant, Reanimant, Zombie. Unknown: Kelpdar, Merwynn, Sankrit I wish there was bit more variety in Chaos and Deathin the mortal side with Chaos Aelves and Death Dwarves for example. Maybe even some Destruction Mortals like Digganobs?
  15. Ashendant

    Lore reveals in GW's "500 Facts..." post

    I think in the setting context not all stars are suns. Most of those stars are, likely, not as big as the suns of the realms. A good example of this can been seen in Sigendil which is significantly smaller than Mallus, even through it's light can be seen from every Mortal Realms.