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  1. To continue the discussion on the Rumour Thread. Greenskinz still has points in the GHB. Gitmobs were outright removed from the GHB.
  2. As far as I can remember the only faction to be outright deleted was the Gitmob Grots. Everyone else stayed in one form of another.
  3. I honestly don't know what's plastic, what's resin, what's finecast and what's metal. I just assumed Bonesplitterz had one or two that GW didn't like anymore. LEXICANUM Does anybody have a list of unit names for miniatures from Fantasy Battles? I have a bunch of wrongly named pictures that I need to updated, but unfortunately I don't know which units are which.
  4. I'm pretty sure some factions are going to be partially squatted in the future. If I had to guess I would say Bonesplitterz, Gutbusters, Beastclaw Raiders, Seraphon, Slaves to Darkness are going to through some minor squattings, LEXICANUM Finished uploading all the images on the Lexicanum, through I was pretty lazy on the names
  5. High Elves definitely got shafted and I agree that there were too many microfactions made out of the Dark Elves and High Elves. I hope this is not the last we hear of these factions. The Lion Rangers with new units could make a great support for the Wanderers + Kurnothi faction as they are also nomadic like the Wanderers.
  6. Lexicanum I've checked the list and most shop images are already there. I've updated a few with images of higher quality. All that needs to be done is check the 360º images for the War Altar and the Skycutter. I think after the split I'll need someone to check the Fantasy Battle miniature images so we can give them the correct labelling and remove the repeats.
  7. I think it's more likely is that they already went through the Legends process, being the first so everything was squatted before then. All the other Order factions haven't gone through Legends, so now they will have 5 releases of Legends to run through.
  8. I doubt they will give them more generic sounding names, since that's specifically what they've been avoiding in the long term. LEXICANUM I would also like to say that I've managed to find backups of the product descriptions for the entire range of Greenskinz faction and half of Gitmobs. Sadly I wasn't able to find backups for Nasty Skulkers, Rock Lobber, Doom Diver Catapult, Spear Chukka, Snotling and Snotling Pump Wagon. Later today I will have to check if all the shop images are stored in the Lexicanum.
  9. You should be able to play them until the next GHB, since they have both points and warscrolls.
  10. As the admin of the lexi I'm glad I've been creating links to the Wayback Machine since this whole debacle started and now will have a source for(almost) every unit. Shame the Gitmob and Greenskinz stuff came out of the left field and so their unit articles are, most likely, forever lost to digital discontinuation. I still need to check if every miniature image is saved in the lexicanum and that will be annoying by itself.
  11. Just because something gets discontinued doesn't mean it can't appear in lore anymore. There's at least two Lion Ranger characters that would be interesting to keep around.
  12. Greenskinz and Gitmob were dropped without so much of a peep, which is a shame since we lost the best Goblin unit ever, the Nasty Skulker. Honestly, I kinda wish Lion Rangers came back in a new form together with the Wanderers and Kurnothi, since they are also nomadic in nature.
  13. Shadow Warriors from the High Elves also survive the cut, which is strange because the Skycutter didn't?
  14. Lietpold the Black is No Longer Available on Forgeworld. Looks like they are trying to get rid off of the Freeguild General on Horse.
  15. I don't think Kurnous was changed due to copyright, since his name was original. Malekith wasn't and wasn't inspired on mythology. I'm saying Anath because Kurnous Anath They have good characters, but agreed they are explored extremely little. Characters like Brokk, Olynder, Kurdoss and Arianka.
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