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  1. I'd say if you're on the fence, buy while you can. I had always wanted a skull cracker, so I bought one. About a month after that the mold broke. A few of the models I've got from Forgeworld were pretty new casts, so I highly doubt they're in a liquidate and end support cycle. I agree that they've been referenced in a lot of the lore and stories, we got two of them from Warcry, making a main line Chaos Dwarf army release sometime in the future is pretty likely, at which time I'd assume Forgeworld would stop with the Legion. But if they come out with a new line, wouldn't it be sweet to augment your force with those beautiful forgeworld models? Even if you bought them, and the GW plastic Chaos Dwarves were announced the next day, you'd be able to hold onto that resin crack and sell it on EBay down the road. Its a fun army, with great models that are great to paint, and most of the people you play with have never fought.
  2. I could also see them expanding the number of playable armies by producing generic "empire" sets, then having forgeworld produce unique units, heros and upgrade packs so that a Marienburg army has different ascetics and rules from a Averland army, but they both use ~80% of the same kits to built out.
  3. I'll join in by expressing my support for continued love and care of our Legions. Any advice as to what I should focus the E-mail on?
  4. I lucked out and found a lot of ~12 metal corsairs on EBay awhile back and won the auction for $1. The models look amazing, I was really shocked no one else bid on them. I'll work them in some how! I want Kislev, some of the old empire engineers, and metal dark elves.
  5. Oof, hard pass from me. I hope they get interesting and fun rules though.
  6. In a game where I had to keep certain members of my warband alive though turn 4, I was able to use Shadowy Recall to place a minion next to my Thrallmaster (with only 4 health) which had the Illuminate on opposite side to block my opponent from getting in to kill him. It won me the game.
  7. The Freeguild Mounted General's horse is covered in "Karl Franz". It took me awhile to file/scrape all that off of mine. Maybe he'll get a new horse! One can dream.
  8. Also "Color Shift Paints". A girl in our group that does some commission work was showing me some models she was airbushing for 40k using the color shift and it gave that exact result. Looked amazing, especially painting metalics!
  9. I'll be painting mine up in a blue green and copper scheme just like my chaos dwarf Army. Make it your own!
  10. Like 2h weapon options for the Ironsworn and bull Centaurs =/
  11. What contrast color would y'all use to for blonde hair? Are there any good matches, or best to paint it in the ol' fashion way?
  12. Last game I played with my Skaven was against a 4 drop opponent. I think it actually help to have a billion rats dropping. Allows me to set up reactively and throw them off with clanrats!
  13. Just a suggestion, you might want to consider adding the Skaven's forgeworld models in as well. Their warscrolls, as well as warscrolls for units used for other armies are listed on the forgeworld website.
  14. Also, the player who wins the initial roll off should get to decide if they set up first or second. Some players like to deploy to counter what the other player sets down where. Hope the games go well and everyone has fun!
  15. Has a 12 month, one time subscription option been considered? For those of us outside the UK this alternative would allow us to support the site, while avoiding foreign exchange fees and currency exchange volatility. Some card companies charge a % of the transaction or a fixed fee per foreign transaction, so being able to limit those fees might bring in some additional support from members far and wide. Lobeau
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