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  1. My favorite part about this is that if you want to go with that approach then it works one time for one model ever. Between games even. Same with reapers. Once per model as long as you own that model.
  2. Ahh bloodmad warband. Thank you. Yes I'm aware of the auras and how the buff are applied, but even with that in mind you seemed to miss addressing the central part of my math. Even with our buffs it doesnt check out how it stands. It comes down to the fact that the unit is in a very odd state when it comes to weapon and banner assignment. So yes a point drop would help, but I'd rather weapon availability disparities be fixed than the bandaid of "make it cheaper." On another note why did we not get mount traits?
  3. Sure can. Just spam the Celestial Vindicator command ability. But lets say youre completely correct and they cant. That leaves us with a 5 man sequitor unit having 7 of thier 3s, 3s rend -1 2 damage attacks with potential to reroll hits with no hero help and reroll saves of 1 all the time. For 120 points. Versus our 0 super weapon attacks because we cant take one on a 5 man unit at all. Now lets move to 10. We get 2 + 4 so 6(not sure where the 4th comes from, but I do forget stuff so ill assume you are correct.) 3s , 3s, rend 1, damage 2 versus 11 3s, 3s, rend 1, damage 2 with all the same buff for sequitors I mentioned up there. And they dont need a bevy of support heros to make it work. So context is important, however, in context, I stand by my statement. Its baffling. I am genuinely curious where the last attack comes from. I can only thing of 3 sources off the top of my head: Bloodsecrator, Wrathmonger, Aspiring Deathbringer. Let me know what i missed.
  4. Incorrect. When locus effects the unit it does not have an ability that lets it strike first. Tyrants also does not let it strike "first" so it would let them strike immediately as the affect is applied after locus and takes precedence.
  5. If by "different" you mean bafflingly worse then sure. I love warriors I just think that the way they've been laid out in terms of special weapons and conditional abilities is weird when you look at a unit like sequitors for example
  6. The issue imo with warriors is the terrible way gw went about designing thier special weapon. If they were in line with sequitors for example we would have 3x goreglaives per 5 guys with 1 on the leader getting an extra attacks. If they fix the loadout issue then they are fine at 100. Are dogs really in "need nerf" territory? They have no rend and a 5+ save at 100 points. Imo they are fine. Mathmatically cannons should be about 105 points to be as good as they were pre wrathmonger change amd skullreapers are priced appropriately I believe, especially when comparing them to similar units in other books. Thier 5" move with 0 run and charge access really hampers them.
  7. Hello. Lookimg for feedback on this list idea I had today as well as any advice on artifacts. ++ **Pitched Battle** 2,000 (Chaos - Khorne) [1,990pts] ++ + Uncategorised + Skull Altar + Leader + Bloodsecrator [140pts] Slaughterpriest [100pts]: 5. Killing Frenzy, Hackblade & Wrath-hammer Slaughterpriest [100pts]: 1. Bronzed Flesh, Hackblade & Wrath-hammer + Other + Wrathmongers [140pts]: 5 Wrathmongers + Battalion + Battalion: Brass Despoilers [630pts]: Brass Despoilers . Bullgors: 3 Bullgors, Bullgor Great Axes, Warherd Banner Bearer, Warherd Drummer . Doombull . Gors: 10 Gors, Banner bearers, Brayhorns, Gor Blade and Beastshield . Gors: 10 Gors, Banner bearers, Brayhorns, Gor Blade and Beastshield Battalion: Slaughterborn [820pts] . Blood Warriors: 2x 5 Blood Warriors, Goreaxe and Gorefist, Goreglaives, Icon Bearer . Exalted Deathbringer: Ruinous Axe & Skullgouger . Skullreapers: 5 Skullreapers . Skullreapers: 5 Skullreapers + Allegiance + Allegiance: Khorne + Game Options + Game Type: 2000 Points - Battlehost + Malign Sorcery + Judgements of Khorne [60pts]: Wrath-Axe ++ Total: [1,990pts] ++ Created with BattleScribe
  8. The locus specifically calls out that if the unit has an effect that would let it hit at the start of combat the effects cancel and the unit fights at normal time.
  9. I'll try this again. Blood blessing are not added to the known bloodfuelled prayers of the priest. They are an entirely seperate ability. Each prayer spells out the rules for casting it which, while similar to the bloodfuelled prayers on the warscroll are not the same. A few key differences are the timing (Bloodfuelled prayers are done during the hero phase where as Blood Blessings are at the start) and the effects of failure (Bloodfuelled prayers do d3 mortal wounds on a 1, blood blessings do 1). Taken together we see the difference from the referenced fyreslayer prayers as the have 1 rule for casting prayers and a list to pick those prayers from. All the prayers from the list are cast in the same way and are not called out as different abilities in the way that bloodfuelled prayer and Blood Blessings are. This ruling is roughly as cut and dried to have 0 effect on BOK priests as GW gets as it is currently written.
  10. No and ill tell you why. The prayers we are limited in casting are cast using the bloodfuelled prayers ability. Blood blessings are cast using thier own, seperate ability with different timing and result rolls.
  11. Own 12 skullcannons? Try this: ++ **Pitched Battle** 2,000 (Chaos - Khorne) [2000pts] ++ + Uncategorised + Skull Altar + Leader + Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne [80pts]: General + Artillery + Skull Cannons [420pts]: 3x Skull Cannon Skull Cannons [420pts]: 3x Skull Cannon Skull Cannons [420pts]: 3x Skull Cannon Skull Cannons [420pts]: 3x Skull Cannon + Battleline + Blood Warriors [100pts]: 5 Blood Warriors, Goreaxe and Gorefist Bloodreavers [70pts]: 10 Bloodreavers, Reaver Blades Bloodreavers [70pts]: 10 Bloodreavers, Reaver Blades + Allegiance + Allegiance: Khorne + Game Options + Game Type: 2000 Points - Battlehost + Realm of Origin + Realm of Origin: Origin: Ghur ++ Total: [2000pts] ++ Created with BattleScribe Make them Reapers and watch shootcast get shot up. Laugh maniacally.
  12. I've had a fair bit of luck in just giving him gryph feather charm. In non-host lists I've made I also make him the general and give him the new Beserker lord trait. All the hero's in the host with the keyword can use it. As Skarbrand is a hero and does not already have a host keyword he gains the keyword and can use the ability.
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