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  1. Goats can take items and traits from any of the Slaughterhosts. Theycan also take the items from the realms because you'll get at least one extra
  2. Just wanted to point out. You can use bloodtitie abilities at the start of either player's Hero phase. Not just yours. Except entry 2 which you use when you want to unbind a spell
  3. I think fleshhounds are our best battleline atm and I believe Karnack is very good as well. Imo you use then as mobile screens for fast moving parts of the army like cav or BTs and to kill other screens
  4. Its a good idea. Hopefully the one turn will be enough. Ill have to try it on the WOK thirster. IR always feels like he needs +1 to hit and Skar cant have it.
  5. The issue I've been having with Stormcast lists myself is that my big pieces like Bloodthirsters can get shot off the board before they hit combat. On another note they did make sure that ROV doesnt work with all of Tyrants anymore.
  6. Valkia going up is a mystery to me, but everything else is good
  7. I really dont think khorne needs any increases or dialing back tbh.
  8. Isnt the 2+ save against artefact in reapers and the guarunteed first strike one in Bloodlords? Unless you mean the 4+ first strike one. Also you have 1 more artefact to choose
  9. Just a little clarification here. Bestigors only reach 10 point/model on max squad size and that is discounting the overhead cost of the battalion you are required to pay for. Also at max size 30 32mm bases are difficult to fit in against a variety of units and through terrain which should be addressed as well. I agree bestigors are a great unit but if they do not get the charge the numbers are more even with a 10 man bestigor unit doing 0.04611 damage/point against a 5+ save unit less than 10 models and a khogorath doing 0.037037.
  10. Those three options are correct for the valid atefacts they can take. They do not have the applicable keywords for any of the other BOK artefacts and you cant choose BOC artefacts if you are playing BOK alliance.
  11. Literally they are paid to judge though, so it is authorization. Thats like going to traffic court and telling the judge that "just because you are paid doesnt mean you get to judge me."
  12. How do you get 28? 7 base from three sources. +3 for charge, +3 for wrathmongers, +3 for bloodsectrator = 16 attacks per model if you can keep all those slowpokes up with your chariots.
  13. 1) The first time per game versus combat phase arguement feels silly because using the same logic I could take it to mean first time that model ever fought since being purchased, which is obviously ridiculous. @TheArborealWalrus 2) It does stack up nicely with Tyrants in a few ways. Depending on how you read the clarification on multiple abilities triggering either you just can use both in amy order, as they both were allowed to trigger but are different abilities. Or if your issue is that tyrants cant trigger after the second reapers attack then because you pick the order just do tyrants first. Then reapers still is occuring "after the model fought for the first time." The reapers/tyrants interaction was discussed a few pages back with this same conclusion.
  14. The thing I loved about AOS over 40k was the ability to be tabled and win. Now that they brought it to 40k I'm hopeing AOS will do the next big mission thing. As far as BOK point we'll have to wait till july I guess but at least its free
  15. Sorry no it was mostly a joke directed at the apprechension I have towards any changes to BOK.
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