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  1. Thank you ALL for the responses! I truly appreciate it !
  2. Just moved to NYC from the Virginia area and looking to join a competitive NYC AOS group. Looking to see where great places are to play?
  3. Sure List 1 Heros Slaan Starmaster 260 command trait: Great remember artefact: Incandescent retricies Saurus Astrolith Bearer 160 Engine of the gods 240 Battle Line 10 skinks x 3 210 w shield and pipes Other 6 ripperdactyls 280 1 stegadon 200 w/ flamethrower Gotrek 520 Cogs 80 balewind 40 List 2 is essentially the same thing but you have a starpriest and second stegadon w/flamethrower in place of the rippers Both lists are essentially try to accomplish the same thing- you don't need to take shadowstrike when you can throw up cogs deepstrike your rippers and steggy turn 1 and all you need is 3.5 inch charge on average for a ripper alpha strike because you can skink alpha move the rippers with your deepstriking stegadon. Similarily with 2 steggys you use the same concept and skink alpha move to immediately shoot hordes and then tie them into combat turn 1. Gotrek is on your home objective and your hammer. The goal is to tie up key mobile or objective grabbing units turn 1 then teleport your slaan around summoning on objectives or using your bearer to summon on objectives. Based on how the game is going- Gotrek is used as your counter puncher after you have tied your opponent up and move all around the board- he obviously can only be concentrated to half of the board but alpha strike and summon with that according to plan. Always surround him with skinks- the look out sir + plus less surface area for a surround makes him even more durable. If you are able to tie up their objective grabbers then the skink retreat ability becomes even more valuable. Cogs works both ways and since you have the balewind - you easily can slowdown time and get 16 + d3 cp a turn
  4. So I know there has been a lot of theory-crafting but I have played Gotrek in Seraphon and he is the real deal. It may be the best home for him because we do lack a true hammer. I've gone 5-0 in practice games against 3 keeper slaanesh 4 bloodthirster list Daughters of Khaine full hagnar Tzeentch Gitz I think what ppl often forget is that since we can summon boatloads of skinks, he himself is a deathstar which allows us to move our slaan around the board to summon and steal objectives in addition to our astrolith bearer
  5. Most of the SCE lists were anvils of hammerheld- I don't think I saw a skyborne slayers list ( I could be wrong)
  6. If I recall I think it was a seraphon summoning list with 6 rippers and a steggy using a flame thrower. Teleporting both the steggy and the rippers- skink alpha moving the rippers for a manageable charge. I believe the freeguild was essentially a gunline and general on griffon
  7. Best Coast Pairings App! I have it downloaded from itunes. I think you may need to subscribe to get archive lists
  8. Don't see anything posted yet and guessing won't be for a little bit considering the event is less then a week old- but if you have the BCP app I know you can dig up the NOVA AOS Doubles lists
  9. Free Guild - Free guild + Seraphon is a lethal combination- Free guild complements everything you are trying to do- you have a large block that shoots very well and can hold objectives while with skinks and really good summoning at 1k - you can teleport out and really pressure your opponent's objectives- I know a freeguild and Seraphon list went 3-0 at Nova doubles- it was absolutely brutal. Stormcast is always interesting but I think you get better shooting and more bodies with freeguild
  10. First thought as a seraphon player is to jam him in a summon heavy list with the intent of summoning tons of skinks to follow in his wake. I agree about the fact that ppl are saying he isn't competitive- my war gaming group believes the movement it was makes him unviable. If you take COGs he can act as a hammer which for most missions guarantees board control on which ever side he is running into combat too.
  11. Does Gotrek have any place in a seraphon list? Of all the armies I can see him viable in it would be seraphon- it provides an unbreakable hammer that helps us with a lot of scenarios such as 3 places of power or any scenario where we need a hammer to move a block off an objective. Obviously we are one of the fastest armies and the best at stealing objectives; however, we struggle with having a hammer so that when 30 daughters or grimghasts take an objective, we don't have a great solution to moving them (outside of rippers with toad rage). Provided we take cogs in the list could gotrek work as a nigh-unkillable hammer that is better than any of our hammer options. I am also thinking about a handful of scenarios he helps with: shifting objectives, 3 places of power. Does he work in the scenarios where we need a hero to score or a hammer to remove massive threats? I remember a seraphon list with a celestant prime did very well in LVO last year; so now we have Gotrek as a better Celestent Prime. Obviously the downsides are apparent: it's 520 points (yikes) and it has a 4 inch move. I am thinking if we take cogs and save a command point - Gotrek can still reasonably get into combat by turn 2. With the downsides is he viable? My first instinct is no; however, I think it may be worth playtesting him in a summoning heavy list and perhaps he could actually be a viable ally option. Thoughts??
  12. - Seraphon is very competitive in the meta right now - The army has a great range of models, namely the big dinos - You are able to play lots of different styles with them, from a heavy shooting list, or one that has high damage in melee from ripperdactyls deep striking - You are the most mobile army in the game - it’s one of the hardest but most rewarding armies to play - oh dinosaurs riding dinosaurs
  13. I always prefer one bastiladon for 2 reasons, 1) it can tarpit really well/ take out a major melee threat, 2) in a meta with a lot of top armies being chaos demons it’s got the best shooting vs them. in an “activation wars” meta I think two stegadons is setting yourself up to lose against all the top tier melee armies.
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