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  1. But also glad they didn't touch salamanders, Kroak, or the starpriest! All the really good stuff is still in tact.
  2. The Ripper FAQ is pretty disheartening- I'm not sure they are even a unit to consider now- the most you get with them is 5 attacks a piece with the jaws which is meh considering their movement is 12. If they had movement 16 that'd be a diffferent story- also no changes to the realmshaper WTF...
  3. Also a lot of repetitive cp generation so your bastis shooting are a thing. 440 points and 2 cp is 36 shots at -1 rend 2 dmg at 24 inches
  4. So things look bad but then certain things are leaking which make me pause and say hold on. Thunder lizard constellation all your thunder lizard get +2 wounds
  6. Seraphon Seraphon SERAPHON SERAPHON!!!!!
  7. mark of nurgle prayer of nurgle from the chaos warshrine
  8. So no matter if you play Khorne or Nurgle or Tzeentch, help me understand why you wouldn't jam 80 marauders in any list you make with a chaos sorcerer lord? I don't think any of the battleline from the other factions are nearly as good as just marauders. Someone tell me why you wouldn't do this?
  9. Thank you ALL for the responses! I truly appreciate it !
  10. Just moved to NYC from the Virginia area and looking to join a competitive NYC AOS group. Looking to see where great places are to play?
  11. Sure List 1 Heros Slaan Starmaster 260 command trait: Great remember artefact: Incandescent retricies Saurus Astrolith Bearer 160 Engine of the gods 240 Battle Line 10 skinks x 3 210 w shield and pipes Other 6 ripperdactyls 280 1 stegadon 200 w/ flamethrower Gotrek 520 Cogs 80 balewind
  12. So I know there has been a lot of theory-crafting but I have played Gotrek in Seraphon and he is the real deal. It may be the best home for him because we do lack a true hammer. I've gone 5-0 in practice games against 3 keeper slaanesh 4 bloodthirster list Daughters of Khaine full hagnar Tzeentch Gitz I think what ppl often forget is that since we can summon boatloads of skinks, he himself is a deathstar which allows us to move our slaan around the board to summon and steal objectives in addition to our astrolith bearer
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