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  1. slap me down for this! (sean Mckechnie)
  2. id love to put down my name for this once its open!(sean Mckechnie)
  3. from current exp i can say the following: butchers are invaluable IMO: most efficient at up to three of them. to use all the available spells and more chances at the cauldron tyrant is hilariously powerful people frequently under estimate him in combat ALWAYS take a gutgouger grots.... gutbuster grots are a secret weapon i take one blob of 40 and punch em with the tyrant and make em battleshock immune bulls are efficient in a big ball of 12 they tend to grind through soft targets fairly easily and at least usually stall more powerful units leadbelchers are actually more effective in combat than bulls due to the -1 rend, units of 6 tend to be my personal favourite to take gorgers...i personally like themodels they just did...well..nothing when i used them. they do they to force your opponent to plan for them though so they do have A use ironguts. are expensive but holy hell with a +1 from a butcher a unit of 4 killed 6 fulminators in one round of combat they hit like a ****** truck ironblaster. looks cool. occasionally will blow a hole in something, but other than those infrequent times they tend to do next to nothing scrap launcher. not used personally but with mystical may be possible to decimate big units, though 2D6 dmg is a fickle beast allies:(ignoring BCR as thats a whole lot to write about) trying out the troggoth hag this weekend should allow the bulls to hit far harder by effectively giving them -1 rend with her spell maneaters: even more expensive than ironguts but the 20 points gives you +1 hit /-1 armour save/+1 attack/ a shooting attack with D3 dmg+ the ability to let them run+charge generally gutbusters suffer from randomness and a lack of allegiance abilities and a lack of rend but have a strong set of units with useful allies in BCR+troggoths
  4. oh yes ofc i was more pointing to "vulnerability against battleshock" though on an interesting note i actually WANT an ogre to run in my list it lets my ironguts gets the reroll on hits/wounds/saves for a whole round pretty much. id grab a 3rd butcher before grabbing a firebelly(i do want one even if i just get to paint the model!) as you get 3 goes at the cauldron before running out of spells to use.
  5. It really isnt. At most you tend to lose 1-2 and with tribal banner they can reroll 6's where are the grots tend to take the hammering T1 before you can use the command ability. But once you have them or the ogors with it both are hilariously irritating to shift Though i personally wouldnt use 2 units of 40 grots i do run 1 unit of 40. They are invaluable against lists like murderhosts where due to numbers they can soak the entire 1st turn charge into 1 200pt units and retaliate with 2"range weapons with impunity
  6. Well obviously im working on rumours as well but it would make sense considering that the top 2 theorised armies for release early next year are death and gutbusters. Thankfully i have managed to grab a couple sprues for ironguts from some friends but they are going to be a pain to collect if they stay out of stock for a while.
  7. one thing to note: leadbelchers and ironguts have been out of stock for about a month now IMO i think those boxes are getting re-boxed. which would also lay into the rumours that there may be a Battletome coming for them next year
  8. Mind that the might is right pulls the double damge down to +5 from 6!
  9. yep that too though might is right on the tyrant can pull you down to a +2/+2/-2/3 and a +2/+3/-2/6 with a double dose of battle brew, personal avg from 1 shot of battlebrew is 12 dmg in one round
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