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  1. Constellation, Stars aligning? Definitely the new Seraphon release we've all been craving for! ;-D
  2. I'm guessing from this image it quite a big model.
  3. What little knowledge I have of space marines I don't think any of them wear lion pelts.
  4. So if every time a SCE dies they lose a piece of their soul. So does this piece of the soul go back to Nagash? Then Nagash would begin to have more of the SCE souls while the SCE become more and more walking celestial energized automotons. The only thing I hope never happens is SCE get tainted by chaos. That seems so low fantasy and not at all like AoS.
  5. Sometimes people think of this thread as "post all new GW/forgeworld stuff here."
  6. How does $45 for 10 models stink. That's like $36 for the group if you get it with the normal 20% discount that most FLGS will give you. That seems like a big discount from what GW normally gives us. The Fyre Slayers were 10 for $60 I think.
  7. I think that tentacle thing is what is making the dwarves exodus from the sky's. I'm guessing that they have over-mined the aether gold (something dwarves seem to do a lot.) and have awoken some unknown race in the process. At least thats what I'm hoping.
  8. Barimbino


    The Gryph chargers are the real heores from the unit. 3 Attks, 3+ 3+ with -2 rend. With 6's pushing through mortal wounds. Not terrible. Already have 3 built and painted and going to get another 3. I feel like they will be good knocking large groups of lightly armoured units off of objectives.
  9. This is where the line of tactics and common sense gets blurred a bit.
  10. I'd say those anchors are not to a ship at all. Doesn't make sense that a ship would be dragging an anchor. I'm guessing it goes more toward a model/monster piece. More like a weapon being dragged behind it.
  11. Not sure how much shooting this guy is going to take with some ironclads and other bigger miniatures descending from across the table. Pretty sure the king will be a secondary target.
  12. This is older artwork from the Khorne daemonkin book in 40k. Just Daemonettes, nothing new or aelfish.
  13. That thing must be tiny, or GW's paintjobs have gone down hill somewhat. I'm saying Slaaneshi, but not aelf.
  14. @Lysandestolpe this looks amazing. So much patience and attention to details, really makes your work just pop. How exactly do you get your foam to smooth out? Especially with the temple, the foam always looks jagged and rough whenever I cut it.
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