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  1. So would you still run the 3rd chanter for the buff then correct? I like the lists here as my meta is completely competitive.
  2. What does the double crusher list look like?
  3. May I ask how you got the 3rd war beat on the chanter? I thought (I'm a noob) that since it was big waagh you could have one and then another for the battalion?
  4. This is the list I'm working on Archaon Harbinger of Decay Lord of Blight Glotkin Exalted Hero of Chaos 40 X mauraders 5x warriors 5x warriors Plauge T warband. Also working on a Archaon with dual blight lord list and 2x 30 plagurbearers.
  5. I honestly fell in love with them! What are your feelingson the new ED with them? Still have warscrolls?
  6. You did great! It was a awesomr army! Guy with the Fyerslayers
  7. Yea they are incredible. They pump out the damage.
  8. Anyone have any luck with a 40 block of shields and sword guards in competitive play? Was thinking with a luminarc behind them.
  9. I would just think the LOC will be oit of rang on the changling to quick. As for the summoner you just keep him there and rain mortals
  10. If you cast a spell the changling is revealed. You want to use him to slow down models. Also he can use a spell within 9 inches of a wizard. So if you cast vortex he is gonna be revealed anyways.. So I would place a gaunt summoner on the vortex and rain mortal wounds on big block units.
  11. I would change the changling to the gaunt summoner on the vortex. Why is the changling on the vortex?
  12. Was just playing with someone new to Murderhost. I wanted to make sure we did it correctly. So before the first player takes there turn murderhost activates? If the player with murderhost has first turn. Does he do it at the end of setup and then when his turn starts? And if so, does he have to move 2d6 before the game starts? Like if i depoly before him. Will he have to move 2d6 closer to me?
  13. On the 2k list why Vortex twice? I would add more blues or Brims and just use the vortex one time. You should range everything on the first turn if the don't deploy correctly I would cut one vortex out and mauraders. Either run more brims or blues. Or run another 10 pinks. I would be too worried about them breaking the line to quickly Leaving the big guys open for punishment
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