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  1. Btw guys any news on the evocator spell in matched? Will it be castable by several units? Mostly depends on wether magic counts as abilities
  2. yea thought so, but half the core book is rules they said. is still everything from that in GH?
  3. it is store only right? states that it cannot be shipped
  4. Hey all, I was wondering what exactly is in the core book that is not in the new generals handbook. If I dont really care about the lore aspect and mostly play matched games will I need the core book? The descriptions don't really help so hope you guys can
  5. I am planning on ordering at wayland, wont they ship the preorders on release day? I only had the issue of long waiting times if things werent in stock
  6. that is why I ask, If they don't return Kroak can cast his spell three times and rippers can rip a loooot
  7. Where are these leaks? anything on stormcast? If all LoN are matched play units and all Stormcast are not I'd so pissed
  8. so the units sizes for nighthaunt are matched play and those for stormcast are all uneven? wtf is this ******
  9. I think they will get their own new book, unknown if there are new abilities
  10. will stormcast part 2 also come today or will we have to wait?
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