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  1. @Gwendar holy cow, thats some output.. shame verminlords can't do half this ๐Ÿ˜ I lie, warbringer + brutal could get close to this once a game ๐Ÿ™„ that must have been a shock! I thought the jezzails might get you some better results, I'd consider giving it another chance
  2. @Gwendar thanks for the sharing! huh? what? how did he manage this sort of damage?
  3. the mentioned units tend to fill the role of screening i.e. clanrats x20 etc, and i tend to not build lists with even more screens than 3x20 clanrats + 1-2 units of night runners. But 10 strong rat units are a good speed bump, they do a good job at that.
  4. Tend to play skaventide and clanrats get that honour usually as they fill battleline too. If additional chaff needed, possible option is night runners for the pregame movement.
  5. thanks for the batreps! I think a doomwheel + WLC list may combo well, they aren't all clamouring for the same buffs that way I think where im most concerned my skaven fall down is going up against other competently shooty lists, our shooting units apart from fiends just dont do attrition well as we know, have you played many shooty armies?
  6. Really enjoyed the report, thanks for providing a great read! Honestly, just looking at the lists I was pretty confident you had him. I thought your list is real solid, I think I'll borrow this one ๐Ÿ˜ Multiple good threats, good numbers and had everything needed to dismantle the other build. Glad to see the stormvermin back reporting for duty! Questions : - stormvermin, how'd they feel at their current points? I think skeletons may not have been the toughest foe but not the worst either - acolytes , good at 20? Perfect mix of output and horde discount? They seemed good! - it wasn't a danger this battle, but naked warlocks with your general trait and artefacts.. would you change this against opponents with more long range threat or persist with this list? thanks again!
  7. I know they are currently popular in that list but It's a Skaven unit that for the most part belongs in a Skaven army and im thinking should be balanced with this in mind. Trying to balance a unit with a focus on an separate accessory type release, that delivers a chaos soup army and with a specific artefact in mind seems the wrong way to go about it and largely impossible to balance anything properly.
  8. i think their role as versatile/utility is great, they just need some more hit for 300pts. verminlords need a spell list now so they have 2 spells to cast. having 1 spell to cast is even worse with max 3 endless now, but with all the unbind power out there now, the endless spell investment is a lot worse for skaven. Warpseer probably worth 280pts due to all his versatility, I think he needs an innate +1 to cast/unbind in this day and age though and that extra known spell from a VL deck, as he hits like a marshmallow, but thats ok as he does lots. Deceiver and Warbringer need to be able to do 9-10 damage vs 4+ reliably without huge artefact investments etc Corruptor is just horrible in combat, needs to be doing something approaching the deceiver/warbringer. id imagine tweaking his MW output, d3 mw on a 6 to hit, and -1 rend would help. Skreech is terrible. needs damage boost/rewrite. i think it would be good if he got a clan keyword each turn for the aspect he takes on. that would give him access to good buffs and versatility.
  9. Errr. i dont think so if my memory serves i did the math on this basic profile and he averaged 5-6 wounds vs 4+ including re-roll wounds and inc his chance to get off his punch dagger crit. the verminlords are left way behind for big monster damage expectations. warpgnaw is probably the best, but im not confident with any of them killing a 5w hero via their basic profile. they also have pretty low theoretical maximum damage, circa 12 damage if you ave their weapon damage of d3., whereas as big monsters now are up around 20-30+ i understand they are versatile and jacks of all trades, but they need to do a bit more in combat for 300pts
  10. it would help.. but then a battalion is the only way around the issue.. which doesnt really solve it? i mean i think its a bit of a design issue, i think its proven, they just dont see play. the game has evolved so they are even LESS likely to see play now, virtually every army now has ways to plink them off pretty quick and even though they can certainly output some damage, theres no way to hide/protect them and the investment to get something done feels high vs the ease with which they can be removed i would more easily decide to pay 50pts for a WFT doing MWs on a 5+, but when i think about paying 70pts, even though at 4+ its better, i think about how easily it can be killed and losing 70pts down the toilet. you get a few of those and 140pts can go quick i thought it might be a better spot for them to be in
  11. weapons teams all have a bit of an issue with their design now as the game has evolved and so many ways exist to get them off the board at range. with 3w and a 6+ save, they may either do something great or disappear without a whimper. for 60-70pts its a bit of a turn off, which is prob why they dont see too much play your not wrong about the doomflayer, worst unit in the game! i think the doomflayer could stand to be in units of 1-3, 3d6mv, 4w, 4+ save and on the charge do d3mws on a 4+, fix their silly overcharge to just doubles and cost them at 40-50pts . in a unit of 3 they could lurk around the lines for well placed charges or go chase objectives to clear off in the backfield. prob do 10w before saves + 3mws... not much after that but you could see a use in that way id like to see warpfires do mws on 5+ and 50pts each ratlings prob fine at 60pts, maybe 50pts... or maybe make their overcharge only an extra d6 and make them 40pts by making the teams cheaper, i think its easier to mentally accept you could be paying for something that isnt going to get a single shot off and they could see more play. right now they arent popular which is a shame as they are synonymous with Skaven's crazy theme!
  12. hey, it was just version 1.0! They were probably just keeping something in the tank and a bit worried how an army with 40 units and diverse abilities was going to affect the game. I'm voting for skryre/moulder as the 1st review area! OH... MY... GOD! how good are they! I absolutely love them, bought 60! Just the nicest and most useful faction dice out, so happy with these and couldnt agree more ๐Ÿ˜Š yeah and its internal to each of the individual and many parts that make up CoS, its just a higher level of tuning that time needed to bring. I look at seraphon now, and i dont know where the dust will settle on them but some of tuning is quite crazy, not sure on the overall cost of it but it just didnt exist back then. Agree, same here. time to look at these again. an expendable asset designed to surgically remove more points than it costs perhaps?
  13. You can't always have what you want ๐Ÿ˜‰ Its 1 possible way of doing it, its apparent they can't spit out new models for new armies every month. Need to be reasonable or go back to WHFB days of 2-3 army updates per year, and even then there werent huge amounts of new models released! yes.. they have made it clear they want to do minimal errata, and wholesale changes would only come with a new tome. so if they create cool new things that can eventually spread to all books, then continuing with fast paced tome updates would see this happen in a timely fashion. i hope they continue it completely agree, one of my biggest disappointments is i find i just keep using them same spells! so many warscroll spells never get cast due to bveing poor or so limited. the amount of times ive been out of range for a bloody warp lightning! and I'm supposed to overcharge! but the chance of an unbind killing my warlock is too great! should just be a failed cast, not unbind.... 3 warlocks all with MMWP is a shame. A-B I'd say, i think its come down due to lists being played. If you cherrypick the best units (again, unfortunately ignoring most of the book nowadays) i think it can give most lists a run for their money.
  14. its super fun, i like some random and accept the trade-offs mostly. I do expect points discounts for such units. Sometimes the community can vent about the strength of something without fully acknowledging the trade-offs. Hellpit was a bit of that as an example, it was cheap for its damage output and people complained. However, it has random, not-fast movement (bitten me in the backside hard), its damage profile sees it fall away, and is a big target with a 5+ save that can't have an artefact. So it just doesn't always work as intended and should be pointed that way. I dont think its a case of too many tools, i think at this stage its just a more raw version of where tomes are now and the synergies are just quite basic. It doesnt have the stacking of synergies that other books have these days, it doesnt have sub-factions for depth, and its hurt a lot by the battalions being poor.
  15. the hardest thing is we usually get 1 artefact as per most builds, choosing to put it on a deathmaster to do killing is not a great use IMO. hes squishy, he isnt going to kill anything more than a support hero, it has better applications. in a more narrative sense, no problem. But it feels like a feel B-C tier army decision for competitive play. i think you are right about the SoJ in a sense, it would make him killier, but only against heroes/monsters, but see above. i think i recall the fangs being discussed prior, like the idea of 3 fangs too, but are you really going to use the artefact slot on something this situational. if we had 2-3 artefacts, yeah sure, i see. or if not concentrating on being competitively focused. Its 1 use only and will kill a support hero 28% of the time. It will kill a 12W monster hero only 8% of the time. psychologically may have some effect i agree, but if the enemy knew the numbers then perhaps not. might be more useful if the enemy has an important 8W (28%) to 10W (16%) hero. It really can do nothing most of the time, so that nags me... 3 out of every 4 games, the 1 artefact i get to take... will do nothing... hmm.
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