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  1. I really like the idea of all the clans joining together under a Grey Seer. Something with variety rather than spamming lots of units (I know clan rats are unavoidable).
  2. Question: what would a good place to start be? I’m not competitive and I like fluffy armies. What’s a good place to start to build a fluffy all rounder army, like something from Total War?
  3. I just plain can’t afford the hobby any more. Now I just silently wishlist and lurk on forums haha.
  4. I appreciate that this forum is a place for AoS positivity, but surely I’m allowed to say I like the system but hate the lore without being told to not play a game?
  5. Ha, this is 100% me. I detest the new factions and lore but quite like the system. I’ve started collecting high elves, dispossessed, greenskins/gitmob and wanderers only to sell them all off and abandon them because I don’t know how many years I’ll need to wait for decent rules and model range and merging back these ridiculous mini factions.
  6. So today I discovered that the Eight Lamentation sequel - marketed as a new ongoing series that focuses on a small band of heroes - is now solely and audio-drama. Marketing this series as a novel then changing the medium on the second book seems ridiculous. The fact that the return of Gotrek was also a stupidly priced (50 AUD FOR AN MP3!) audio-drama just adds insult. Is this the future of Black Library? It seems like such a bizarre business model to have. I want to buy their fiction, but this expensive, cross-media labyrinth is just weird. Has anyone else noticed this?
  7. Thanks all, this is the spoopyness I was looking for.
  8. Hi all, Fairly new to AoS and I'm not a huge fan of the style/lore of the new stuff, but I've always loved the look of Vampire Counts (never played WFB though). Can anyone recommend how I would build a VC-style force using Death or LoN? I'm not a fan of the new units like Mortarchs or Archai aesthetically. What did old VC armies tend to look like/how did they work, and can I capture that? Where would I start, box-wise? Thanks in advance
  9. Why not do a Warcraft theme? Libs and Questor are your Alliance Footmen, Thunderers and Runepriest your Dwarf riflemen, Archmage your High Elves, overlords your gnomish airship
  10. Ditto on the Skywarden. It doesn't help this army much.
  11. Just finished a game with my brand new set against Flesh Eater courts. I had the SoD battalion and a Skywarden which bought it to 1k. I won, but barely. Some observations: - if the Dawnspire battalion does indeed become invalid in matched play, that will be a huge blow to the faction. Skywarden making my Swordmasters wound on 2+ is insane, and won me the battle. These guys and Archmage were real MVPs with the Elemental Shield bubble. - Spireguard are useless objective holders at save 5+. They were gone in a turn. Thinking of breaking Swifthawks and replacing with some Phoenix Guard. Worried that I wasted money on my Skywarden. I bought it before I saw FB post about the Dawnspire battalion. Now without Swordmasters, I dunno if the +Wound is worth it, especially if I go mixed Order and invest in Phoenix Guard.
  12. Oh I didnt see them! Then yes I guess so.
  13. The lack of bows may throw some people off
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