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  1. NeddyTheNed

    The Painting Contract - August 2017

    I love that Spider rider (leader?) well done! But now I want one!
  2. NeddyTheNed

    Back to the gaming board

    Thanks Josh
  3. NeddyTheNed

    Back to the gaming board

    Thanks they sure are! Number one son is going for Khorne (abandoning his previous enthusiasm for Bonesplitterz) and number two son is Sylvaneth. I now have the Bonesplitterz. Waaagh!
  4. NeddyTheNed

    Rogue Idol back

    I love this model and plan to use it with Bonesplitterz, I am glad they changed the points and keywords!
  5. NeddyTheNed

    Back to the gaming board

    Hi I have been away from Warhammer for many years, I used to play 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions. A year or so back I took my boys to Warhammer World for a look around we have been hooked ever since. I recently completed painting 1000 points of Ironjawz and am looking forward to letting them loose on the Derby Wargames Society. Waaaagh! Ned
  6. NeddyTheNed

    Destruction Derby Mini 3 - Open War

    Who or what are the filth?