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  1. I love that Spider rider (leader?) well done! But now I want one!
  2. Thanks they sure are! Number one son is going for Khorne (abandoning his previous enthusiasm for Bonesplitterz) and number two son is Sylvaneth. I now have the Bonesplitterz. Waaagh!
  3. I love this model and plan to use it with Bonesplitterz, I am glad they changed the points and keywords!
  4. Hi I have been away from Warhammer for many years, I used to play 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions. A year or so back I took my boys to Warhammer World for a look around we have been hooked ever since. I recently completed painting 1000 points of Ironjawz and am looking forward to letting them loose on the Derby Wargames Society. Waaaagh! Ned
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