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  1. Personally I am one of the players who didn't want to play AoS. The system change to a non formations maneuver "big army simulator" game. But when I played it, I recognize a very quick, fun and very strategic game with many possibilities. Our play group didn't change te bases to back to play 9th age or (Spanish) Warhammer Reforged, but after many discussions with the number of attackers due to base form and size, we'll see necessary to keep it in mind. When SOLO Ediciones have been working on this adapters, we received prototipes and see how well they worked. With only slide inside and click, no damage to original base, and with the transparent one, the effect seems really nice. So we were writing the conversion table (that differs the articles you have here) and support them all as we can. We want ours, and need everyone who wants too to collaborate and share. Note: repeat, are not our bases, SOLO Ediciones is an enterprise from our zone.
  2. But that only have the space, not holding the base, as do the adapters of the campaign. Also, there are not all size range, these have all combination and are cheaper (20 per 10€, nor 10 per 7€ as you link).
  3. Hello, we are a spanish players youtube channel, and want to support this invention: https://igg.me/at/adaptem They are adapters which you don't must to change your original bases to new round ones. We have made a table with the exact size and adapter for each Games Workshop model until now: https://zonamuertagames.wordpress.com/conversion-de-peanas/ We wish to help you, and please, support the project: we want our adapters too!
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