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  1. Dragon Ogor Shaggoth, to get it in line with the relatively recently updated Dragon Ogors.
  2. Shifting Objectives for me. I prefer alot of the scenarios that have some element of randomness to them.
  3. Ghosteater is one of the Chaos baddies in the book. He’s Beastlord who can literally eat the soul of an enemy and it lives on in him, they then impart knowledge and wisdom to him that makes him a threat well beyond what a normal Beastlord can manage.
  4. I’d like to see older mini’s get the Bonesplitta/FEC treatment. Specifically Brayherd/Warherd, there is more in that group unit wise than Bonsplittas and FEC. And for Undivided Chaos Mini’s to get rolled up with the Everchosen and done up like Legion of Nagash.
  5. Great to see ya here dude. I'm a regular reader of your blog! Great work, man.
  6. Depends on the torso you are using. There are a few that will slide right on, others that will require some green stuff magic. I've assembled so many(45)that all the when options in the box were used up, I turned to Plagubearer heads to switch things up, then to WoC kits, so all my BK's have unique heads.
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