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  1. Would rather see more cool stuff than watch GW chase the none existant ideal of perfect balance within a game as complex as a wargame. Or make a new mode "tournament play" where theres like 5 units per faction to choose from and their rules and stats are basically identical to each other and the people who want balance over everything can play their freeform chess, and everyone else can get on with whatever mode they choose. Maybe then we wont see expensive models swing from handy to useless overnight.
  2. Hi all, Just wondering if the Celestial Realm that stormcast can choose to setup in, counts as "in play" for the purpose of using the Pennant of the Stormbringer. I.e I can use the pennant in the Vexillors hero phase, pull the prosecutors from a Hammerstrike (for example) out of the realm and to where I want them. I suspect the answer is yes, as the realm part of the game. and In Play is different to "on the board" but want to make sure. Thanks for any help
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