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  1. Stuff like imperial primer would be fine for undercoats?
  2. I have some small paints taht I bought and didn't fit with how I painted my armies, so I set them aside for quite a while. Would it be possible to use Citadel paints on other types of material, such as wood or clay? (I already know that painting on metal works fine because of stuff like Sisters of Battle)
  3. I'd say go with the red if you want a more bolder type of color, although you might have to make the paildron edges red too to go with it. If not, then sure, use purple!
  4. Bit of an update. I made a small unit of 5, and I did polish up the technique. Unfortunately I didn't manage to use any of the amazing suggestions you guys made (because they were painted 2 days after), but I also want to ask about edge highlighting. Any tips on how to do it on extremely small taised areas?
  5. Did you manage to make any fluff for this Stormhost?
  6. Both of them look extremely good for me to use! I'll be trying to test them out soon, but for now I'll have to stick with experimenting the Carroburg Crimson, since I'm on a budget with my money right now
  7. Carroburg is a wash, correct? so I should put a colored wash on the silver layer?
  8. The only glaze I can find is Bloodletter. Judging by the color and showcase, it should work too.
  9. Mephiston red, followed by agrax wash and evil sunz scarlet.
  10. Thanks! I was using basic layering, but I'll give what you said a shot. Which metallic paint colors would be better, gold or silver?
  11. I've been experimenting with a different color set for my Stormcasts and I was thinking something around a red and gold theme for them. I pulled out Blood Angel colors and made 3 to test out the look. Here's one of the three. I like the way the colors look, but it looks kinda dull and too bright. Criticism is appreciated.
  12. Hi Tga. I'm a junior student in Hong Kong who just picked up Age of Sigmar a month ago (despite following the fluff for a very long time). I'm a bit of an oddball because the popularity of wargaming in general is not high in China, so I'm going into this blind-ish, minus the odd miniwargaming videos and 1d4chan. Bit of a background: I bought the Start Collecting for Stormcast Eternals set during a school trip in Singapore. I didn't like the gold and blue scheme (and I had a budget), so I just bought 8 paints and tried to make an army with Khorne-like color schemes- not sure what's the fluff for my dudes yet, but I'm thinking around a Stormhost in the Realm of Fire with camouflaged armor. Looking forward to dive into my first games maybe when I go overseas for college (haha). Until then, it's just small business from now!
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