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  1. Slaangor could be possibe, but I think unlikely. Some form of Beastmen doesn’t really fit Slaanesh being graceful. Looking at the Daemons, that seems to be the route GW are taking. i am not saying there aren’t gonna be Slaangor or mortals, just putting the rumours together to get a better picture of what could happen
  2. Hi are there still tickets available?
  3. I hope we do get mortal kits but... if you compare the Slaanesh release to the releases for the past 12 months, the big releases with lots of new kits (Idoneth, Daughters, Gloomspite) had trailers over a matter of days or weeks. the smaller releases (Beasts, Skaven, Khorne) didn’t really have trailers over an extended period - they had Community previews. if a big release (i.e. lots of kits) has trailers to build the excitement, I would guess that the previews of Slaanesh stuff we have seen are the majority of releases -for Slaanesh. In fact we could have seen all the kits to be released. It could be that the Keeper and the mirror thing have duel kits (the special character Keeper in the case of the Keeper). this coupled with the fact that GW have said that the new stuff will be for 40k as well leads me to think that we may not see any mortals or Slaangor any time soon
  4. My vote goes to the Skull Cannon. Rubbish rules and not a great model either
  5. Put me and Prid down for this buddy
  6. Hi i am assembling Plague Monks at the moment and I wanted to check how many banner beaters and musicians are allowed in a unit. I am doing a unit of 20. Looking in the the box (20 models in a box) there are enough parts to make 8 banner bearers and 8 musicians. Is this allowed? Can you mix the different banners and instruments in the unit as well? Any feedback would be gratefully accepted
  7. Hi really interested in this just wanted to confirm, when you say “we will not be using rules regarding realms...”, can we still use realm artifacts?
  8. How would that work for the Warpgnaw Verminlord though? His tunnelling ability affects him and another Skaven unit
  9. Hi Can somebody PM me an invite to the Nurgle, Tzeentch and Skaven WhatsApp groups please? Thanks
  10. Hi i am interested in this tournament, is there an entrants list?
  11. According to Azyr, he does not have the Tzeentch keyword. Only Chaos; Mortal; Slaves to Darkness; Hero; Wizard; Sayl the Faithless
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