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  1. I'm running the app on a Pixel 3 / Android 11. Like others, the app doesn't open after an initial session. I found going to 'App Info' and clearing the storage (rather than clearing the cache) results in the app launching successfully, but obviously wiany lists I'd made are gone. A bit annoying. I will install it on an iPad and hope it's more stable. As for the UI / UX I quite like it. I'd like Storm Forge to remember the filters you had previously set, and I'd like to be able to make rosters for different armies. Once the app is stable, I see it as reasonable value considering its part of the wider W+ subscription.
  2. Having just started painting a load of old style Ardboys, I see these new ones as a major improvement. Any new Orruk is a good Orruk in my little green book.
  3. I do hope GW are reading and act accordingly
  4. Timf


    Howdy all. I'm returning after a couple of decades absence from Warhammer. I'm enjoying reading through the forum, great work everyone. Me, I like Goblins and Orcs. Building an Ironjawz and Moonclad Grot Fist of Fun. Best, Timf
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