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  1. I made an Age of Sigmar: Phase Tracker about a year ago after playing my first game of Age of Sigmar (I'm still waiting to play a follow-up game). After looking over it, I realized there were some areas that were not clear (and possibly outright wrong). I've spent a few minutes fixing it up and I think I have in a satisfactory state. But, having some extra eyes to vet it never hurts. Comments and criticism welcome! I've tried to limit the vertical space each phase occupies in order to keep the diamonds on each side relatively evenly spaced. This allows room for tokens to track each phase in a round. It doesn't have to be perfect, just provide enough space to prevent confusion.
  2. Saurus Guard are 20 points for a 1-wound model with otherwise excellent offense and defense attributes. Although their warscroll has them at a 4+ save, they have ready access to buffs that push them to a 2+ save: having an Eternity Warden hero nearby, Eternal Starhost battalion, Mystic Shield, etc... The Eternity Warden and Eternal Starhost also grant critical damage buffs, making Saurus Guard a very devastating unit on the attack. In spite of their 2+ Save, there aren't many ways to make it rerollable, and with only one wound each, they're exceptionally vulnerable to Mortal Wounds. To top that off, they're slow on the ground. Thralls, by comparison, have excellent damage output without going outside their warscroll. They're also "vulnerable" to Mortal Wounds (as any 1-Wound model is), but not nearly to the same degree as Guard just by virtue of costing much fewer points.
  3. I like Thralls a lot. Part of me says, "Thralls are what Wildwood Rangers and Swordmasters wish they were." In restrospect, that does not hold true for Swordmasters, who are very resilient against shooting (also, house rule is Seawarden on Foot is a Swifthawk Agent, add in Guardians of the Dawnspire). Wildwood Rangers are still pretty jealous, especially considering in GA:O or as allies, the Thralls can tag along with a Soulscryer to get a massive mobility boost. EDIT: I'm of the mind that Thralls are most similar to Saurus Warriors, except they're even squishier, and the point bloat means they don't last as long. But, they have excellent damage output without requiring a specific model count. They just need to survive.
  4. I'm excited about the Idoneth Deepkin in Grand Alliance: Order, if only to give a Soulscryer the Reckless Command Trait, and then drop in somewhere my opponent doesn't want him with a bunch of Thralls. Legendary Fighter + Damage Blade also make Soulrender quite effective at bringing back Thralls.
  5. I wrote the following guide that you may find useful: I can't think of any Saurus Units that aren't cool. If you're just getting started, I recommend looking at the various Starhost Battalions, as they can provide a "guide" for your initial collection, since each one specifies a particular Hero to lead the battalion. You'll want a Slann if you expand into 2000 point armies. I think they're optional at 1000 points.
  6. Anyone have a picture of a Tzaangor next to a Kairic Acolyte? I'd love to give Kairic Acolytes the waist+thigh armor of the Tzaangors to up-armor them, but keep the rest of the Acolytes. Kairic Acolytes are a bit light on armor, and I want to get an idea if it is possible to do this as part of a Chaos Renegades Blood Bowl conversion.
  7. GingerGiant


    I’ve actually got an old High Elf Battalion I’m assembling, and I’m seriously debating converting everything into Swifthawk Agents, including converting the Silver Helms into Reavers, or running them as Dragon blades, since there isn’t anything dragony about the ‘Blades aside from the models themselves. Granted, the spearmen are actually still pretty good, as are the Archers. The issue now is that the only source of Spireguard and Reavers was discontinued, so I wonder if Swifthawk Agents will be moved to the compendium soon enough. That said, I still have a copy of the old compendium from the original age of sigmar release, so i can always play with that.
  8. GingerGiant


    Run them as Dragon Blades. Unfortunately, Dragon Blades do everything Silver Helms do the same or better, and cost the same points. The only “edge” Silver Helms have is they can be buffed by the Sea Warden on foot, and that’s not enough at the end of the day. I’m thinking of making a House Rule adjustment to their points to differentiate thrm.
  9. Blood Knights have a fantastic charge, but even still, their charge isn't as strong as the Vargheists in sustained combat. In fact, I consider the Knights to be quite fragile, as Anti-Armor hurts them more than most. I also wouldn't take Necromantic unless you plan on doing heavy spellcasting with multiple Vampire Lords (sans Zombie Dragon). With as many Blood Knights as you have, they would very much benefit from Swift Death. Have you considered allying a Mortis Engine? I think that's more of a lots of Vampire Lords-type ally, but it's good in an army with multiple wounds across the board.
  10. The Wraith Fleet ability does grant a similar benefit, but you are limited to Soulblight, Deathmages, Deathratlle, and Nighthaunt. You don't have access to Deathlords or Deadwalkers, outside of summoning. No Corpse Cart for you. Summoning is not limited to table edges, but does share the 9" away from enemies restriction. You must set aside "reinforcement points" to summon in your army list, and the units you summon get to "deep strike" within the parameters of the summon. It's usually within 18" of the caster, and outside 9" of any enemies. The main benefit is that summoning is very flexible for Death Wizards: you don't have to ally things you summon, you can summon anything with a warscroll spell that says, "Death Wizards know the Raise ________", you can ignore limits to Heroes, Behemoths, and Artillery, and you don't have to write down what you summon beforehand. You just need to have the points set aside, and have the models prepared to put on the table. Most Death units will have their specific summoning spell listed on the unit's warscroll, and the prerequisite is almost always that the caster be a Death Wizard. Because summoned units use the common "deep strike" rules, the only unit you can summon that will reliably pull off a charge is the Morghast Harbinger. For example, you could run Deathrattle allegiance to have a Horde of Skeletons, a unit of Grave Guard, and a Wight King. Ally a Necromancer, because he'll have some good buffs for your army, and let you summon more. Give your Wight King the Master of the Black Arts Command Trait to turn him into a Wizard. Congratulations, you have two units with which to summon more units. There's an Artefact called the Sword of Unholy Power which gives you, once per battle, one guaranteed summon in addition to your other spells. Use that to summon a Mourngul. I think you can give it to the Wight King, even if he doesn't actually have the Master of the Black Arts Command Trait to make it a Wizard. If you're going for a summoning-centric list, I think you should plan on summoning the majority of your reinforcement points at your earliest opportunity, because your earliest opportunity may be your only opportunity. Your future summons could be dispelled (Sword of Unholy Power, aside) once your opponent's Wizards close in, your Wizards could get shot off the board, or your opponent could maneuver such that it is impossible for you to summon anything. You could fail every summoning roll, too. For these reasons, bring multiple methods for summoning. I recommend two Wizards (or one Wizard and a Sword of Unholy Power), and then find a good way to buff their casting. When you build summoning into your list, determine, based on the Wizards and buffs you have available, how many points of units you can reliably summon (Casting Value 4 or 5, and sometimes 6) in the first turn, and then use that to set your Reinforcement points. Unless, of course, your plan is SUMMON MOURNGUL, which requires 400 reinforcement points and a lot of luck, or 400 reinforcement points and one Sword of Unholy Power. Of particular noteworthiness are Arkhan the Black and Nagash, who have bonuses to casting summoning spells, are durable, and can cast multiple spells each turn. Arkhan is cheap enough to ally in a 2000 point army, but at lower points you won't have that luxury. If you like Soulbight, consider running a pair of Vampire Lords (sans Zombie Dragon) with the Necromantic Bloodline. Then you have two solid summoners who can reliably get you the Casting Value 4 and 5 summons, and the Tomb Banshee becomes every so much more tempting to summon. The Command Trait for Vampire Lords buffs any Death unit, which I think makes them an exceptional choice for summoners.
  11. It double-posted on me. Refer to my next reply.
  12. Ooo, I think that will work just perfectly. Thanks a bunch!
  13. The Eternal Guard are an incredibly solid unit. I spent a lot of time looking at Saurus Warriors, who benefit greatly from fielding high model-count units. Then you have the Guard. They're just good at what they do. Field them in 10, or field them in 30. If they find cover, you're looking at a 3+ Save with reroll. That 80 points you spent has, in effect, 90/40/22.5 wounds (against 0, -1, and -2 Rend, respectively) for your opponent to chew through. I'm tempted to throw Shield of Thorns on them, instead of my Treelord. So, how long was long enough?
  14. Ooo, I'll have to give that a try. Thanks for the suggestion! Do you have a picture of a model you used it on?
  15. Welp, I figured it out: I was looking at the Treelord Ancient Warscroll from the Warscroll Builder, which appears to be out of date. The Age of Sigmar app has the Silent Communion ability listed, which is how I would get Wyldwoods on the table. EDIT: Both the Warscroll Builder and Games Workshop website both have Warscrolls that lack both the Silent Communion ability and Command Ability for the Treelord Ancient. Now to find out where they went.
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