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  1. Forgeworld seems stuck in the mindset from the early 00's where they were just THE top of the line for miniatures, and they never seem to move on. Their site seems pretty depressing, from lack of fantasy support to mini painting that is almost always outclassed by a mini on the #PaintingWarhammer IG stuff (The Primarchs are the only "well painted" models for a studio of FW size, imo). Aside from the Primarchs again, there are non-GW and non-FW companies that just put out great standalone models for a good price for the quality
  2. I'm fairly certain ogres and orcs will go the way of beastmen and have all the models incorporated under a unifying title. In a sense, the current iterations could be next to "go". Ogres separated as they are now don't really make sense to me and the name Gutbusters is pretty dumb.
  3. That was an entirely new army from the the ground up instead of an overhaul of an older army though. However, if no mortals make an appearance, GW is going to get some pretty harsh feedback from a lot of people
  4. I just really hope the mortals don't look absolutely stupid. The daemon prince, herald backpack aside, looks incredible and I really hope that aesthetic stays
  5. It's such a good contrast to the other greater daemons. I don't understand the weird "I need tentacles and hentai" fetish. Aren't tentacles Tzeentch things?
  6. Even different hairstyles would be nice. It was like the designer had a deadline, forgot about it for months, got notified five minutes before the reveal and just copy pasted the entire line
  7. When I was first looking into AoS, I wanted to play dwarfs, but they were gone, but I always enjoyed slayer units. When someone told me I could play slayers, got a bit excited then I saw the range. To this day, I still can't tell the difference between the units other than weapons. Lava salamander is cool though
  8. I love everything about the prince except the daemonette on his back. If I do end up buying into this, I'll probably remove her from it
  9. With the success of Total War Warhammer, I assume GW wants to regroup all the old armies under or close to their old names. I can definitely see them regrouping all the kind of factionless (Aelves/Dwarfs/Humans, Ogors, the various Orruks) under one name again to kind of make the transition from TWW to tabletop easier. I really hope this is the case, because as much as I love Empire, I would love human army that isn't Fantasy Marines
  10. That's fair. Unfortunately, I'm kind of in a budget where if I spend money on the army, I need to focus on it rather spend some on "just a taste" and potentially sell it off for cheaper
  11. That's fair, I forgot to take in the 6 to rend into account. Before I maybe splurge out a little, what are the chances they change crossbowmen and/or release a new human army that entirely replaces the Empire/Free Peoples
  12. I was just never a fan of crossbows and rather would have handgunners. I'm not looking to be the most competitive, but are handgunners just not good or is the extra range and extra shot that much better
  13. Question - Are Freeguild just a one trick pony with the 30x Crossbows? Is it really the only way to run them or are there other things to do?
  14. I mean, the armor doesn't need to be female specific, for example Severina Raine is a perfect example of a female without the boob plate.
  15. So I had a neat idea of a small SCE force I'd like to just pick up and paint while I settle back into college and all that. I saw the female heads from FW for SCE and thought "Hey, you know what would be cool? Bringing back the Sisters of Sigmar." I'm not really into being competitive that much anymore, and building a fun thematic, probably 1000 point list could be fun, but I would also like to not put down models just to pick them back up again. Between the two Start Collecting and various starters I know I'll be able to split, what would y'all recommend? I'm also more inclined to use hammer wielding models
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