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  1. Seems the point drops were huge variant anvil strikes showing up everywher. Another 32 man tourney Kroak Azyros Vexillor Aquillor troops Lib x 3 10 evocators Blades 9 longstrikes no birds endless spells Cogs and Suffocating grave tide core is the same it came second snugly between a fyreslayer and a older school skaven stormfiend vortex list. Shockingly ahead of standard KO it seems our boys in gold are doing better than predictions
  2. this list came second in a 32 player swedish tourney snugly between change host and a chaos hero soup player its the classic but updated incantor general deathly aura stormcaller relictor azyros Heraldor battleline judicator bows judicator bows judicator bows other 10 evocators - speed of lightning 9 longstrikes 4 units of aetherwings Extra cp
  3. Anvils of heldenhammer Heroes Lord Aquillor - General - Obsidian Amulet Knight Azyros - soulthief Knight Venator - Luck Stone Knight venator Battle Line 5 vanguard hunters 5 Vanguard Hunters 5 Vanguard hunters Other Unites 3x Longstrikes 3x longstrikes 3x Longstrikes Aetherwings Aetherwings Aetherwings Palladors Vanguard Angelos Vanguard Auxillary Vanguard Justicar 1 drop Thoughts?
  4. Sometimes this makes me feel like those crazy toilet paper people but of plastic.
  5. So like any good hobby project the first thing we do is break the budget rule. I’m buying it with different hands but we have the sisters of the ale. They got kegs they got pipes you can get spears and normal hands for em. It’ll be like 70 bucks but i dont care. Theyre pretty cool. Might buy the griffin too
  6. ooh... i like this. i can even see it.i could build em up like they're being drug down a mountain put some flowy cloaks on em. good ideas.
  7. man if they weren't 73 for 3 id be all over that. theres some bones bear models i might look into. I like the theme better. I even have a few that is a dwarf on bears. maybe i can use the legs and swap the torso... good ideas here
  8. I wanted to do a Quarantine army but didnt want to go buy boxes. I have about 9,000 points of old world dwarves and all kinds of random dwarves. So my budget is 30 dollars for additional supplies, or additional models. heres phoenix guard some models i probably bought in 2011 finally seeing some use again. Shadow warriors current concept eternal guard budget might get spent on an anvil to make an anvil of doom for a celestial hurricanum Battle mages no idea what i’m going to do for sisters of the watch, got 30 irondrakes and 10 long beards and a runelord Miners need a job too. Tons of thunderers are sitting in wait. any ideas on sisters of the watch? Thought about skyriggers on fenrisian wolves, i also have some barrels they could ride on. Not sure yet.
  9. Anythings viable right now just keep in mind theyd kinda play like a endrinrigger list. Theyre assassins they’ll kill anything low armored. And you can get them there pretty easily. Just know after they kill it theyre likely dead. A stiff breeze will kill em. so just make sure if you have a pack of 12 and thats one threat you bring 2 other threats which can be a second pack of 12 and just rip apart lightly armored targets. This could easily do a ton of damage to anything with just a 4+ ironjawz stormcast bonesplitterz you would shred them. Mix in a few monsters of your choice and you got a solid list
  10. Second list i’m a little more interested in it can do some fun stuff. So coalesced and starborne versions of this list are both good but have drawbacks. We run shadowstrike and thunderquake fangs of sotek or thunder lizard Skink priest engine of the gods sacred steggadon helm or incandescent slann starmaster General potentially aetherquartz brooch or itxi grubs ripperdactly chief Chamber weapon skinks x3 Bastilidon x2 full hunting pack. Probably salamanders unless we need more chaff razordons. 6 ripper dactlys i really like how this plays in both chambers engine of the gods becomes pretty scary in a coalesced army when we can make him a 2+ save fairly easy with quite a few extra attacks and damage he can bring the pain on the charge making him a new threat where he wouldnt be in a starborn list. only thing i’d do if i had to go coalesced is drop one hunter for me skinks as we’re dreadfully low on troops in both my lists. Running starborn is quite good because we can just summon skinks all day. some people say you dont need a brooch in this army but i think it gains a lot of value. We’re rolling that dice six times a turn almost it can net us two more command points. So i’m not above taking a brooch in this army. razordons make excellent chaff but i want to position them as a threat in this army. So teleporting salamanders 9 away so they can shoot 12 -2 d3 shots into your backline is devastating. But so is the melee bonuses for coalesced.
  11. Ok so i got some lists together that i think may have some competitive gas. I don’t typically play seraphon but i bought into the army because i want two bastilladons on the table. I’m working based on 3 threats my first list thunderlizards Kroak general great rememberance astrolith bearer - fusil of conflageration engine of the gods - incandescent rectrixes knight incantor 3x10 skinks 2x bastilladon 3x salamanders or razordons to taste Thunderquak starhost everblaze balewind an option in this list is dropping a hunting pack for a skink priest. Which i might actually just do because the +1 to hit is so important on the bastilidons. this is a great bunker busted. If you play against a lot of dok and hallowheart this is nice you can just clear their heroes with comets call and the everblaze and your bastilidons clean up. we lack models which is why i think this has to go starborne so we can summon.
  12. Aight want something fun? skink oracle on troglodon on bound balewind vortex. Hear me out. we’re thunderlizard right? We’re running the two bastiladon battalion. You have a lord kroak and an astrolith banner because youre a man of taste. you look at this carnisaur kit and the last thing youre thinking of is putting a skink on there but you havent expanded your mind so far You maxed out so far it looped back and you deflated back to a puny pea brain. Bound balewind has no wounds limit. ok dont touch your face dont get corona but thats so good you want to rub your cheeks. what can we put on it? Trogolodon. Skink starseer gives +1 save and 3 d6 charge. we give him the item thats +4 move -1 hit and fly. now we have a 2+ save mystic shielded troglodon healing likely d3 per turn with an engine of the gods helping just shoved in the middle of their army thats -1 to hit. but wait theres more he’s a nuke. we can use him to cast celestial desecrate your surroundings 3 times with a kroak whos +3 to cast no matter where he is on the board. You also have more command-points than god. then just flood the demons within 22” in your toxic masculinity and you win. Easy game
  13. This one i’ll actually disagree with. Personally i dislike terrain pieces and find them annoying and it really isnt the issue plagueing stormcast. the issue we have is the inability To field 3 threats on the table and have the points for units to hold objectives. to loosely quote vince here, terrain pieces are like getting a giftcard. Would you rather have the money in cash or in a giftcard to any store of your choosing? terrain pieces give you this one bland bonus while youre near it. It’d be nice if the whole army just had it. Some are more egregious than others but i’d rather they give us bonuses and just throw it into the book. Because if we were to get a terrain piece we have to give up something. What would you be willing to give up in this book to move it to a terrain piece?
  14. So we once again have another stormcast on the podium at tomorrow burns 2. Now this tournament did feature several great players but also a lot of alcohol. That shouldnt discount andy’s win an anyway but just something to bear in mind. It looked like a very fun tourney.
  15. I’ve definitely seem tons of big waagh lists like this i like it thank you
  16. Well i’m talking about putting them within 3 and basing them. Because it says a move not a normal move and it specifies that a move can go within 3. raw it seems right if i roll high enough i can do it i guess i’m just kind of in disbelief. I’ve been playing them as they cant move within 3 forever. its a big deal because you can shut down a charge for a whole turn potentially if you roll well.
  17. So the aetherwing ability lets them very specifically move in the enemies charge phase. it doesnt say normal move. Referring to this faq reading between these two i think i could theres no errata or faq on aetherwings specifically specific question, could i move the aetherwings into combat and prevent the opponent from charging
  18. Ok briefcase is out, suit is on, courts in session i have to be a rules lawyer here. @jhamslam you have the most experience with this at tournaments so maybe you already know about this. Maybe this is common knowledge and i just didnt know i havent seen it any battle reports and i’m the only shootcast player in my meta aetherwings say they move in the openents charge phase. Move being the keyword not a normal move well i was watching an old heywoah video and he was talking about a move bcr got which is d6” move in the hero phase and how you can use it to retreat and it doesnt count as your normal move so you can charge later. here’s the faq. Can we use that 2d6 move to get in combat with enemy units? And prevent them from charging that turn
  19. He has hand of dust to mess up chaff walls making them close formations also he does five damage a hit. Its just a guideline run whatever you want i just think he’s cool
  20. There was also this top 5 placing but a small tournament. Still petrifex because its p strong liege kavalos boneshaper soulmason 20 mortek 10 mortek 10 mortek Harvester Shield corps death glaive 2x harbingers with glaive 2x3 stalkers
  21. I believe at cancon this list places top 5 still petrifex because ya know. Nagash Liege kavalos 5 dr 5dr 15 dr Bone tithe shrieker emerald lifeswarm. i personally quite like a revised version of this list nagash kavalos 10 dr 5 dr 10 mortek kavalos lance Bone tithe spell poetal 30 points for activities like a palisade or whatever you want
  22. Or general chaos archaon thanquil chaos sorcerer on manticore 3x10 reavers Warpgnaw verminlord Darkfire daemonrift. You actually have a gross amount of casting in this list
  23. What if we just do the strongest big boys? general destruction troggotg hag gordrak frostlord on stonehorn 3x10 orruks bonegrinder gargant just have four big bullies
  24. Hey i’m looking to start getting into bonesplittaz but i’m looking more on the competitive side. I’m curious where you all think the army sits competitively and if icebones are better than drakkfoot? i also see rogue idols as almost and auto include do youguys feel the same? an example list i like a lot Drakkfoot Savage big boss wardokk wardokk maniak 20 arrow 20 arrow 10 savage 10 savage 20 grot stabbas Rogue idol kunin rukk 2x2 big stabbas palisade if anyone is familiar with a list like that i’m curious what you think
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