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  1. First of all thank you for reading this!! So I picked up some units back before GHB17 and just started to assemble them now I have: 2 x 2 Mournfang Pack (320) 1 x 3 Icefall Yhetees (120) Frostlord on Stonehorn (460) Total: 900/1000 This was my original list before the point changes. After GHB17 this leaves me with 100 spare points. This change along with the nerf to Stonehorn (Stone Skeleton being applied after each individual wound) Makes me think I need some changes. ONE important thing is that I have not assembled my Frostlord on Stonehorn. With the pieces I have I can assemble either a Frostlord or Huskard on either Stonehorn or Thundertusk. I was thinking maybe assembling a Huskard and adding in another Mournfang which would total 980 points. Two main questions: 1. What do you guys think is stronger with the new changes Stonehorn or Thundertusk??? 2. What other destruction/ogre units would be a good addition to fill up my extra points here? Thank you so much guys I really appreciate anything you can do for me
  2. Thanks for the reply but sorry matched rules of what exactly state that you cant cast the same spell more than once?? thanks
  3. Just realizing this was posted a long time ago but please give me an update on how it worked out for you!
  4. I am by no means an expert at AoS but I've been doing some research into Flesh Eater Courts because that is also where I would like to start building my army. Honestly looks really solid, I personally would go for the 10 ghouls in order to make a unit of 30 ghouls. At 20 ghouls you get the bonus attack but after only one ghoul dying it's gone so 30 is the way to go. If you feel like you aren't covering objectives enough I would split your 20 ghouls into units of 10 and get another 3 horrors, horrors are a really strong unit especially with all the buffs your heroes can offer. Necromancer would also be a nice choice as their buff is really strong and will work on both crypt horrors and ghouls so it's up to you. Good luck and I hope your list works out for you, let me know how it goes!
  5. Let's say you have multiple spell caster units that are the same. Say Vampire Lords for instance. Vampire Lord's ability reduces an enemy unit's attacks by 1. (to a minimum of 1) Let's say I use 2 Vampire Lords, would I be able to reduce a unit with 3 attacks all the way down to 1??? Thanks guys
  6. Hi so I am looking to get into age of sigmar with a 1k point army so I can play with my brother but I don't have a large amount of money that I can spend on the game. Something that I've noticed by looking at the game workshop website is that some units have a higher or lower points to cost ratio then others. By this I mean that a group of 6 gryph-hounds with 240 points only costs $30. While some heroes for the same amount of points or less can cost more than twice as much. The 1000 point Ironjawz army I had picked out would run me $400. Meanwhile 1000 points worth of gryph-hounds is only $120! I know people will say that I should pick my units depending on how much I like them, their competitiveness etc. but cost is definitely an important factor for me. So other from the box sets (some of them over 600 points for $100) what other units can I get that are cheap?? Something I was also considering is buying used models, is there any forum or website or anything where everybody congregates for selling their used models?? Maybe some people out there who have the same budget problems as me could let me know how I could get into the game with a full 1000 point army with my current budget of around $150. Thank you so much guys I really appreciate it!
  7. Hi so I am new to playing warhammer and it seems like something really cool that I want to get into. I want to start off playing a 1k army (2k is a bit too expensive for me rn) and was wondering if the list I was considering is competative. Death Allegiance. 1 Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist (400pts) 30 Crypt Ghouls (300pts) 1 Vampire Lord (140pts) 1 Necromancer (120pts) For a total of 960 points. No battalion. Was just wondering if there are any important details I'm missing or if this would be a good investment to start playing and hopefully even do tournaments using general rulebook. Thanks! Ps: Also wondering if there are any good list building guides out there that somebody could give me a link for
  8. Okay first of all thank you so much for your help it's really cool to see this game has a great community around it! One of the main reasons I was looking to build a ranged army was because my buddy gave me some handgunners to get a start and it seemed like incorporating them into my army would be a good way to save some bucks. But yeah I understand what you guys are saying here, even if this army was capable at winning fights warhammer is not just a straight forward fight it's also about the objectives. Taking away that battalion is definitely something I'm going to do allowing me to also get rid of those silly pistoliers. So now with the 260 free points I get I'm going to get my general on a gryphon. Order: Heroes: Freeguild General on Gryphon (300) Battleline: 30 Handgunners (300) 10 Guards (80) Units: 10 Guards (80) Artillery: Cannon (180) 940/1000 points Now that I'm at this point I think I'm still lacking good mobility and frontline tanks. I really like the Demigryph Knights (unit of 3 for 200 points) /and was wondering how you guys would reccomend to fit them in. Take out the cannon? maybe replace the guards? or both for 2 units of knights? Thanks again guys! Also just wondering where I can find any guides on list making. Finding it really hard to determine all the best synergies and I don't even really know where to start. Thanks guys!
  9. Hey guys my first time list building and buying models. I really like the empire and free people but I would like to know what's competitive before I go out there buying whatever I feel like. Here's the current list I was thinking about running with. I am currently just looking to build a 1k list to get into the game but that may be a subject to change. Order: Heroes: Freeguild General (100) Battleline: 30 Handgunners (300) 10 Guards (80) Units: 10 Guards (80) 5 Pistoliers (140) Artillery: Cannon (180) Battalion: State Troop Detachment (120) 1000/1000 points The basic Idea: so it's my first list so I'm not quite sure what I'm doing but my basic Idea was to use my battalion and general bonuses in order to buff my handgunners to be total beasts. The cannon is there in case the enemy is trying to out range me staying away from the handgunners. The pistoliers are only there for the battalion but the mobility is probably very useful. Alright so a few questions I have: 1. I was thinking of getting a Hurricanum would this unit be useful for a 1000pt army or not? 2. Is my battalion really that much of a bonus for me or would it be best to replace it with 2 Witch Hunters, maybe a warrior priest? 3. People say guards are a nice defense for a frontline but how about using Demigryph Knights? Thank you very much guys I am really looking forward to some feedback
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