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  1. Well I'm not happy with how it came out, but glad I tried something different. I don't have all the paints I needed n I think I used the wrong shade.
  2. really good idea, im new to painting.
  3. I think I have used the incorrect colors. The white seems like it doesn't belong.
  4. Hey guys, please help me salvage this mini. I was going for a red white n blue scheme.
  5. Just wanted to update you guys, i bought hammerfall (preferred the models) it should arrive on Tuesday.
  6. Hi all I am trying to get my brother n his wife to get in to AOS. I thought the best way to do this was thru a one of the board games. I see them play monopoly and other board games often. I have never GM or played DnD so that kinda scares me. Which game Should I pick up for us ? I'm kinda leaning to SOH since the fewer models to paint.
  7. What paint should i buy for a ez basing?
  8. Hi all, I have been painting my sigmarines and well I'm generally new to painting all together. According to my paint guide for my sigmarines it says to use Retri armor (base) then Rekilan flesh (shade) and then finally auric armor gold (layer) last. After doing this my little dudes are very bright gold is this intended? Whats the purpose of the shade it seems to of done nothing.
  9. Hey Mikey, i travel alot to the Irvine area on weekends maybe we can get a skirmish game in.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm new to the hobby and ready to dive in to AoS. I have never played any table top games. I mostly play WoW, and starcraft, but after playing Total War: Warhammer i really wanted to play AoS. I tend to be drawn more to skirmish since I'm in love with Final Fantasy tactics. Just wanted to say hi and share a bit about my self.
  11. I think you should focus on play Skirmish, its low model count and you can buy what you want.
  12. Since it seems like stormcast are abit of a meme, i wanted to make paint some Vanguard-Raptors in Merica colors (Red, White, and Blue). Has this been done before I have not seen any examples online?
  13. I think they are going to get buffed with the Generals hand book 2.
  14. Even tho i am very new the hobby, seeing the new start collecting boxes gets me very hyped. Which one would you pick up if you had to choose from the three? Fyreslayers (hawt haw) Beastclaw (dang!!!!) or Daemons of Slaanesh (killer ladies )
  15. Cool, I'm super new to the hobby, I've only painted two models so far but Skirmish seem fun from the youtube videos I've seen.
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