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  1. As a player new to Warhammer and AOS, who has never played a game of 40k ever, I think however space marine chapters work is shading people's perspectives on this. I am not sure how they work, but given that in my local GW store they all are categorized into different sections, they probably also have their own books? They would be the equivalent of different factions in AOS? This is not true with the Stormcast. All the stormhosts come from the same book. On top of that, each stormhost doesn't just automatically get different rules. Each stormhost has a set of battalions that are required to be used to take that stormhost, so you can't just bounce between them for free rules. They are the same army in different formations. Lastly, in any matched play format they cost a lot of points. All these things combine mean you aren't getting to swap stormhosts for advantage, they are already balanced via battalion options and points on top of the stormhost battalion cost itself. i may be off base here as I am new to a gaming world that includes narrative, but as a somewhat outside perspective it seems like people are trying to compare space marine rules to stormcast rules, and they don't seem like the same thing to me. I'm not aware of this painting issue anywhere else in AOS as I'm not aware of other factions with these kinds of battalion options. Edit - somewhat implied piece of this. Even if you paint Hammers of Sigmar, you most likely aren't even getting their rules. I've literally never seen a list that uses that battalion.
  2. CappyTan

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    I'm new myself and these kinds of lists intrigue me. Does it make sense to take Bolster Faith on the Relictor for battleshock immunity or is Bless Weapons too necessary to give the liberators teeth?
  3. CappyTan

    Anyone else missing books on the app?

    Yup, mine disappeared when they added GHB 2017. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk