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  1. Repetition is Key My goal is to get as many games as I can in from now until the End of March were I will be traveling to AdeptiCon for the Age of Sigmar Team tournament as well as the the Age of Sigmar Singles Championships held in the suburbs of Chicago This weekend with my Kharadron Overlords. I did not change up my list from LVO as I wanted to jump right into playing this weekend. Saturday afternoon was my first game against Nagash and his Deadly friends. *MY LIST INFO*….. Kharadron Overlords skyport: Zilfin additional footnote: there’s no trading with some people Aether-khemist- General, fleetmaster Aether-khemist- Aethershock Earbuster Aether-khemist 10 Arkanaut Company- 3 light sky hooks 10 Arkanaut Company- 3 light sky hooks 10 Arkanaut Company- 3 light sky hooks 9 Endrinriggers- 3 grapples 9 sky wardens- 3 drill cannons, 3 Aethermatic Volly Guns 3 sky wardens- 1 drill cannon, 1 Aethermatic Volly gun Ironclad- main gun: Aethermatic Volley Cannon, Aetherspheric Endrinds His list Info: Nagash Arkhan the Black 10 Skeleton warriors 10 zombies 10 zombies and 680 points for summoning We played Knife to the heart and I took top of first turn because I knew if Nagash was able to get spells off it was not going to be fun. top of turn one Hero phase I dropped a unit of Ark. Co. off so the Iroclad could get his full move. Next I did the once per game free move with the Ironclad and moved 8 inches up and disembarked the rest of my force that was still riding in the Ironclad. I used the Three Khemest to buff up the drill cannons, light sky hooks in one unit, and the torpedoes on the Ironclad. after that I used the flagship ability to give the ironclad an extra 3 inches on his guns for shooting. lastly I gave inspiring presence to the Endrinriggers movement was normal I wanted to get the Endrinriggers up the board and everyone else in range to shoot the heck out of Nagash. shooting phase was just that I shot Nagash down to one wound and a unit of skeletons down to two models great charging rolls for the Endrinriggers and off they went to finish Nagash off in high fashion. his turn one hero phase he did some summoning and brought on a two man unit of Morghast Archai and a two man unit of Morghast Harbingers. moved his units up a little and charge a unit of Ark. Co. with Morghast Harbingers with an eleven inch charge(dice rolled super cold on that one) in combat he almost takes out the whole unit of Ark. Co. and I just barily saved a few guys from running off the board. that's about it for the death turn now to priority roll Death gets the double turn. hero phase he used the rest of his points and summoned a 10 man unit of black knights. then finishes off the what was left of the ark. co. with a spell causing wounds freeing up the unit of Morghast Harbingers movement he headed right for the Sky wardens with the Morghast Harbingers and moved the black knights over at the Endrinriggers who were still in combat. after combat and battleshock I had 2 drill cannon sky Wardens left. My turn two I buff up two units of Ark. Co. light sky hooks and the two drill cannons left moved up the field with my army slowly to his side of the board I shoot and kill both units of Morghasts off the table with the unit of skeletons as well. Endrinriggers are still locked in combat with the two units of zombies and they are just not rolling hot. Turn 3 priority roll hero phase and the normal buffs for weapons from the khemests Kharadron wins priority and gets the double turn. I move in and shot Arkhan the Black off the table I charged into the black knights that had charged the Endrinriggers before with the Iron clad and took them out fully in the fight phase he just now had two units of Zombies left his turn was swinging on my ironclad and nothing hit Turn 4 we rolled for priority and Kharadron Overlords wins the priority before the hero phase he concedes the game and it was a win for KO! Lessons Learned from this game -Even though the game when smooth for me I think I need to be a little more careful on how I place my Sky Wardens look for the Range sweet spot. -don't send in the Endrinriggers unless they are buffed with the Khemest buff. What do you think? Tell me in the comments below.
  2. Let me give you a quick introduction about myself before I get in to this Inaugural Blog post. My name is Miles and I have passion for Warhammer, both 40,000 (40K) and Age of Sigmar (AoS). I live on the east coast of the United states and have traveled near and far to play in competitive Warhammer events. It has been a mix of both 40K and AoS, but for this year (2018) I will be focusing Age of Sigmar. Las Vegas Open! We are going to dive in to all 7 games I played in the Age of Sigmar Championships on the weekend of January 27-28, 2018 at the Las Vegas Open held in Las Vegas, Nevada at Bally’s Hotel and Casino. The event used the Best Coast Pairings App and Swiss scoring and pairing system for the event which I personally really like because it pairs based on scores not just random pairings. *MY LIST INFO*….. Kharadron Overlords skyport: Zilfin additional footnote: there’s no trading with some people Aether-khemist- General, fleetmaster Aether-khemist- Aethershock Earbuster Aether-khemist 10 Arkanaut Company- 3 light sky hooks 10 Arkanaut Company- 3 light sky hooks 10 Arkanaut Company- 3 light sky hooks 9 Endrinriggers- 3 grapples 9 sky wardens- 3 drill cannons, 3 Aethermatic Volly Guns 3 sky wardens- 1 drill cannon, 1 Aethermatic Volly gun Ironclad- main gun: Aethermatic Volley Cannon, Aetherspheric Endrinds So lets’s get started……. Game 1 -Bloodsecrator -slaughter priest with hack blade and wrath hammer -bloodstoker -Aspiring deathbringer with grease and skullhammer -15 blood warriors -40 bloodreavers -6 mighty skullcrushers -5 skull reapers -Chaos Gargant * Gore Pilgrims Battalion The first pairing had me up against a Gore Pilgrims list and we played Knife to the Heart. He was a new player to the over all tournament scene which made the game play extremely slow over all, which in turn will effect the over all outcome of the game. After introductions and double checks to make sure he was on the right table, he asked if it was a big deal if we used the terrain rules or not because he was not familiar with them which I had no problems with I was just happy to play. We traded lists and and I had to pull out my battletomb to show him all the information on my list and all the rules on my army before we deployed any models. We finally started to Deploy I made my two drops and he took a good while deploying his list as he was scared of my re-deploy rule. I took turn one as I knew I would be able to take out most of his main buffing heroes to lessen his blow. It worked out to my benefit as I took out 1200ish points of his army in my first turn. Killing all the key heroes I went after and a few more units that. Now is was his turn and he was so confused about how I was able to take out so much of his army in a single turn and it caused him to second guess every move he was going to make. “ AoS Champ players 30 minutes remaining” and we only just finished the first round. At this point I knew I won the game but by how much is the question. We decided to roll the Priority roll and he won so he took top of the turn. After his turn of really shuffling his models around and taking his time I was only given 5 minutes for my turn and trying to jam all of my movement and shooting in those 5 minutes and his ungodly way to make saves on the models on the objective stopped me from getting the major victory and came out with a minor, which in turn set the rest of the tone to my event pairings. Game 2 Ironjawz Megaboss on Maw-Krusha Troggoth Hag 5 Orruk Brutes 5 Orruk Brutes 10 Orruk Brutes 3 Gore Gruntas 3 Gore Gruntas Ironfist Battalion Pairing and Game number two, Ironjawz with a Hag. This game turned out to be one of the two games that I lost my cool on, which never happens with me. I normally pride myself on being a top notch great sport but we all have those moments where it just hits the wrong spot. Basic deployment nothing fancy I took first turn to take out both the hag and the mega boss on maw crusher and my dice rolls failed me. In full hind sight I should have just gone after all of the brutes on the front lines an kept my distance but fell subject to the great “Distraction Carnifex”, which means I was hooked on killing the big “scary” thing on the board but in reality that was not the target to go for. After the poor dice rolls on the wrong target priority I would not be able to recover as his army had time to get into my models and do what Ironjawz do, and that is fight. I came out of that one with a sour adittude but it was time for lunch and a break which I needed and then back to it for the other two games of the day. Game 3 -Great unclean one with flail and bell -Rotigus -Sorcerer -Epidemius -30 plaguebearers -30 plaguebearers -20 plaguebearers -Feculent Gnarlmaw Game Three was against the New Nurgle. First off let me just say the new Great unclean one kits are some of the greatest kits that Games Workshop has come out with. This game I was super focused and ready to give it everything I had to win this one. after set up I put my Ironclad in the Aethersphere and gave him first turn in hopes of the double turn which I got. After he moved and could not do anything else with his massive horde of plague bearers I descended from the Aethersphere and killed Epidemius and score 5 objective points points right off the bat. We rolled for priority and I got the double turn so I was able to score another 3 points and held his army in his deployment zone. At this point it was 8-2 at the end of turn two and all I had to do is keep his units locked in combat and keep scoring. I came out with a major victory but only killed 200 points of his army. Great player to have a game with! game 4 -Harbinger of Decay -Lord of Plagues -Bloab Rotspawned -Chaos sorcerer lord on manticore -Lord of chaos -5 putrid blightkings -5 putrid blightkings -5 putrid blightkings -15 chaos warriors -10 chaos chosen Plaguetouched Warband One of the strangest ways to finish the day off. My opponent did not want to play a forth game but did not want to drop from the event so he offered to drink beers for the whole round. we haggled on what would happen in the game and what my list could do against his list and we settled on a good conclusion and turned the numbers. We had about 16 beers in the 2 and a half hour time limit, one or two others might have had a beer with us as well… Day 2 Game 5 -Vampire lord on Zombie dragon -9 Vargheists -5 blood knights -5 blood knights -Vampire lord on nightmare -Vampire lord on nightmare -vampire lord on nightmare Soul blight with game five it was a perfect game for me as it was against a soul blight list and the whole army had “fly” so it was a really great great match up for me and not something he wanted to see at all. I went like clock work and I shot and killed 3/4 of his army in turn one and tabled him top of turn two. Major victory and full points. Really nice opponent and really nice looking army. Game 6 Savage Big Boss Maniak Weirdnob Maniak Weirdnob Maniak weirdnob 30 savage orruk arrowboys 30 savage orruk arrowboys 30 savage orruk arrowboys 10 savage orruk arrowboys bonegrinz warclan kunnin’ rukk This was the best but most stressful game as it was going to put me at top tables if I won an I put a ton of pressure on myself and I made mistakes at the end of this game due to nerves and stress plus time left. One drop Kunnin’ Rukk. He Gave me first turn so he could have a chance to double turn me. which I made him pay for when I took out the big boss and one of his Maniak weirdnobs which had the +1 to hit spell. I focus fired down two units so that they would be below 20 and not get the extra attack bonus. now I just needed to weather the storm. his turn he failed the hand of Gork but was able to get next to 2 damned terrain peaces which made him hit on 4s. he took out the sky wardens and knocked down the riggers to 2 models which held on of his units at bay from moving forward and shooting the Ark Co. that where standing on the objectives. Each of us scoring 3 points in the round. a few more turns go by and nothing of note happened but me shooting more green guys and him running the only hero he had left in the corner behind terrain so not to be killed. The final turn was the nail biter. He won priority. In his turn he was able to get off the hand of Gork on the last big unit was able to get them moved in to burn one of my objectives but only rolled a one. so now I am down by 2. With a chance recover I moved in to burn 2 of his objectives I was able to burn one which I only rolled a 1 and now the stress kicks in and the mistakes happen. the last objective left I was in close combat with two Khemists I had shot 2 out of the 4 arrow boys off and tried to kill the last 2 but was not able to damage them. with time being up and the defeat already set in my head, I forgot about battleshock and due to arrow boys being bravery 5 it would have been a 50/50 chance that I would have burned the objective and if I got anything more than 1 it would have been a Major victory, even if I scored 1on the burn roll I would have scored a minor victory as I killed 1380 points of his army to his 780 killed of mine. I can say it was the best game out of the 7 I played all weekend and such a great player. He actually went on to win best Destruction player in ITC, which he deserved. game 7 Wight king with infernal standard necromancer cairn wraith 40 skeleton warriors 40 skeleton warriors 10 skeleton warriors Mournghoul 30 Grave guard black Knights *Legion of death This is the worst game on my part and I know I was not the best player as I didn’t give my opponent my full attention as I was so in loss at my loss the round before and I just was salty for sure and frustrated with myself which turned into a poor game. I made so many mistakes in this game and I just didn’t care. I was just so bummed that I was so close to the top and lost it. This was the 2nd time that I lost my cool when I normally don’t do at events. I played against a Death: Legion of Death army with 90 total skeleton warriors, 30 graveyard, and a Mournghoul, Yet another Distraction Carnifex. I fell for it again! I should of just played the mission and not worried about the Mournghoul. I lost my sky wardens to him an my Riggers stayed tied up with him for most of the game. my opponent played very well and covered the board with skeletons and and covered the stars that fell from the sky and earned the win. The only issues I had with the game was he wanted to use a dice rolling app and thought it would be cool so I called the TO over and he also agreed that dice apps are not permitted. After that we finished the game and I took my 3rd lose. making my record 4-3 and placing 34th out of 93 total starting players. Lessons -this is the part of the article that is what I personally wanted to put in here as I feel reflecting on the events and the games no only will make me a better player but also so show others that I take these sportsmanship mishaps to heart and I can learn from them as well and others. -Time management Even though I feel I was good with most of my times I need to pick up my speed and also call people out if they are slow playing. -When it’s Dice down let the game be over. good, bad, or ugly. the game is over. I have a tendency to linger over mistakes I make in games or not let somethings go and it effects other things, such as games. -but I’m getting better. -Another one is Read the Missions , this is a lesson that everyone needs to learn. Each event likes to put their own twist on things and LVO is no different. They had some secondary and tertiary that was used incase of a tie at the end of the event and this would also matter in pairings as well. -Use a General’s “notebook”. It’s a notebook that you use when you are gaming to write down experiences against players and keep the details of the game for later review
  3. This is my list after the new GHB2017 came out. *DrakkFoot War Clan * - Kop Rukk - Wurrgog Prophet -Squirmy Warpaint -Big Wurrgog Mask -WarDokk -Ju-Ju Wotnotz -WarDokk -Mystic Waaagh! Paint -WarDokk -Maniak Weirdnob -Savage Orruk Morboys (30) -Savage Orruk Morboys (30) -Savage Big Boss -Savage Orruk Arrowboys (30) total 2000 pts. mix and match spells any way you like as you can get at least 5 off a turn most of the time Let me know what you think.
  4. Check out a list I am playing with and give me some feed back. I'm going full Bonesplitterz and not using the Kunnin' Rukk. I feel that the Anti-magic and magic abilities are bing severely underused. let me hear your constructive feedback. Allegiance: DestructionHeroesWurrgog Prophet (140)- General- Trait: Waaagh Monger - Artefact: Mystic Waaagh! Paint Wardokk (80)- Artefact: Mystic Waaagh! Paint Wardokk (80)- Artefact: Mystic Waaagh! Paint Wardokk (80)Maniak Weirdnob (100)Battleline5 x Savage Boarboy Maniaks (160)- Bonesplitterz Battleline5 x Savage Boarboyz (120)- Bonesplitterz Battleline10 x Savage Orruks (100)Units30 x Savage Orruk Arrowboys (300)20 x Savage Orruk Morboys (240)20 x Savage Orruk Morboys (240)4 x Savage Big Stabbas (200)BattalionsDrakkfoot Warclan (60)Kop Rukk (100)Total: 2000/2000
  5. And of course I lead in with a mistake..... Way to go me!
  6. What is going on? This is @MilesTheHammer and I finally joined TGA officially. Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz are my AoS armies and anything Green skinned I got love for it. I will be putting my 2 cents on some threads and feel free to follow me on twitter @MilesTheHammer. WAAAGH!
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