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  1. Hi! I’m planning on starting with a Stormcast Eternals and have found both the Thunderstrike Brotherhood and Hammerstrike Bretheren boxes online for a decent price. Does anyone know if the Liberators, Prosecutors and Retributors in those boxes are multipart or monopose? I assume the Thunderstrike are the monopose sculpts from the original AoS starter set? Grateful if anyone has any experience with these boxes before I order them.
  2. Looking for the Stormcast half of the starter set. Must be new on sprue/unbuilt. Please get get in touch if you can help or if you want to split a box.
  3. I’m in the U.K. but have managed to find someone to split it with. Thanks very much!
  4. Perhaps a bit premature as it’s not out yet but if anyone is planning on buying Looncurse for the Gloomspite Gitz, I’ll gladly take the Sylvaneth bits off your hands...
  5. Really nice work so far - glad I’m not the only one who loves snotlings! All the older Orc & Goblin sculpts really still good up despite their age.
  6. Please let me know if/when you are willing to sell parts off. I might have a need for another box of savage Orruk boyz and a box of boarboys.
  7. Looking to buy the following items listed & pictured below. Please let me know if you can help out! Orc, Goblin & Savage Orc Shamans Ruglud’s Armoured Orcs (the 2000 Dogs of War version with crossbows) The classic Orc drummer and boy circled in the picture below Snotlings & Squigs - absolutely any!
  8. Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question, rather than the Painting & Modelling forum. My apologies if not! Does anyone know if the old Orc shaman on boar will fit on one of the the boars from the boarboyz set? Or on the Orc warboss' boar? I have quite a few of the 'new' boarboyz on the nice dynamic boars and want to upgrade my other mounted models as the old boar models really are showing their age now. I have seen boar chariots made with the new boars which look good but wondered if the old shaman (pictured) will?
  9. If it helps, I ordered Azhag and finally got him last week - he’s the one model I’ve wanted for years and I must say he didn’t disappoint! IMHO, it’s one of the most characterful orc sculpts GW was released (along with Nazgob the Shaman). The only thing I’m not convinced by is the banner but that should be easily replaced and I will put him on a larger circular base as the square he came with just seems tiny!
  10. Really useful video so thank you for taking the time to make it! Been wanting to pick one of these up for a while now. Like TheWilddog though, I think a hell of a lot of pinning may be required!
  11. Pretty much all of the Realm of Chaos era chaos champions - they're so characterful and unique. I'd love to see modern revamps of the a la Slambo! Also, the Putrid Blightkings are fantastic sculpts too! Other honourable mentions: Azhag the Slaughter Skarsnik & Gobbla Krell Isabella Von Carstein Lord Kroak
  12. Really nice to see the gruntas finished! What is next on the list? Keep up the good work! This thread has inspired me to start my own ironjawz force
  13. Superb! I'd love to see your other Ironjawz units too if you have any.
  14. Does anyone have a photo of the plastic black orcs (ardboys) next to the plastic savage orcs? From what I've seen, it seems like the latter are a bit taller but I just wanted to confirm it.
  15. Excellent minis! Love the conversions and the bone colour scheme is a nice change.
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