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  1. I think they do but needs an FAQ for sure. Garrison units count range to and from the Garrison and we already know that a unit is in range of itself. Additionally they KO rules have to explicitly say that models garrisoned do not count towards objectives. This implies that models count in an garrison do matter. I don’t play KO but until FAQ’ed I would allow my opponent the LOS modifier.
  2. Can a single model control multiple objectives? RAW I find nothing that says that a model can’t and maybe its just the AoS player in me assuming I’m missing a rule but wanted to put it out here. It seems a little odd playing that way.
  3. We are not playing it in my area. I think Warcry will fill that void around here for a smaller quicker game. I have zero interest in it. I think they dropped the ball on it to be honest. It seems cool enough, nothing against people that are enjoying it, but it doesn't seem different enough to really make the games that much faster and its to similar to give a really different experience. I'll stick with 1-1250 games if I need to get in a smaller game.
  4. Like Charleston said the big reason this is used is because it can be taken with the Reapers of Vengeance which has a great command ability of letting you attack twice and has great anti magic. Has anyone been running both Slaughterhosts Tyrants of Blood? I've tried Bloodlords once, I don't recall much about it to be honest. With the Reapers the anti magic part hasn't been huge and there have been times I've wished I could strike first with Tyrants of Blood more than attacking twice (although Skarbrand does love to attack twice).
  5. I would suggest engaging them in glorious melee combat!
  6. I take all 3 regularly even with only 2 Slaughterpriest. The reason I take all three even with two priests is on any given turn you have a pretty good chance of having at least one stay on the board. They can really mess with an opponents movement plans so its nice utility to have. If only for the rule of cool, especially with the skulls they are an auto include. I rank them in this order: 1) Axe 2) Skulls 3) Icon The axe is surprisingly reliable if you are near the altar. The amount of wounds it can kick out is very nice and it scares support characters back quite a bit. It has an effective range for the D6 wounds of 19", 8" placement, 8" move, 3" range on the final D6 wounds. If you don't need the full range try to keep a priest wholly within 8" so you can try to keep it on the table on a 4". The Skulls are nice and also an auto include for me. I don't have a ton of screening in my list so even if I am not against a single wizard they are great at blocking lanes, protecting the backfield, and clogging up the board. They are actually tough to get into the casters range and have the tendency to disappear before than can be used. The Icon I take last if I have spare points. It is also great at blocking lanes and controlling the table. However the D3 damage for units it passes over isn't all that great as it doesn't have the range to really fly over a ton, however it does stack will with the ranged mortal wounds this army can spit out. The D3 extra models fleeing ability also doesn't come up that much actually, so many ways around battleshock, the units that do take it generally don't care that much.
  7. This would only be annoying if you can't handle that many models. Consider your opponent and fairness, if you have 2.5 hour rounds you should not take up more than half that time, regardless of how many models your opponent has. Also playing more models than you can handle lead to mistakes. Get in some practice and learn the warscrolls and you should be fine. 120 models just in those 3 blocks could get unwieldy and at the end of the day they are still reavers, will die in droves and not give a ton of Bloodtithe. I wouldn't think you would want more than one or two big blocks like that.
  8. Talk about quick response, look at that. Looks solid!
  9. This is pretty awesome, going to give it a try! I will say the rules and name for Council of Blood has changed to Tyrants of Blood. (edit) Actually it looks like everything is from our old book which pretty much makes this unusable however the idea is awesome.
  10. I think the big issue is that it is harder for elite armies to hold objectives against hordes. However the wound per model isn't necessarily the best as something like a Dankhold Troggboss packs 12 wounds in a very small footprint. I think having models hold objectives based on half their remaining wounds rounded up would be a good middle ground. You could also do something like add the bravery of unit to its model count allowing a few righteous hero's to hold objectives against a horde. I've also thought it would be cool to add a 5th value (maybe AoS 3.0 update) for the objective value. Something like a Stormcast Liberator could have an objective value of 2 vs say Judicators having an objective value of 1 making them more suited to the role they should have on the table.
  11. Well in the same FAQ but for Skaven they say "Q: If I cast both Death Frenzy and Dreaded Death Frenzy on the same unit, can the models pile in and attack twice when slain? A: Yes." so they have proven to be inconsistent. I think we are all have been using the multiple saves and will continue to do so where it applies until they clarify it. They also specifically clarified it in 40k a while back, while a different game system we haven't received the same clarification so I say roll with it.
  12. So Slaughterpriest stayed the same and the Bloodthirsters all got cheaper. And Slaanesh got changed to Japanese, they now need to learn a new language! I'd call that a big win.
  13. This is similar in some ways, but very different in others to a list I'm happy with. I don't have the bloodsecrator and wrathmongers, instead I have 6 bloodcrushers , 3x5 doggos and the axe and skulls. The idea of giving Skarbrand 3 attacks with Carnage gives me the happies, but between him and the UF hitting and wounding on 2's they clear lines effectively with out needing the buffs. I do agree on the WoK, I found him to be okay, but was really just taking for Tyrants and didn't take advantage of his abilities so he got dropped in favor of the bloodcrushers to sweep the flanks/distract. I also think finding the points for the judgements is worth it. Even against non magic armies the skulls have great board presence and can block lanes very effectively. If you want to go for the 3 attack carnage mode I might suggest 3x5 doggos and use the 100 points on judgements. Keep in mind using those buffs you are basically paying 640 points for Skarbrand (I know there is other utility from those pieces) so make it count.
  14. Grain of salt time as I've only played 2 games with the Tyrants of Blood, both against melee destruction armies so there is that. 1 game I had 4 BT, 1 of each and the second game I dropped the WoK for 6 Bloodcrushers. Unfettered Furys 6" pile-in adds so much utility he will always be a must have for me. This essentially allows you to retreat and charge, obviously with restrictions and less movement. It also lets you get around things that are going to attack at the start of the combat phase, FEC, Idoneth, Fanatics, Other Bloodlords Thirsters, Slaanesh etc. The ability to prevent a unit from retreating is also gold and can win games. I don't think you need the Crimson Crown on him though, as I've found I'm only really needing to use it once or twice a game, and for that I'd rather have an item like the Amberglaive on the Insensate Rage thirster. As for Skarbrand, the guy is just fun. Again, he hasn't faced shooting, and at 400 points he probably isn't quite worth it, but when he goes off it is a sight to behold. He isn't tricksy, he's just a bulldozer of rage that is awesome to watch go off when he does go off. Plus rolling a 6 for Carnage just brightens my day.
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