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  1. Ghostwriter


    Makes sense ! I should've been more careful with the readings ! Thanks !
  2. Ghostwriter


    Will it just be 4+ unrendable and a 3+ save against weapons with no rend ? And 3+unrendable with a 2+ against weapons with no rend, if having mystic shield ?
  3. Ghostwriter


    In the death faq it says ; "Q: If Neferata casts Dark Mist on a unit of Blood Knights, do they get +1 to their save against all attacks? A: No." Does this really mean that bloodknights aren't going from a 4+ to a 3+ unrendable save ? Because what then is the effect of Dark Mist on a unit of bloodknights other than gaining the ability to fly ? And another question; Will you be forced to take the necromancer on a nightmare from the compendium if you want a mounted necromancer? His pointcost is different and his spell too.