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  1. Completely missed the on-sale date and for the first year ever I'm not on the initial RAW list..... AHHHH! Guys - a super well done from Anubis. You've smashed it out the park to sell out so quickly and already have a strong reserve list. I've sent my deposit over to be added to the list. I'll take any side going
  2. Untimention

    RAW17 - Critique

    RAW for me is now my 1 AOS event for the year and the only AOS gaming I'll be getting in so I'm looking forward to RAW18 being announced. For next year I'd love to see - TO's being more involved in the games - Explanation of the missions from the TO's before we start.... lots of people played missions/ rules differently over the weekend interpreting the pack differently - It would be nice to publish the final score standings for all attendees so they can see how they stood overall - Understand gaming scores aren't the focus and getting 1 draw and 3 losses, it wouldn't of affected me but I think it could rank a little higher Great things from this year include: - Monstrous Arena - I'd love to see this return in some form next year even if it means just bringing a contender - Best games for me were skirmish and T&T
  3. As I've done 0 painting and panic is setting in I thought I'd write my totally original backstory. Simon Roberts (Warloft) @jimbo9jimbo Skaven. Skaven have existed far longer than the realms we know today. They go by many names. Dave, Carl, Paul, Mike. Oh, that one is Brian He's an idiot. They're all different, but they all share the same goal. To serve the most despicable master they could find and rule over the 9 realms. Making their master happy was the clan's very reason for existence. But that's not to say that they didn't have other passions. Finding a boss was easy. But keeping a boss alive, therein lies the problem. Nope, it wasn't easy for these guys. But they never gave up. With the emergence of the Old World came the rise of a new species. Man was very different from the Orcs or Ogres He was shorter, hairier, and way, way smarter. The Skaven took an instant liking to man, and helped him the best they could. Oh, no, no. Poor man. So trusting, so fragile. So, so delicious! But alas... all was seemingly lost from the time that was. But all was not lost! for one Skaven had a plan. His name was Kevin. He was excited to share his idea with the clan. He'd been preparing for days, weeks, months. But now he was ready. Ratties! We need some warpstone yes yes Well to get some we need to go big game hunting!
  4. Hunter/ Leviathan are additional... expect BIG things for the monster
  5. Good morning RAW17 group, Man - life seems to have got in the way of things big time recently. Unexpectedly my wife and I are now fostering one of her nieces (having no kids of our own) so yeah.... I see what people mean now about hobby taking a big hit when kids appear! At one point I was thinking I might have to jump ship but I've done everything in my power to ensure I stay committed. I've printed the pack off this morning and ordered my costume off Amazon.... I've also got a game planned in for tonight to try my list out as I've not played AOS properly since RAW16! Nozard will not be appearing this year but his power will still be felt as his hunger for BIG CREATURES has grown and so he's hired Blitz a mad Skaven Arch Warlock to go big game hunting... but who's really running the shots? My list currently stands at: Arch-Warlock 2 Ratling Gun Weapon Teams 1 Warpfire Thrower 15 Acolytes Doomwheel Lightning Cannon and..... 2 (you heard) Chaos War Mammoths Tiny problem, I've got to paint all the Skaven.... but hay... we all know what deadlines do for pushing out models! Expect to see more in the coming days/ weeks
  6. Ushabti are absolute beasts! The only model I'd add to the list is a Warsphinx for the points
  7. I'm afraid it's not a legal list - 0 battleline
  8. Sorry for the delay - Fluff below In the land of mushrooms beyond the endless forest lives the Aliquam Moonclan. They’re a typical bunch of grots, apart from Nozard whose life will exceed all others and be cast into the book of grudges for eternity. Little is known about Nozard’s past. Stories and rumours have merged to create a raft of clearly exaggerated truths. Some say his mother has always been a troll whereas others say Nozard had her turned into one, due to her cruelty to him as a Grotling…. As for his rather unattractive twin sisters, we will save those stories for another time. One thing’s clear, Nozard by some form of magic or mishap has the ability to communicate with the creatures of all the realms and the bigger the creature, the stronger the bond. Nozard has been on the search however for one particular creature to add to his collection, a squig! These little critters have always fascinated Nozard due to their ability or stupidity to not fall so easily under his control. No one knows why but some say Nozard has always idolised a certain Grot of legend whose name can be heard around campfire “Skarsnik”! Nozard currently sits second in rank and only serves King Warlord Bagunz who’s relied on Nozards ability to control creatures to grow the Aliquam’s clan might. He’s even gone as far as to equip many of his clan with Nozard’s favoured weapon, the infamous Moonclan Net to bring to him more creatures! Bagunz has never feared any other Grot in his clan and has certainly never seen Nozard as a threat due to his rather pathetic frame and laughable attire but what Bagunz has failed to realise is that Nozard has managed to gather support amongst the ranks and a secret stash of shrooms that have given Nozard forsight into the future…. All he needs now is the reincarnation of Gobbla, then Bagunz will be cast into the history books and the rise of Nozard shall begin!
  9. @HobbyHammer Hey buddy.... I'd welcome a game with you if the facilities allow
  10. Had exactly the same issue, we played it that it was just the punches and kick attacks as this specifically says 'Huskard's punches and kicks' and the buff says the Huskard's melee weapons
  11. email is sp_roberts@hotmail.co.uk Hoping you got the list submission I sent yesterday
  12. Hi guys, I also missed the email/ can I have mine resent although I got a friend to send this particular email to me. Just submitted my list based on all the updates... can't wait!
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