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Blog Entries posted by Moldek

  1. Moldek
    Here is the first mini of my project. It's not GW, actually it's just a toy farm animal but I think it sets the tone of this project quite well; this is not about gigantic hordes fighting high stakes battles for control of the realms. This is about skirmishes on the fringe of civilization, mutants raiding small farms, corrupted cattle, and all that "aesthetic of the pathetic" I keep hearing about!

  2. Moldek
    Even before the Realmgate collapsed, there was an air of defeat, an atmosphere of fear to this region. The bloody wars of yore left the valleys filled with bones and broken metal, blood washed away by the rains. Gigantic skeletons slowly turn to stone while moss and shrubs cover the ruins. Not many newcomers venture on the old road, and the sparse hamlets are half empty.
    There are tales of old magic of course, and creatures grim and faceless that dwell in dark places. Who knows what corrupted warlock, what ancient daemon crawled amidst cadavers after the slaughter, half mad with fright and hatred, and slithered into some cavern to bid his time? Who knows what might still be waiting, slowly spreading its malevolent will, proding for weak minds and lost souls?
    Anselme Gartilius, A scribe's voyage into the lost Baronies 
    Well, I guess the warband is done! There are a lot of things that I'd want to do differently but given my current skill level, I feel I'd better get a few more projects under my belt rather than dragging this one out.
    I still have to paint the bases and I'll leave this sorry bunch be. I have a lot of ideas for this setting. The next step : I am going to get my hands on my brother's old (circa 2004) chaos warrior army, and bring it to aos. So my future includes a lot of rebasing, stripping and airbrushing. The idea is to paint all these OOP warriors as very rusty lost souls, survivors of ancient wars left wandering in this desolate mountainous region.
    More on that later, for the moment I'll leave you with some pictures. I tried to make some clean light box photos but I still need to progress on that front  . As usual all comments are welcome!

  3. Moldek
    In the shadows of broken peaks, grim beings lie in wait,
    Carrion eaters, madmen, freaks, creeping beneath the gate
    - excerpt from "Songs and tales of the Mountains" by Armont de Carnesec
    So I've been slowly but surely working on my warband. I wanted to wait until everything was perfect but I think it's a good time to take a step back
    and show what I have so far, all very WIP of course. Most models are at 90%, I have some detail work to do one some of them, maybe go over the whole band to make sure they look coherent, and of course painting the bases.

    The Necromant

    I don't have a good name for this guy yet, he is the leader of my warband and a sorcerer devoted to the minor chaos god Moldek.
    The rest of the warband is the various followers he managed to gather around him, driven mad by his god.

    The Shell-daemon

    This guy is a demon of Moldek, hidden inside a shell, trapping anything he can inside it. I still have a bit of work on the tentacles and skin.

    The Deserter

    I just started base coating this one, he used to be a proud warrior until something on a battlefield broke him and he ran, and the parasitic influence of Moldek took hold of him as he hid deep in the forest.

    I am also working on some terrain, a Garden of Morr kit and some rocks. I want to have pine trees, but the bottle brush ones I bought look really cheap. I'm currently trying to cover one in flock, not sure if it's gonna work or not...

    Here is a shot of the full warband in its current state :

  4. Moldek
    As the path crossed a small clearing, Harek stopped and turned to look behind him. The forest was quiet. Just the dripping tune of a hidden creek down in the depth of the valley, and up in the peaks, the wind howling. Yet he felt watched. Maybe the darkness was getting to him. Barely any light passed through the thick canopy of the giant pines. was something moving behind that tree? Just a bark-snail leeching off a rotten stump...
    with slightly unsteady hands he made the sign of the traveller's blessing, as much to calm himself as to ward off any evil spirits. The village should only be a few hours away now. Soon he'd be by a hot fire with a cold ale, and forget about that bloody Pale Eyes grove. He adjusted his pack and began walking again.
    Silence returned in the small clearing. 
    A shape slithered from old roots, bleak limbs briefly gleaming in the weak light, and disappeared again in the shadows along the path.
    Pale eyes faded in the dark.
    Stalkers like this one are the half-mad slaves of Moldek, the Fear-God. A lifetime ago they caved in to absolute terror, maybe running from cruel marauders, stuck down a dark cliff with a broken leg, or simply devoured by their inner demons. Moldek called to them, led them to a hiding place, a burrow, damp and dark. He let them cower while he whispered inside their minds, his snails climbing over their huddled bodies.
    They haunt the darkest reaches of the forest in small packs or alone, looking for carrion or easy prey to feed off of. Sometimes they'll venture into farms or hamlets at night, to take a child or slaughter some cattle.
    In their dark caves, they whisper in a grotesque shadow of their former language, tormented by unseen terrors, while the leech-snails come to feed.

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