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  1. Honestly I don’t get how people react so negatively to this news. How is more options so bad? Why worry so much about people ditching AoS in at least 3 years? That’s 3 years of games you could be having, that’s enough for anyone to build and play an army and have fun with your friends. It’s crazy to me how much complaining about the past (Fantasy sucked, GW let it sink), the present (AoS sucked, is pay to win, is unbalanced) and the future (Fantasy will suck, AoS will be destroyed, we can’t do anything while we don’t know how it will be) goes on at the same time. Where are the people who are just having fun with it? I understand everyone’s venting, and to be clear that’s also what I’m doing 😅 But yeah, it baffles me how such a vague and (to me) pretty positive announcement turns into doomsaying so quickly...
  2. @Cèsar de Quart ugh don’t get me started on the translations 🙄 I swear they randomly choose what to translate or not. And I have read sentences in white dwarfs and rulebooks that are clearly word for word translations of the english sentence, they make no sense.
  3. Totally agree; I’ve lost count on the number of times I’ve read people lamenting the lack of communication from GW, or the sudden new releases that triggered fear of missing out, or the lack of visibility in their release schedule, or that they don’t listen to the community... Announcing this early allows them to gauge reactions, anticipate pitfalls, see what people want / fear... they’re listening to us. I also don’t believe it’s a cynical cash grab. Sure they have determined it should be financially viable before deciding to invest millions into it; but I have zero doubt that it will be a labor of love for the designers, writers and artists involved. They are as nerdy as we are Finally I agree that a « historical » approach focusing on different periods of warhammer history would be the most interesting and easy to add to.
  4. What I’m really hoping for is that they build up to a huge campaign in AoS while the old world release is approaching. In the end, Sigmar himself takes down Archaon and rips out his heart. This sacrifice gives him the power to accomplish what has been his plan all along ; the 9 realms turn into a maelstrom of magic energy, then collapse into a single planet. Years pass as the various gods wake up and their people develop their civilizations. Then they reveal that all support for AoS is dropped: there’s a new edition, warhammer Old World. With that classic rank and file, square bases vibe that everyone loves, and no more new factions... let’s do it. Let’s go full circle. 😂
  5. @Shankelton you make some good points. The different bases is really something that has the potential to cause trouble, they better cover all their... hmmm... bases. I don’t know what the rules and models will look like, but one thing is sure: there will be salt. So much salt...
  6. I was just now checking if it had already been posted lol. Talk about a surprise! I’m honestly blown away by how much stuff GW is putting out these days. Marketing considerations aside, I think this shows that a lot of people in the studio grew up on warhammer and that there was no lack of enthusiasm to start something like this. I wonder what the game will be like. The parallels to 30k suggest a big army battle game, and I’m sure they will try to recreate the feel of the ranked manoeuvers of warhammer fantasy. Wonder if some armies will stay playable in both formats. A lot of AoS armies would still fit right back into the old world. Maybe... I dare not say it... maybe Brettonia and Tomb Kings will come back? Now the wait begins 🙂
  7. Early concept sketch leaked! the Carrotsprout Harvester is the first glimpse at a new faction, the Plainsimple Realfolks, who focus on the more mundane and down to earth aspects of people from the Mortal Realms.
  8. I kinda agree with both sides personally. I agree that most names are not too bad, as I don't see a lot of difference between Vandus Hammerhand and Thorin Oakenshield. Some names just don't sound really cool, but we can't expect every hit to be a home run. Here's my main issue : It's not the quality, it's the quantity. For instance : "my Stormcast shoot their crossbows at your grot cavalry, then charge the giant Troggoth" is a fine sentence, perfectly functional. Now let's try "my Castigators shoot their Thunderhead Greatbows at your Boingrot Bounders, then charge the Dankhold Troggboss". Already I'm getting a slight headache... Everything is named and after a while it starts to sound stupid. The names don't stand out, because in AoS, Duardin Ironbreakers drink Fyreale from Thundermugs, sitting on their Shadestool in the Hammerpub. There's no peasants, only Carrotsprout Harvesters. The old lady next door is called Callistha Soulspike. My cat is actually a Felinox Swiftclaw... You get my point I understand why they do it but there's some overload here. I honestly don't remember the name of half my minis.
  9. @soak314 sounds like a really cool idea, your players are lucky! I like the concept of permadeath, actually just today I was thinking about a "survival" Warcry campaign where you start with a full 20 guys roster, but can never replenish, and the odds of death are a bit higher... but I digress. Aren't you worried that some warbands may be more hurt than others? Like Stormcast for instance have a lot of wounds, so they could tank a lot of damage and come out intact whereas a more fragile warband will have several dead for the same damage received. Maybe have the wounds lost carry over the next round, rounding up to ten : that way a 20-wounds model that ends the game with 3 wounds left will start the next with only 10 wounds, but a 10 wounds model will always start a game with his full health. That might be a lot of book keeping though. I think the idea of having dead players controlling monsters is really cool, I'm not so sure about them being really OP though. If I got eliminated that way, I think I'd feel frustrated; it kind of takes the focus off of the 2 players still fighting for survival and puts it on the huge monster. Maybe you could have different tiers of monsters : round 1-2 the dead players only get furies, hounds and raptoryxes ; turns 3-4, you have your razorgors, mercenaries that join in, and on the last round it's full on monster mash? This way you keep ramping up the pressure. All in all, I think the key will be to make it possible (if unlikely) that a warband could get to round 5; if 80% of players are wiped out in the first couple of rounds that may put a damper on things... Just a couple of thoughts, I hope you'll keep us posted on this event.
  10. You could simply have the territory not give advantages - for instance you need to hold 12 territories to win. Or you make them give very small bonuses, like +15 pts in your army per territory, or a re-roll per game if you have more territory than your opponent.
  11. I think the llama has great potential, with a creepier paintjob and possibly a face swap. I wish they didn’t give him armour though, a bit too much in my opinion. I wonder if the ogroids will slowly replace bullgors in the fluff? I agree that it’s weird that they would create an entirely different race of horned, hooved giant monsters... Given the size of these lads I’d expect them to be similar to the other monsters; you can have one on your roster once you’ve beat him. Gotta be pretty expensive points wise...
  12. @Eldarain that seems to be a common problem. Between people who can’t pass up an opportunity to cheese and people who just happen to be good at list building / tactics... Do you know at least 1 or 2 players that share your approach? I think you could probably start with just people you know will have a healthy attitude and go from there 🤔 To be honest I’m not the most experienced when it comes to all that, I mostly tend to convert my non-wargaming relatives. They usually have a pure mind, untouched by cheese and aware that it’s a game of pretty toy soldiers.
  13. See to me at least that’s almost a positive. Probably not what GW intended... I find stacks of unpainted sprue to be pretty depressing, but the prices make it easier for me to restrain from impulse purchases and « earn » them by painting enough models before...
  14. It’s probably a bit out of the scope but I guess if you set your game in the mortal realms it could work. Or really just do it and we’ll see if it’s a problem; it’s not like this is the main hub of the forum 😂
  15. So we have an ogroid warrior and an hypnotic lama-horse. What do you think guys?
  16. @VBS very interesting, especially the skirmish game. I’d love to see your system. Maybe we should make a game design thread!
  17. @Beastmaster asymetric battleplans are a great idea, and I think a great way to emphasize the interest of narrative. For instance if one player has a smaller force and must try to defend their territory for as long as possible, while their opponent can respawn their units. The defender already knows he’s going to « lose », but there can still be tense and tactical moments. Fighting environments like tunnels can be a great way to add some flavor to a battle too. I’ll definitely check out border town burning! @Tropical Ghost General Your narrative night sounds super cool. The opportunity to play weird lists or models that wouldn’t perform well in competitive play is really nice. I think it’s cool to take some of the pressure off of having only super efficient units, and being able to play with your cool toys. I want to see silver towers heroes vs 1000 pts of clanrats haha. I’ve always liked smaller battles, I feel that a 500 - 1000 pts army can more easily feel like « your dudes »...
  18. @EccentricCircle those are all great ideas! It does seem like a lot of commitment, and a lot of work for you. Maybe you could start with a very light core and build it up as the people you game with get into it? For instance write a custom scenario where 2 armies come upon each other in the ruins near a realmgate, and are attacked by a npc faction (played by you). Have a couple of secret objectives for each player maybe. Just get the ball rolling and build on what the players like. I think with narrative there’s a balance to find between having solid « systems » and emerging narrative. Your opponents might get into it more if it starts as a normal game or campaign with a story. They get attached to their characters, rivalries form, then you reveal an awesome campaign map... I’ll be in my bunk.
  19. @EccentricCircle that’s so cool. I think goblins are the only faction where I like all the models, no matter the era. For a generic fantasy creature, warhammer goblins actually have always had a strong and consistent identity. On other news, this whole discussion inspired me to start a thread in the hopes of reviving (reforging?) the narrative / open subforum. Let’s make ourselves heard! After all we’re supposed to be the talkative ones! @JPjr @VBS I’m counting on you (and everyone else of course, this is not some old boys’ club...)
  20. Hey everyone, There was an interesting discussion on the general hobby chatter thread. Basically people mentioned the general feeling that competitive play is the most visible side of AoS (on this forum and most other places) and seen by a lot of players as the only « right » way to play Warhammer. Rather than whining and bitching about this, there is another way. We need to talk about it. We need to get threads on the home page. We need to share and discuss and comment. We need to get the word out! So here is a topic to freely discuss anything narrative / open play related. Obviously we can create topics about our ongoing projects and so on, but this one can be the hub where we share half-assed ideas, ask quick feedback on scenarios, explain our newest houserule or daydream about the hobby. I’ll start : due to lack of opponents I’m not really playing AoS proper right now, but I am really into warcry. In a couple of weeks I’ll be flying to spain to have a one-day mini campaign with an awesome painter / converter. I am writing the scenarios and converting an undead warband; I’ll definitely post more about it as the deadline approaches... So what’s going on with you?
  21. Well if a couple of you are interested, I’m down to commit to posting regularly on the narrative subforum. Let’s make it happen
  22. @JPjr I totally agree once again. Too bad we’re not neighbours as I think you and some of the people on this thread could form a gaming group tailored to my tastes I also agree with @michu that your (awesome) game mode idea won’t probably clear up any confusion. To some people hearing « narrative AoS » is like hearing « narrative poker » or « freeform boxing ». It just clashes completely with what the point of the game is to them. The only thing to do is for narrative players to stay active in communities, share our vision and remind people that it’s not all competitive. @Pariah I haven’t worked much with balsa, but I’d advise either a mix of pva and acrylic craftpaint as a basecoat, or just seal with pva if you want to spray the base color. Although you should check other sources too! @JPjr the terrain looks cool, I actually bought a halloween decoration with the same idea
  23. Completely agree with you. I think especially video games are a big influence. I don't think expectations should be the same because physically playing with actual people is very different than being connected to a worldwide community that is all on the same playing field, constantly updated by the publisher. I also think the internet skews our perception of what's going on in the hobby, since you don't hear about all the people playing a campaign with their friends in their garage or small clubs having their houseruled tournaments. I do think we need clear and usable rules out of the box, but I also find that a lot of people completely dismiss the idea of using the game as a toolbox to be "not real warhammer" 🙄
  24. @VBS @JPjr I've found my people I totally agree that the "top down" approach has really taken off, personnally I'm not a big fan of it. It seems like a bunch of people at games workshop are trying to remind people as much as possible that they can have fun and do whatever they want. But there's a weird dichotomy too because of the lack of DIY features in White Dwarf and official books, pictures with 99% official terrain and such. Probably a mix of their commercial strategy and actual expectations from lots of players to have an official line on everything. With internet the communities are less local and people do have that McDonald's expectation of finding the same game everywhere. That said the internet also helps connecting with AoS28 communities and such, that are all about personalizing. Regarding terrain, I completely agree that plastic terrain on battlemats look very sterile. Just a bit of basing can do so much to blend everything in! @VBS if you want some good DIY resources I suggest youtube channels like Mel the terrain tutor or Miscast Terrain. Whereas building your own terrain used to be the norm, it's more like an extra hobby now. But there's still a lot going on @relic456 I see we have different expectations and that's cool. I hope AoS can stay that weird cross between international fast food and home cooked burgers haha. I actually wish that GW would give more examples of house rules and such to give Narrative / Open Play the same legitimacy and inspire players interested in that approach.
  25. Do you use any house rules? What scenarios do you play? If they keep warcry as the small skirmish option maybe they could take the meeting engagement approach and create an AoS mode balanced around something like 500 points? Enough for the core rules to work but a lower cost of entry for new players
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