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  1. I will! I did have a few dilbert books growing up, I always liked the weirder side of his comics. cheers. I’m glad you like them, I wanted them to be more like regular comics and not « you have to know the fluff to get the joke » kind of thing
  2. Thanks man! I really wanted to have something that's really warhammer, but at the same time can still be funny to someone who doesn't know the setting.
  3. Thanks, I found the sylvaneth kinda tricky to write for, but forest folk obviously hate littering...
  4. Some of you may remember a couple of comics I posted a while ago! Well one thing led to another, as they say, and today the first season of my comic strip Neverchosen is hitting the web! I though I’d share since this is the main place I go to for AoS discussion. I hope you’ll like them! https://www.warhammer-community.com/neverchosen/
  5. So as mentioned this my not work for you if you have sight issues, but I have found that something like a GW basecoat brush works very well for me 90% of the time. Smaller brushes keep drying off too fast. The main thing is to take good care of the tip so that it stays sharp. Other than that, a large brush for washes and a soft flat one for drybrush make up most of what I use.
  6. I really don’t think this place is a haven for bitter ex players and WFB grave dancers (new undead unit?). I think you’ll find that these types of posts are generally met with pushback; it’s just that the more extreme opinions tend to stick out in our minds. There are only a few agitators looking for conflict /venting. I mostly see people who love both settings and competitive aos players. Personally I do like both settings, and I’m glad they’re bringing back the old world. I hope you’ll come back to posting as moderate people need to be heard lest these kinds of debates turn into pointless flame wars!
  7. I don’t play CoS but I like reading the exchange of point of views here. It does seem like people who wanted to have a easily playable list with an old wfb army have a tougher challenge. I understand why it can suck; on the other hand it’s not a problem specific to AoS since a lot of factions struggled for years with outdated army books, and some units gained or lost power through the editions. Still it feels like with a bit of flexibility you could do some interesting dwarves or empire lists if you try. On the other side I get that it’s frustrating to see people playing « half the army » and complaining that it sucks. There’s so much cool modeling opportunities too for a combined force. Still most people complaining are just venting or a bit emotional about the good old days and it’s not a reason to start thinking of « old world players » as a bunch of sour grapes. Except for a certain frozen goat who seems hell bent on screaming it’s hatred to everyone, in every thread, no matter what response it gets... it’s starting to feel like trolling, sorry, troggothing... to sum it up, let’s all be nice to eachother, also I’m not a mod 😅
  8. The stats seem balanced at a glance, but I feel they look pretty weak compared to what I’d expect a troggoth to be like, especially the fellwater troggoths. In my opinion they should be stronger than a stormcast, at least comparable to an ogor breacher. If I were to design a troggoth warband (which I won’t haha), I’d aim for a cost of around 300 per troggoth, and have some weak squig options to fill it out. So a warband would be 1-3 troggoth and 2-12 squigs.
  9. To be honest I understand that people want to take Warhammer really seriously and thrive to be as good as they can, but it seems like an especially hard choice for a hardcore competitive hobby. Between the buckets of dice, constantly changing rules, huge range of models, ease of cheating etc. I agree the designers should strive to limit the obstacles to competitiveness, but it's important to keep in mind that that's not actually the primary aim of the game. It's designed to be playable by 10 years old and up, with or without the myriad of supplement and faqs, and have a decently fun game with some tactical challenges if you're so inclined. In the case of this archaon rule, clearly it was designed to have that feel of revealing what Archaon saw in the future. It may be clunky but 90% of players will use it in their garage with their friends. I'm sure it could be improved though! Just saying that hardcore tournament play is not the focus of the rules. In my opinion GW games don't really work without a gentlemen's agreement. This impedes competition, but also fosters great social bonds. That's why I'm not too thrilled when I hear people that want to see an e-sports scene, cash prizes and such. If organizers want that kind of competitiveness, the ideal to me would be that they write their own tournament comps and refereeing process. I'd rather the "official" way to play stay friendly. Sorry for going a bit off topic, and of course I understand not everyone will agree with me
  10. Loving all those ideas! Of course Open Play is now the main official way to play. In fact the only way to use points is to use a random points generation table for each unit. About half the scenarios are cooperative, with goals such as restoring the dried up plains of Aqshy through irrigation (IDK and dispossessed) or reaching a constructive compromise regarding the menu of a huge feast (FeC and Sylvaneth). 1v1 scenarios include things like a friendly race (sportsmanship grants double the points) or getting the best spot to set up camp (sharing is caring!).
  11. I’m sure with this new age of prosperity, all their diseases are gone and they’re a bunch of smooth skinned buddhas lol. Although I have trouble picturing the peaceful version of your chaos monstrosities... @The_Dudemeister Nighaunt as gardeners work well, someone’s gotta reap that corn too! Maybe an alliance with the sylvaneth is possible after all.
  12. Silly idea thread... 5 years after blowing up the Old World, GW take another controversial step and reforge AoS into a new kind of miniature game : in the brightness of the nine realms, there is only peace... Hordes of civilians gather and don’t clash, resolving conflicts through bribery, seduction, economic incentives and the power of friendship! What does your army look like in this bizarro game? how does it play? I think I would have a force of gloomspite gitz that would center around holding objectives by staging squigpipe concerts that attract crowds of goblins, while potions and mushrooms dealers rip off the enemy with overpriced junk food and cheap drugs.
  13. I think @Sleboda makes a good point about the spikes. But overall I don’t think it would affect the game that much. The main thing imo would be to set up the terrain before drawing any deployment, twist and victory conditions. That way no player can consciously influence the layout in their advantage.
  14. Moldek

    15 New Warbands

    Actually I think you’re right, GW hate humans. There’s just no other explanation for the lack of normal humans. There’s been some kind of nefarious corruption inside their design studio, and every single employee is driven by a powerful, visceral hatred for the idea of releasing new order human models. This terrible curse takes precedence over any other desire, even thirst and hunger. They’re probably reading your posts right now, relishing in your desperation, groaning with pleasure at the idea of drinking your bitter tears... if only there was a cure!
  15. Maybe you could have them try to loot a realmstone mine, because they need the stone to power their Engines? Or take down a great beast that has swallowed an ancient artefact that would triple their power? Control key geographic features needed for the ritual that will activate the engine? I can keep goinf if you want 😅
  16. Moldek

    15 New Warbands

    That could be the basis of a great 2nd wave / 2nd edition of Warcry that takes the game out of the eight points. Have the narrative center around the quest for hidden realmgates for instance. Release 8 new warbands that are a non chaos reflection of the warcry ones. Alchemists from Chamon, trappers from Ghur, Azyr explorers...
  17. Well I’d love if they’d leave some room for some less « shouty » stuff in AoS, since I think a good range needs some contrasts. Even in fantasy there was a lot of over the top stuff, it wasn’t all filthy peasants lol
  18. Nice! If anyone has the ruin of osgiliath and the warcry / azyrite ruins set I’d love to see those side by side too
  19. If they do reinforce the grimdark aesthetic, I hope that means we’ll get more models without exaggerated muscles. One can hope at least 🙂
  20. Moldek

    15 New Warbands

    I'm glad they're bringing most of aos armies into warcry, I hope this will sustain the game's popularity if most people can play their minis. @madmac I agree about the sacrosanct chamber. You could easily make a warband (above 1000 pts even!) out of the 2 existing easy to build kits, which would be an awesome starting point for new players. Vanguards made sense thematically but I don't really like their style; plus if they can fit IDK in the eightpoints, sacrosanct shouldn't be a problem... I've been using sacrosanct models anyways haha. The only downside to me is that the original theme and setting of the game is going to lose some of its strength : if they were going to have all factions anyways, why set it in the eight points instead of shadespire or some other more generic place? It does feel like they started with a chaos skirmish game, and then decided to change it into aos killteam mid-development. I'm hoping that as the game grows they add new campaign settings that explore various places in the mortal realms. The system is light enough that's it's easily doable.
  21. @WarbossKurgan I’m well aware of your campaigns and they inspire me a lot! Your kind of campaigning is exactly what I’m into, and one of the reasons I stayed interested in skirmish. I’ll keep an eye out for what you do with warcry, very interested! @Malios you’re absolutely right that mordheim has a lot of problems. Honestly I’ve always loved the after battle sequence more than the actual battle itself haha. I would still play it given the chance, but more as an excuse to use cool scenery and see what the randomness brings @Thomas Lyons and @Vincent Venturella wrote a mordheim ruleset for aos 1 a couple of years ago, I haven’t given it a good read but it looks interesting too : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2wtslxi5wm65li8/AAB6kZliBHc-OiuzxsAyoc3sa?dl=0
  22. Hinterlands is definitely something I want to try at some point. I have actually played a bit with the one page rules system; even came up with a system of special action cards (kind of like the warcry abilities) to make it more cinematic. I used it to play with my girlfriend but we’ve switched focus to warcry for now. It’s a pretty good system, probably better than AoS for people who are not already into the GW mindset.
  23. I have been thinking about it for a while, but I think at some point I will convert the warcry rules for the mordheim setting. Probably mostly count-as of existing warbands to keep a decent balance, with some perma-death and fun injuries tacked on... and of course a table full of warped ruins...
  24. @Beastmaster @The Cranky Dwarf Yeah I’ve seen that the rules don’t really translate well, still I’m sure there’s some way to make it work, either as a more narrative project or by just playing crazy model choices instead of realistic forces. @Greyshadow this sounds like an awesome project! I hope you’ll post some pics. I think I have a similar approach to the hobby as yours. This year I’ce created a narrative about a small force of stormcast facing a ghost insurrection to get my girlfriend into wargaming. We tried a couple of rulesets since AoS was a bit too much for her, and we’ve settled on warcry. I’m also starting a more chaos focused warcry campaign with some relatives. My warband is done and I have a lot of terrain to get to once I have finished the chaotic beasts. Can’t wait to play a fully painted game on a complete table! I still keep an eye on skirmish, in case I can get some AoS friends. It’s definitely not a complete game but could be an interesting toolbox in my opinion...
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