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  1. Great job! Will redirect here all newbies )
  2. You mean that the Black Coach can block line of sight to the Lady? o_O I dont think models can block LoS to each other if they dont have any special rules for this ( like some goblins has )
  3. Hi, could you explain please how the coach can prevent from targeting the Lady? Interesting list, but i can recommend to take Necromancers, The Wanhels on bladeheists or grimgasts looks perfect
  4. Srry i mean in Azyr - app for roster building. Update is already there
  5. Its already updated with LoG allegiance
  6. Hey) Im in progress with such scheme based on the khorne red:
  7. Thx for brainstorming) No -1 to hit/to wont help in this case cause they are doing on unmodified 6s. the main problem for dragons not the damage monks can do, but the mortal wounds they gives back on model killed ( on 6s ) he is moving them 5x40 as a one big front ( also there all painted ) so now im thinking aout heavy magic list or troops spam About heavy magic im thinking about nahash + some spells like sun of shyish, vault of souls and mirror, trying to kill his 3 heroes by hand of dust.
  8. to solve this problem he had verminlord warpspeer and gain autopass battleshock for all units in 23" from him for 1 CP (
  9. HI. thx for advice. I prefer to play LoB or FeC with elite army but seems monk spam is counter matchup for this... Im now thinking about LoN with Nahash Purple Sun + mass spam of undead troops ( 40 chaighast horde, 40 skellies, zombiez and 30 grimghast reapers ). Or arkhan with a chance to destroy a unit of monks that is not under 6+ aura from furnace...
  10. Hi all. Im rather expirienced in death but suddenly get bitten by skaven in my local meta: 200 plague monks, 2 furnaces and verminlord warspeer. Any ideas how to deal with this?) last time i tryed FE gristlegore but 2 GKoTG killed only 60-70 of monks. Olso have NH and LoN armies so gethering any ideas how to beat this list) THx
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