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  1. I haven't yet. I have looked at both of them and thought of some ideas for lists. I do own the the Slaanesh book and thought about some of them, but not as much benefit as much as BoK and MoN.
  2. Hey everyone, I have been playing BoC since the drop of the battletome. And since the release of the book, I have collected quite a few models (almost 3500) points. I am looking for just some different lists to play and was wondering what you would build with my stuff. I have: 6 bray shamans 2 beast lords 1 doombull 2 shaggoths 60 bestigor 40 ungor 30 gor 12 bullgor 10 centigor 1 chariot 1 ghorgon 1 cygor/ ghorgon (magnetized) and for allies: 10 Chaos knights 1 war mammoth
  3. Sorry that this is super late. But I keep seeing people post about windstalker brayherd. What do you mean by this?
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