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  1. Hello all,ArcNitemare here. A bit of backstory about myself.I tried my hand at tabletop wargamming about five years ago when 4e of Warhammer 40k was on the way out but life got in the way and I ended up not getting into it as much as I thought I would.Within the last few months I took an interest in Warhammer Fantasy thanks to Total War Warhammer and while looking up videos of that I happened upon Age of Sigmar battle reports.As I watched more and more battle reports it made me want to dive into the hobby and give it another shot. The Grand Alliance I've always been interested in is Chaos and I've already acquired the Start Collecting box for Slaves to Darkness,as well as a Chaos Lord and another box of Chaos Warriors as I really like the ascetic of the Slaves to Darkness. I look forward to reading the fun posts here and hope everyone has a good day