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  1. Honestly having seen the pro video on wc, and mengels work with them, I'm very interested. I'll be testing them out before buying but I can see them being very useful. As someone who considers themself intermediate to advanced, I see these being very useful. Not so much for doing more grimdark muted work, but standard stuff like my aos schemes will benefit greatly. I hate basecoating. I struggle to get through it to highlighting which I really enjoy. As such this will greatly speed it up. First go will be on looncurse.

  2. 42 minutes ago, Filie said:

    Does this look good? I'm slightly worried that it's a bit too heavy on the RNG with the squig hoppers (go figure, right?) which could be a problem when i try to play objective holding missions and the like, since essentially the army is all hammers. I've also been thinking about switching the madcap shaman for a fungoid cave-shaman, but he can't use gloomspite magic items, so i'm a bit stumped at what to do there.

    My main thought would be that your snufflers aren't going to be in range of the squig hoppers/bounders for long ,and the herds are too small to be worth the buff/survive to reach your foes. Snufflers are best paired with big blobs I reckon. If possible I'd try and amalgamate them, reduce the number of snufflers and try and get a blob of grots in.

  3. Just to say, I believe it was the 6th edition o&g book that mentioned small/juvenile orcs crawl/appear from dung heaps in old orc camps, which reinforces the fungus idea.

    Anyone got any idea of solid initial purchases? I need to test some schemes - usually don't go for the standard but cream robes I've done in the past are time consuming.

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  4. 1 hour ago, HammerOfSigmar said:

    The loobking's warscroll has been releases, pretty powerful. Important message in its CA,  it seems you need to roll for the bad moon to move rather than move as you wish.

    Agreed, I can see him being the primary choice for generals, then the troggboss for themes.

  5. 39 minutes ago, Shankelton said:

    Huge focus on Troggoths, Squigs and grots. The depiction of Gorkamorka was perfect. Not orruk, grot or ogor, but a mirror for all of them. Spiderfang are present, kind of hope they remain their own thing. Having those two as the primary grot factions would be perfect. Forests and caves. Joining together in a battalion or two!

    Considering the art of the army marching featuring moonclan, troggoths, and spiders, I imagine they will be rolled in together. Personally perfect for me, my arachnarok has never seen the table!

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  6. Not including things from my Warhammer fantasy days:


    20 brutes

    10 ardboyz

    3 gruntas

    2 warchanters

    1 weirdnob

    1 megaboss


    Destruction misc:

    1 arachnarok

    1 goblin shaman

    1 fungoid cave shaman

    5 boar Boyz

    5 savage boar boy maniaks

    1 savage boss

    1 orruk warboss with banner



    5 blightkings

    20 plague bearers

    6 nurglings

    3 plague drones

    Horticulous slimux


    10 chaos warriors

    5 marauder horsemen

    Lord of afflictions

    Lord of plagues



    Soul wars + the easy to build sequitors and castigators




  7. 7 hours ago, Biboune said:

    Nice work on the metal; does it take a lot of time to be done? And how do you make the "rust"? I am doing NMM on my last models but it is so long I feel discouraged.

    I don't know if you have finished all the painting on the metal parts but I think in-lighting the spikes on the helmet like the front blade would look nice. May be the armor on the arm holding the spear is a little too dark.

    Thanks. Not too long no, simply blending in my wet pallet between metallics. The weathering was just nihilakh oxide and nuln oil mix. Also applied nuln oil to shadows which made a big difference dimming the shine of the metallic paint.

    I haven't painted the helmets top spikes as I intend to make them gold. His left arm armour is bright, but the light source is directly above do the shine is on top, as photographed.


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  8. 10 minutes ago, hughwyeth said:

    I didn't know about this. I also thought it was horse tail! They are my favourite brush. Does anyone know how the animals are treated? Is it battery type faming?

    I don't know about anywhere else, but Russian farms are terrible, do not buy anyone's that sources from Eastern Europe. I know Winsor & Newton use tail fur plucked from captured and re-released animals seen as pests.

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