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  1. Not a leak, transcription of everything from warhammer tv yesterday.
  2. I really don't want stormcast to get a wizard. It is nice for them to have something they can't do.
  3. Hey @Kramer and @Kyriakin. First thanks, really enjoying painting up the fungoid, but it's a busy little model! I left these parts on sprue as I didn't want the squig being "absorbed" by sand when I base it, but to sit on top. And the head and staff really limit access, especially to another bottle of fungus on his right hip. Fortunately on the squig, he is attached to the sprue by the underside, so no issue at all. The connections on the face are both when it will be glued on anyway, so I'll actually be scratching the primer off there anyway. For the staff, both points are towards the body so unseen, but I will be dabbing small amounts of brown and a highlight dot if required. Otherwise just be careful with your clippers ?
  4. They unfortunately lost to the maggotkin, though he rolled fantastically on his disgustingly resiliants.
  5. This is the thing for me as well, I would like to see some variant schemes as I really am not sure how to paint them!
  6. I can respect that, but for me, it was very hard to justifiably make up my own faction of a race. It would be like, shoehorning them in to some tiny remote portion of the map GW hadnt already covered.
  7. Finished all the sprue parts.
  8. Yes, simply because it gives unlimited scope to invent narratives, whether they be for a character, army, or campaign.
  9. EDIT: Didn't refresh page, all been said already Super excited for them now, but not sure whether to pull the trigger and grab a box of thralls asap or not! Do seem like they will always be useful, but would like to know their points costs to see if they can be objective holders in 1k.
  10. Will make for a better shielding units as people were mentioning, rending shooting now is no fuss. I believe the other eels will be able to channel the energy into their Lance's for more damage. I don't think any were modelled throwing?
  11. I am the same, but I do like to know they wont be rubbish. Like I wont be grabbing Beasts of Nurgle anytime soon, as coo as they look/
  12. @Circus of Paint Totally agree with you, I believe the unnamed deepmare rider hero will give battleline eels, as it's probably an Akhelian King. Also agree on the Thralls, I think even going pure Idoneth they're going to be near mandatory, as they will be solid bubblewrap for characters and sound like they get synergy with all the wizards. I'll get some, purely because the soulrender is my favourite miniature from them and sounds like a sweet duo.
  13. All we know is he is a generic character, likely an Akhelian King, and makes fangmora eels (maybe one, maybe both) battleline.
  14. Hey, 8 and a half apples will be mouldey in a week, plastic is forever ?
  15. Yeah, it would be nice to give destruction some variety. I still have fun and win with ironjawz, but it is really noticeable now that all their abilities are the next combat phase, or til next hero phase including your opponents. Not keeping their buffs more than their own turn hurts.
  16. Bow fishing is shooting an arrow into water to catch fish, which works like a harpoon. The issue with a bow underwater is the string would be sodden and lose its tension. But hey, I also don't care because magic underwater aelves with harpoon bows! Really tempted to pick up greenstuffworlds chameleon paints and experiment with these guys.
  17. Yeah I'm entirely on board with their heads, they're creepy and monstrous, and also helps makes them look more serval to the helmeted akhelians.
  18. I'll think I'll be giving the dice a miss, I feel like the transparency is a hindrance. Daughters of khaine dice will work fine ?
  19. Hmm, we know the archers are to come so might be them and sharks next? Then soulrender and one of the wizards with the eels/archers, then finally the last wizard, deepmare special character, turtle.
  20. Don't get me wrong, I agree with the sentiment, but to be devils advocate many mixed gender elf/eldar units haven't been hyper sexualised.
  21. If we are talking age of sigmar, they might be the first mixed gender kit. Warhammer fantasy had plenty in the elf ranges, many things in the dark elf 6th edition range were mixed: bolt thrower crew, chariot crew, infantry. And as stated, all eldar ranges have mixed genders in the troop choices; Harlequins, guardians, kabalites, wyches.
  22. Yes, but you would need order battleline. I'm afraid I'm not sure what they are outside of liberators.
  23. Where are you getting the name from? I don't recognise it. What are people thinking for allies? Of course it's all speculation, but I'm thinking daughters of khaine will unfortunately not provide much for them. Thinking darling covens sorceress for the -1 to hit debuff spell could be cool. Just hoping they get most druchii factions.
  24. Unfortunately, due to aos' age, they simply haven't gotten around to fleshing out everyone's lores. Greenskins will likely be along the same lines, remaining asexual. But I know what you mean, I find it important to think that a greenskins motivation is very different from other races. Namely that they don't have offspring, or offspring they care about. As such everything is self serving with no care for future generations. Even so, it doesn't mean they are cut and dry as just wanting a scrap. Fighting is just the easiest means to an end for them, and they probably enjoy it due to their natural talents in violence. Consider the different Ork clans. Stuff like how the bad moons love being utterly wealthy, and the evil sunz just want to go fast. Nothing saying aos greenskins can't have the same drives. I personally have my greenskins headed up by a triumvirate of shamans (moonclan, bonesplitter, ironjawz) in a ruined city of ghur.
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