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  1. My guess is 180 for the new fat men assuming that there is a general point increase in third edition in line with Soulblight and Slaanesh points and in keeping with the latest edition of 40K.
  2. I agree with the several people who have mentioned that the current “shooting meta” issues are much more an “overpowered battletome meta” than any inherent problem with shooting. It is easier to up the points or change the rules on 5-10 units than it is to try to nerf all shooting then fix all the garbage units a blanket nerf would create. At the end of the day I would rather see a wider variety of units see play whether they are shooting or melee. If you just nerf shooting in general you would still see the usual suspects you would just be even more unlikely to see the other 90% of ranged units.
  3. I am going to be running Nagash in Legion of Night with his personal gimp carrying around Morbheg's Claw to boost him to +5 to cast. Will be extra nice with Neferata and if we get old mystic shield back.
  4. Yeah I thought of the old Fiend Factory red goblin/orcs too. I have a few of those including some of the giant tusker mounts. That would be cool if they have something like that as a monstrous mount.
  5. that is why I said broken one way or another. Sylvaneth are too bad. Seraphon and tzeetnch are too good
  6. I like the book and am glad it isn’t 1-3 insane units to spam and a bunch of lesser units in comparison like LRL or IDK nor is it super broken one way or another like seraphon or sylvaneth. Then again I like the slaanesh book alright too so I suppose I have different priorities having played for 4 editions of warhammer. I just like books that have multiple reasonable builds and I feel SbGL provides that.
  7. I would assume any limitations on units would not effect battleline choices. That is how it works in 40K. That way armies with limited unit selection don’t get squeezed as much and conditional battleline is more important.
  8. I predicted the book would have the same author as HoS months ago, aka "bin guy". The authors are just alternating books lol.
  9. I personally love fimir to the extent that I own an entire army worth of 1980s fimir models. If its fimir I would be overjoyed and spend big $$$. If it isn't fimir I highly doubt that it is just "swamp goblins" goblins are simply not a terrifying force of nature like the teaser hinted at and swamp goblins are already pretty established in gloomspite with spider fang and swamp troggoths. I would bet on an entirely new force incorporating fimir but also some kind of greenskins or pseudo-greenskins to bulk the force out. It would make sense from an army composition stand point to not have 2 armies of ogre sized guys in the same grand alliance. If we get fimir as elite/big guys along with some other kind of Celtic myth inspired gremlin things it would gel pretty well and could form a more diverse force. After all fimir had only a handful of units in 3rd edition WHFB. Dirachs, Mearghs, Warlords, Fianna Fimm, and regular fimir warriors if you count what had models and shearls/serfs if you stretch things to stuff that didn't.
  10. I would guesstimate she is about 1.3 times the size of an eidolon of mathlan. Taller and bulkier but I would guess same base size so definitely a center piece model but not a mega sized one.
  11. I hope batswarms make the cut as they are one of my favorite old school vampire units. In favor of them making it I would point to the fact that rat swarms survived the transition to the AOS skaven tome. Also, while they are gone from the webstore for now they are also not listed in the "no longer available" category like the units that we know are being replaced/removed...they are just gone entirely. If I had to guess, I would speculate that they were planning on replacing them with bats from cursed city released in a cursed city expansion on a separate sprue but since they seem to have dropped the idea of expanding cursed city I would assume we will see the same goofy old bats return. I believe if they were dropping bats, mortis engine, and the necromancer that we would have more of an indication of that by now.
  12. Don't tempt me to buy that thousand £ 1980s amazon army on eBay...I already have an army of GW pygmies that I one day will get around to using as cannibalistic pygmy IDK riding crabs
  13. Submitted my response. I like the new slaanesh book a lot compared to the 2019 book as I think it permits a lot more builds but some of the units do have too high of a points cost. I do wonder why you don't inquire about daemon point costs in the survey? I think seeker chariots are fine as BL for god seekers for example but the KoS seems overcosted in the new book since it can't self-cast its CA.
  14. If true I hope they have the pseudo-samurai aesthetic of the old 80s GW hobgoblins. Would suitably AOSify them and be something really unique. The mongol look of the 90s hobgoblins would be cool too. http://www.solegends.com/citboxes2/dl2hobgoblins.htm
  15. Here is my progress so far on my oldhammer hedonites. Fane (citadel Fantasy specials monster mouth arch, one of the first citadel releases!) Shardspeaker (C02) Shardspeaker (C02 “Samantha Phox”) Lord of Pain (Fiend factory Amazon later C01) First unit of Twinsouls (fantasy specials dungeon torturess version 1 and 2 replaced the champions missing flail with a whip from a hellstrider) Twinsoul egopomp Twinsoul trooper need to finish the fane and base the others.
  16. I still don't know if the points are "off" or not for HoS. The rules for DoK were written some time before those for HoS assumedly given that the army was supposed to have released some time before HoS. I also wouldn't be so sure that the "new" lumineth rules weren't written at the same time as the old lumineth stuff. It is possible that the point disparities are the result of 2 writers, but I still think it may just as likely be due to a shift in design philosophy/point costing owing to the impending release of 3rd edition. I think we won't know for sure until the release of the army after Soulblight. If it is simply a case of 2 writers alternating for books it goes SoB-DoK-HoS-LRL which fits the pattern of points being high then low then high, etc. With this in mind Soulblight should have similar costs to SoB and HoS. If HoS have higher points to fit a new scheme for 3rd edition we will also see similar points in Soulblight. I think that SoB and HoS are quite close to each other in power for points and both books have put up the kind of 4-1 results expected from balanced but not overpowering books. If Soulblight end up much lower in points than HoS and closer to DoK we know that there is neither a new point scheme nor a strict alternation of battle tome authorship. If Soulbight end up close to SoB/HoS as I predict they will we still won't know if it is alternating writers or a new pointing scheme until the next battle tome after theirs.
  17. based on the release timing I guess bin guy although I could be wrong as who knows when they actually wrote the rules for the Lumineth stuff. I don't care either way. If anything I feel that "bin" guy internally balances his books better.
  18. wish those guys weren't so expensive or I would run an army of them as Blisterskin FEC lol
  19. I plan on getting my oldhammer Slaanesh mortals done this month. I have already started on some of them but in all that will be: Fane of Slaanesh 3 Lords of Pain 3 Shardspeakers 15 Twinsouls in 3 units of 5 with champs ran as faultless blades pretenders with a nobles of excess and 3 supreme sybarite battalions (of 1 model each lol) for extra artifacts and CP that is 2000 on the nose. Next month I will need to paint my demons for summoning.
  20. They count as multiple leaders is my understanding.
  21. I actually think he will either come with a new BT or a WD spruce up of the existing BT. Morathi had no new units. Teclis only new units are the new lumineth stuff and those units are only in BR teclis as a way to get the rules without needing the new BT so as to not annoy people who bought the last BT less than a year ago. Belakor is next for BR and I doubt it will have “new” units aside from new rules to go with belakor’s upgraded model. Kragnos is probably the final BR book if AOS 3 is really going to release this summer or fall and seems to be some kind of destruction or chaos teaser more than anything. With Nagash temporarily dealt with, ending the AOS 2 soul wars narrative, and the new Soulblight BT coming for death as a major release I really doubt that Nighthaunt will feature in the narrative soon. Given that nighthaunt are one of the oldest BTs it would make sense to get a new book later this year if AOS 3 launches. When nighthaunt get a new book I don’t think it will come with many new units, possibly only the one, as the whole range is really new still. As other folks have pointed out what NH really need are better allegiance abilities. I for one think it is also a given that a new BT will contain sub factions as NH are the last army in the game that does not have them.
  22. But why? They are supposed to be lone agents in the lore it makes no sense for a bunch of them to hang out together.
  23. I am thinking about running this. Just for fun I think, but maybe could be alright. Helon Teclis Wind Mage General Seviroth Spirit of the Wind 3X5 Hurakan Windchargers Geminids Hurakan Battalion with wind chargers, seviroth, and windmage Would be nice verses certain armies but has a sad day against KO or regular LRL lists
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