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  1. Am I alone in thinking the cow spirits are the best lumineth models? I honestly was not interested in the release at all until they were revealed. The hammerers are pretty cool too. The basic troops just seem like nothing new to me and not very distinct from high elves from old WHFB. I am personally very glad this faction is not just shaping up to be a rerelease of high elves.
  2. Quick question about the Mortek Guard box. Does it come with 2 standard bearers, 2 champions, and 2 big sword guys? or just one of each?
  3. They put out an errata to the core rules for matched play that battle line behemoths don't count towards the behemoth limit.
  4. I am thinking of trying this out for a hosts arcanum army Fateskimmer Fateskimmer Fateskimmer Fateskimmer Fateskimmer Fateskimmer 12 Screamers 12 Screamers 12 Screamers Aether Eater Host 1 extra command point Its one drop, everything flies, and all the fateskimmers get to heal off of the free unbinds.
  5. I also use hobbit goblins as ghouls. I love their deformed shriveled look. Never met anyone who had a problem with it.
  6. The doom wheel disappeared from the skaven army for almost a decade from after 5th edition to the very end of 7th edition. Who know if and when the mortar will be back.
  7. But it has a pitched battle point cost. I don't see why it would not be legal in matched play therefore.
  8. It is true that the throne isn't great if you don't have a GK on foot or arch regent since it doesn't work with the mounted GK's command abilities.
  9. Honestly, nighthaunt have multiple viable builds. Most people considered the UK masters list very atypical although I expect to see copycats after this. Common points of successful nighthaunt lists IMHO are making good use of synergies between units and taking one or two battalions.
  10. Search yeti on the Reaper miniatures site. They have several plastic Bones series models that would work fine as yetis.
  11. Also helps censer bearers if they are not near monks
  12. I think Skyre is a kind of Icelandic yogurt.
  13. I want wildwoods to be limited to the one you set up at the beginning and for the army to change accordingly to maintain balance. I refuse to spam woods all over. I know I guy who owns 18 woods just to play this army in case he needs that many in a game. The woods are annoying as hell to play against and hardly anyone plays them right with the trees actually in place. People just run empty bases and charge giant stuff right though them without needing to move around/over the trees. Sylvaneth were the first army I played in AOS but I haven't touched them in awhile because of the wildwood rules.
  14. 1. The Mortis engine is unfortunately not an ally option for nighthaunt. 2. I run Kurdos in my 2k list. I think he, along with the other non-buff centric characters like cairn wraiths etc. get left out of many lists in favor of support characters. Nighthaunt lists tend to be character heavy as is. That isn’t to say those characters aren’t good, it is just a preference thing.
  15. The new battle tome includes "Nurgle" as ally option for an army with the Pestilens allegiance. I am not talking about the old battle tome. If the "all units must be clan X" includes your 1/4 ally points it prevents Pestilense from being able to take allies, which they are clearly supposed to be able to take since it is spelled out in the battle tome that they have Nurgle as an ally. My guess is that this will be resolved either day one with the designers commentary or soon thereafter with an FAQ/Errata. The FEC battle tome has a similar head scratcher as it has an item which is Courtier only that allows courtiers to use a command ability "on their warscroll" without spending a command point...trouble is that no courtiers have a command ability on their war scroll. On the other hand, all FEC characters share the feeding frenzy command ability so it is clear that the intent of the item is to allow a courtier to use feeding frenzy without spending a command point. A similar editorial mix up happened when GHB 2018 came out with incorrect point values for a handful of Idoneth Deepkin units and a more recent one was in the Gloomspite Gets book where no # of models was listed for how many fanatics you get in Path to Glory.
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