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  1. Oof, yeah you're right sorry. I misinterpreted what it said at the start of the paragraph, thought that was a stormcast position or something but it looks like I was wrong. No chaos stormcast yet (and hopefully it'll stay that way).
  2. Technically they already exist in the lore. Nurgle forces captured and tossed a stormcast in a filth pit for 77 days or something and when he came out he was a fully corrupted follower of Nurgle. The stormcast frantically chased him down, killed him, and gradually purged his soul of corruption afterwards, but the lore had its first? official chaos stormcast. With the Be'lakor thing I think there are large groups of stormcast that can't return to Azyr easily right? I could definitely see GW write them as becoming more and more corrupted the longer they stay in the mortal realms... but yeah I agree we really don't need a chaos stomcast faction. The less comparisons they have to marines the better.
  3. Blades of khorne was the best designed book in all of AOS 2. The repeated and inexplicable buffs to the blooodthirsters and subsequent loss of battalions have essentially ruined it, but at it's core it represents the pinnacle of army book design. I grieve with the knowledge that we will likely never see another book to match it again.
  4. I haven't tried them yet but based on pure theory I don't think they're going to be too great. In 2nd you could go for 6 crusher units to maximize your mortal wounds, but in 3rd you'll suffer from serious coherency issues once you go over 5 models. Combined with all of their weapons being 1" (seriously, why are bloodglaives not 2"?) you're generally going to want to run 3 man units, and at that size you're never really going to do a ton of damage. They're excellent tanks when you give them a +1 to their save, but you can only do that on 2 units (3 if you have a wizard and you can cast mystic shield), so all the extra units will 'only' have a 3+. On the other hand they do count as 2 models each for objectives and you could run just a bunch of 3 man units to snag objectives and be obnoxious to remove. Maybe 6 units backed up by Skarbrand and a wrath of khorne bloodthirster in reapers of vengeance could work? Or if you went with 5 units where one is 6 skullcrushers you could fit most of the list into a battle regiment. If you do give them a shot let us know how it goes, I'd love to have an excuse to pick up a few more boxes of them haha.
  5. Great point as I've painted both of these recently. I picked up some necrons last year and had a great time painting them. Simple models but striking when painted and lined up together. I continued the collection and have a decent sized force now despite never really playing 40k simply because they were so easy to work with. Death guard on the other hand were bought to play kill team. I've loved painting them as well and they're amazing models, but the poxwalkers in particular convinced me I never want to buy a full death guard army. So much detail and complexity in what are supposed to be simple cheap chaff. Hours to paint the equivalent of a goblin expanded out to 60 or so for a typical army... No thanks man. They're beautiful but I'm good with just one box.
  6. The worst unit for detail I've had the displeasure of painting is Myari's Purifiers from Underworlds. I've been staring at them for weeks trying to come up with an alternate scheme and I keep finding more little details and bits/bobs that frustrate me to no end. Doesn't help that I just don't like the lumineth aesthetic either. There is definitely something to be said for model simplicity. It's one of the things I appreciated about warmachine/hordes when I played it for a few years. The larger, flatter spaces were a breath of fresh air coming from 40k and I felt they gave me a lot more room to improve my painting skills instead of just my attention to detail. I think the largest jump in the quality of my paint jobs happened during my time with those games.
  7. Since it seems pretty likely that we get a book sometime soon I've been mulling over the future of Nurgle. I've been really fighting the urge to go on a spending spree lately because there's so much uncertainty with a new book, but I thought maybe we can figure out at least a little of what's coming based on what we've seen from the new 3rd edition books. These are my thoughts so far: 1. Warscroll command abilities are likely to get removed and replaced with an enhancement list of once per game options. This will likely have pretty huge ramifications as the Great Unclean One, Glottkin, and Harbinger all have excellent abilities. I wouldn't be surprised to see them move to the list of once per game abilities, but losing them on the Glottkin and Harbinger in particular will massively affect the viability of those models. I assume their stats will get tuned up or cost decreased significantly, it's hard to see how they'd be viable without a full rework. 2. Artifact and command trait lists will be trimmed down significantly. I can't see this being a problem as there were only 2-3 viable from each list to begin with. Hopefully the witherstave makes it through the transition. 3. Sub factions will be trimmed down to a simple ability with no artifact or command trait. This could be the most problematic as we seem to be crutching pretty hard on Munificent Wanderers right now, with One Last Gift being particularly important. It's possible that could shift over to the main ability for the sub faction, but I'm still worried. 4. This one is less concrete, but based on the trend with stormcast we may see warscrolls being generally simplified and made a little more lethal. Rend 1 on blight kings seems like a near guarantee to me, and we could easily see the loss of Virulent Discharge in exchange for simpler/more consistent healing. Daemons could also lose their individual locus abilities in exchange for a universal one similar to other chaos books. 5. As always I'd expect a general shakeup in builds/effectiveness. For example the GUO with bell/blade is the default choice, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a nerf to the bell and a massive buff to the combat power of the sword/flail option. Pusgoyle blightlords might see a big buff (maybe they'll be similar to the dragon riders?) while plague drones get a nerf. Maybe the maggoth lords will finally be viable with the addition of the monster keyword and a couple other changes. Does this all sound reasonable? Is there anything glaring I'm missing from the Stormcast/Orc books that might have a significant effect on the faction?
  8. I think others have put it well on the app thread, but to summarize their thoughts it seems to fall into a question of value. Part of the value of the game has always been access to the free resources like warscrolls and the app. With those components being removed, the value of the game itself drops (and the amount it drops is unique to everyone). For most people it won't be enough to give up on the game, it's just another inconvenience that can be worked around. For some that were already unsure about the value of the game it's just the tipping point that makes them decide to move on. It's not overly surprising, there have been a lot of issues recently with GW policy (rapid battletome releases, multiple supplements, extremely erratic balance levels, and the inevitable turmoil that occurs with every edition change) that are bound to make most people question their stance on the game. I don't think it's going to be the thing that makes me quit, but I can certainly see why it's just too much for some. I'm certainly thinking I'll be taking a bit of a break for a while though, just no desire to pick up any new models right now.
  9. Nope, you need to read the abilities. Both specify they only trigger after the unit has fought for the first time, and both say that it allows the unit to fight for a second time (not third). Since you can't trigger either after the unit has fought for the second time in a phase you'll only ever get to fight twice.
  10. Well if we ignore offensive capability completely warriors are 10 points per wound and, assuming shields because why wouldn't you, a 5+ shrug vs mortals. Iron golems are 7.5 points per wound with no shrug but can get a 6+ from the warshrine. I think the two are a lot closer now but warriors do still have a place. They don't need the warshrine to babysit them, and they're going to be easier to fit in the mark of tzeentch bubble (should be a slightly smaller foot print for a comparable amount of wounds). I think the benefit of the golems is the ability to take them in smaller sizes than the warriors and being more flexible on the board.
  11. With his warscroll prayer yeah (although, not the prince since he isn't mortal), but you can still give him a prayer from the khorne book and of course the judgement. Since he can only chant one thing at a time anyway it shouldn't be much of an issue. Turn 1 is the skulls, then turns 2-3 are using the khorne book prayer or putting the skulls back up. Late game he tosses the prayer of undivided from his warscroll on himself and goes to wreck face somewhere with full rerolls. Honestly I'm thinking the axe might actually be worth it. It's moving every hero phase and tossing out 2-3 d3 mortal wounds per turn. If you manage to get it into the back line with support heroes it could shred them pretty quickly. It only pops if you roll a 6 on the roll to check after it finishes moving, so it's pretty likely to stick around for quite a while. It's tough to be sure though, it'll need some play time for sure. The biggest issue is skulls are so valuable that you typically want to take them first, so an axe might dictate that you need a second priest which is extremely hard to justify.
  12. This is the biggest thing, as far as I can tell there is a big uptick in rend available for the warscrolls that are leaking. The worst part about that is it looks like we're heading to a have/have not era where 3rd edition books are fully equipped to deal with all the meta boogymen while the ones with 2nd edition books languish and barely hang on with weird outdated combos. It's been happening in 40k for about a year now and I was really hoping it wouldn't come to AoS.
  13. They did specifically mention core battalions in the announcement, so they should definitely be in there. I'm really curious what they're going to look like since we're not really missing anything like SoB were. It'll be the first real look into what they're planning on for the core battalion system, could be anything from a simple repackage of the existing ones that let you take different combinations (like a warlord battalion that doesn't require any sub commanders but needs 3 troops) to full blown warscroll battalion abilities.
  14. I know this isn't going to be the answer you want, but if your primary issue with the army is you don't like the paint job then I don't think a 24 hour speed paint where you finish everything as fast as possible is the answer. If 20+ years in the hobby has taught me anything it's that anything done well takes time. I'm not saying you need to spend 5 hours a model or anything, but If you want a quality paint job that makes you excited to play then I'd recommend you buckle down and do the work required to get there. I have no air brush experience, but you can cut a few corners with a brush. A solid base coat of skin (a couple thin coats) and a wash of agrax earthshade can look pretty good. Similarly doing your leather with contrast paints can be pretty striking with minimal effort. If I were going to try to paint as quickly as possible I'd try this: base coat everything not metal with a light skin colour and everything metal with a silver metallic. Use one or two brown contrast paints on the areas that aren't going to be skin at the end (since you've base coated them with a flesh tone it won't be as bright as warpseer grey for example, but it will still work), and a different contrast paint over any metal armor you want to colour (contrast over metallics is my favourite use for them, especially a cherry red metallic). Then do a wash of agrax earthshade over all of it and you're more or less done.
  15. Maybe a few warscrolls will get rewrites? I played against a blood knight heavy soulblight army recently and they were pretty much everything I could ever want in heavy cavalry. Give the knights the statline for ensorcelled and +1 damage/-1 rend on the charge, a 3+ save, and if I'm being really greedy the mortal wound ability from ruinbringers. Then make them the same cost as blood knights and I think we'd be rolling.
  16. Haven't heard of a blog or anything for him, but from my own experience in 2nd edition Skarr is pretty fantastic. The synergy with wrathmongers is solid, and the threat he poses to objectives can definitely skew the game. Definitely seems worth 105 points to me if you have a couple units of mongers. For the beasts, I'm assuming the gors are just there as a slightly cheaper version of blood reavers to get some models on the table and hold objectives. The list is pretty light on bodies and extremely light on resilience, so the more bodies the better. Plus I'd say gors are better than reavers most of the time, so I'm sure he'd be taking more if he didn't have to fulfill the battleline requirements. Centigors are probably the fastest units we have access to and with two attack profiles they synergize reasonably well with the bloodsecrator. I'd assume they're being used for objective grabbing since they can also pack a good enough punch to threaten weak backline units. The general trend of the list seems to be having as many cheap bodies as possible for trading objectives and then bringing out the heavy hitters when the opponent commits. Theoretically the khorne player is 'forced' to take first turn, grabs the minimum objectives to score, and then the opponent has to put more points on the objectives since pretty much everything costs more than reavers. Khorne sends in whatever can kill the new units, like wrathmongers with fight on death or a thirster, then the opponent has to commit heavy hitters to kill them, and then skarbrand comes in and mops up pretty much anything in the game. Should work pretty well until the opponent first wave is too tanky to kill without skarbrand or your dice spike low and you fail to take control of objectives. Or your opponent takes first turn and alpha strikes off all your cheap chaff. I've been trying to think of something similar since khorne can in theory trade really well. We have cheap bodies, and we actually get powered up when trading for objectives while our opponent gets worn down. I was thinking of trying to run 6 units of reavers and maybe some flesh hounds for actual screening. Only problem I'm finding is we really need to have those hard hitting units which means I'll have to buy another thirster, and I lost all desire to do that when GW kicked the price up on them a few years ago.
  17. Canada unfortunately, I don't think I've ever actually seen one outside of a GW. That's wild to think they actually sell them in supermarkets over there... it's super rare to see warhammer stuff outside of purely dedicated gaming stores here. I was shocked to see some warhammer models at a general hobby store, I'd be blown away to see something at a grocery store. If only they actually had the up to date ones I'd be a lot more interested. Or did I miss something and they've started putting the new ones on?
  18. Yeah, I mean... I guess it's cheaper than a new battletome but honestly. A white dwarf update? I'm hoping it's light enough that I can skip it like I did broken realms and wrath of the everchosen but I'm worried I won't be able to this time. I don't even know how to get a white dwarf, can I order it through a store or do I have to get it directly through GW? If I don't order it right away will I miss it or do I have the full month to pick it up before it goes out of print? Also this seems like a nail in the coffin for anyone suggesting that sons would be the only ones to get faction specific core battalions due to their weird models. The gates are open again and GW dropping standard battalions to even out the playing field is officially a total waste of time. Now the only thing stopping us from going back to the way things were with the old battalions is self control on the part of GW. I give it to the fourth battletome until things start breaking again.
  19. Yeah this is kind of what I'm thinking. One thing I haven't seen considered is the possibility that GW has left the abilities like this because armies may need them when the new 3rd edition army books start coming out. For example, 9th edition 40k has had a general trend of massive escalation. Factions typically get a huge boost when their book comes out, to the extent that it often seems pointless to put an 8th edition codex against a 9th one. At the beginning of 9th GW gave a huge boost to a lot of armies by buffing up generic weapons for free (ie. increasing damage on all heavy bolters, increasing damage on melta weapons, increasing strength on power weapons, etc). Maybe this wound negation stacking and save stacking and all the abilities that look so broken are just there to give existing books a fighting chance once the stormcast and orc books drop and we start getting into the swing of faction releases. Might just be best to wait and see how everything looks when the books eventually drop. Stormcast in particular have always been the armor faction so it will be very telling once we see how they are built and what their abilities are.
  20. Fortunately that won't really work. The first problem is you'll lose your battleline status immediately if you include any horrors other than pink. Second, a model has to be slain to return it and the new warscroll specifically states that a splitting pink doesn't count as slain. So even if you could return models due to brimstones dying you'll never be able to return a pink. Finally, the biggest issue is that there's no way to pay for a brimstone horror if there are any pinks in the unit, the only time you get a reduced cost is if you take only blues or only brimstones. So you're paying for the points of a full pink horror but only putting a brimstone in the unit.
  21. I think it might be a bit of a wash power wise. Yeah there are usually more 6's, but it means that opponents can't dodge the ability entirely if they had an ability that triggered on 6's. For example slaanesh armies were totally immune to the ability because they triggered extra hits on a roll of a 6 to hit, and the attacking model just got to choose to trigger their ability over the trigger from one last gift. Thematically though, totally agree. The ability is even called One Last Gift, implying it happens when a model is hit and hurt and it imparts a last gift on the attacker before dying. Doesn't make any sense to trigger off 1's to hit.
  22. Yup, unless you go the Petty Vengeance route and don't split. If you're splitting then you can only rally brimstones.
  23. I agree that it's a positive change overall for internal balance and the game overall, but I also think it leaves pinks in a bit of a strange spot. Their offensive abilities are pretty much total garbage now, requiring an investment of All Out Attack to reach the absolute bare minimum of competency. They essentially only exist to be a (mostly) battle shock immune blob of wounds. It's... not terrible, but it is quite a bit less interesting. On the plus side now that we finally know how they work I can start working on lists again and see if I can find something I actually want to play that doesn't include Archaon.
  24. There's a ruling in the core FAQ yeah, on page 5. Summoning an invocation counts as a prayer for the priest. Seems like my slaughterpriests are officially relegated to the shelf until we get a new battletome, too bad really.
  25. Do you have a page number for that? Because the only rule I've ever seen is a side text bubble saying units can't exceed their max size with absolutely no definition of what a max size is.
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