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  1. Personally I'd say it's because one round of attacks from a bloodthirster generally isn't enough to kill your target. Against a 4+ save a wrath or unfettered thirster will do about 8 damage unbuffed or 10ish damage buffed, which leaves most units or monsters alive, and bloodthirsters really aren't particularly tanky so the counter punch might just kill them. The double attack bumps the damage enough to pretty much guarantee they'll kill what they hit and survive through the combat phase. If the reaper thirsters can get one good round of combat they can kill 2-3 of the enemy heavy hitters and might just be able to ensure the opponent doesn't have anything strong enough to kill them later. Plus the strike first is only on the one bloodthirster. Doesn't matter much on the Khorne turn, but on the opponents turn they can just avoid or shoot that one bloodthirster and then fighting the others is much easier. In Reapers all of the bloodthirsters present the same threat regardless of whose turn it is. For slaughterpriests, honestly to me they're the crux of the army. Killing frenzy or bronzed flesh can nearly be as good as +1 attack from the bloodsecrator, but unlike the bloodsecrator they provide a lot more for the army than just the buffs. Their mortal wound output is fantastic and provides a substantial way to kill things at range. The utility from Blood Bind has won me numerous games when opponents think they're safe hovering just outside of threat range or screening their important pieces. They also give access to the judgements which are absolutely fantastic. I'll definitely take a bloodsecrator in the vast majority of armies, but slaughterpriests are always the first thing I grab.
  2. There are definitely some excellent StD units for Khorne. For leaders, the Chaos Lord on Karkadrak is a beast in the army if you make him your general in Goretide and give him the dimensional blade. The +1 damage trait applies to both of his melee weapons, and the -3 rend on the halberd lets him blender pretty much everything. The Daemon Prince with mark of Khorne is also pretty excellent with a similar loadout and his command ability is really nasty when you're facing another combat army. Archaon is mind blowing in Khorne but still requires an army to be built around him. Otherwise the new rules for chaos marauders make them probably the best troop choice for any chaos mortal army period, and they're excellent in khorne with all the available buffs. The Chaos Warshrine is a great choice if you're taking any StD units as it also benefits from the Skull Altar prayer rerolls, and getting a re-roll when using the prayer of chaos undivided (3+, StD mortal unit gets full rerolls on attack and wound rolls) is amazing. Combine the shrine, marauders, and some other buff units like a bloodsecrator and/or bloodstoker and you'll have an incredibly consistent blender with an absurd threat range. The shrine itself is even a passable beatstick now and if it gets a few buffs it can do some real damage.
  3. I believe a tyrants of blood battalion with 3-4 bloodthirsters in the reapers of vengeance sub faction is generally viewed as our most competitive option. One or two insensate, skarbrand, and either a wrath or unfettered depending on which you prefer. After that it's usually a small gore pilgrims for battleline and support, but I think you could run flesh hounds for battleline instead. Either way with skull altar at least one or two slaughter priests are pretty much mandatory and a bloodsecrator is always nice. The judgements are pretty solid as well. The main thrust of the list is to get all the thirsters into big targets and then attack like 6 times in a row without your opponent being able to respond, hopefully gutting them enough to make sure they can't fight back.
  4. It can vary from unit to unit, but in Khorne usually it only means you'll have to do some extra work to build around the deficiencies and emphasize the strengths. Using your example, which as an aside I should say that skulleapers are actually quite good, you might want to make sure you have a bloodstoker to compensate for them being generally quite slow. Maybe a Slaughterborn battalion to help increase their resilience. That sort of thing. One of the things I love about the Khorne book is pretty much everything can be built around in one way or another and there are a lot of little buffs everywhere that can take a mediocre unit and make it a star. Some things might take ore work than others, but that's part of the fun of making the list.
  5. I don't know, I like it in theory but it's always looked so overwhelming. Even playing kill team it's hard to remember a dozen or so stratagems and know which applies best to each situation, and when you start pulling your army from 4 different books all with their own stratagems.... Ugh.
  6. The blast rule they're talking about sounds interesting. Basically a subset of weapons that naturally get an advantage against larger units. I think it'd be nice if they ported something like it to artillery in AoS. I know that there are usually bonuses to hit, but nothing ruins a shot like rolling a d6 for damage and killing one piddly clan rat. Maybe reroll the damage against units of 20-30 models and always max damage when the unit is more than 30? It would certainly make older artillery pieces nobody uses more interesting/useful.
  7. Yet again I'm reminded of the difference in costs based on location. I'm in Canada, and a start collecting box is around 50% more expensive than a brand new video game, and easily 2 times as expensive as a brand new video game when it's on sale. They're also 10-30% more expensive than a premium board game (ie. one chock full of miniatures and gaming boards like zombicide) or again 2-3 times as expensive as a normal board game without miniatures. I'd actually be really curious to see a comparison of the people that have real issues with the pricing increase and where they're from. Wouldn't be surprised at all if the majority of them are from outside of the UK.
  8. Yeah like I said, the fear has been around for a long time but the game hasn't died yet and there are are still new players. For example my gaming group has about 15-20 semi-regular players and maybe a third have started in the last two years. I do see a pretty worrying trend of people starting to drift off to other game systems at the moment (well... pre-covid anyway), but I'm not sure if that's cost related or if people are just looking for something new to spice things up. I imagine there are a lot less new players than there could be, but I'm pretty sure that GW has run the numbers and is carefully optimizing their prices to maximize profits just like any good corporation. If they lose out on 1,000 new players that would profit them $200/year but get an extra $30 per year from the existing 10,000 players, then they're still ahead. As long as they can keep it cheap enough for at least a small number of new players the game should survive. I think that's part of why they re-introduced the start collecting boxes a few years back, I'm guessing that they were seeing a low enough rate of new players that they had to act to lower the barrier to entry. I'm curious to see what else they do the next time they hit that point.
  9. I think this is exactly the case, and of course the end result of that line of thinking. I believe most players have a budget of sorts and will continue to spend it as long as they're in the game. GW doesn't care if a customer stops a particular army because it's too expensive or got nerfed or whatever, as long as they continue spending their budget on GW products. Really the only issue they face is the minor amount of attrition that comes along with the price increases, losing some players completely. In theory that should be made up with new players but of course as prices get higher and higher the likelihood of new players gets lower and lower. The fear is typically that the flow of new players willing to pay the frankly absurd entry cost for the game will eventually dry up and the game will wither on the vine so to speak. Of course that fear has been around for years and the game still seems to be doing fine, so who knows if it'll ever actually come to pass. Personally, I know that the hikes have basically made me embarrassed to suggest the game to people because I just can't imagine anyone willing to pay the costs out of the gate, and I know exactly how people would react to the sticker shock. They've also killed my desire to start new factions because it takes too many months of hobby budget to get a functioning force up and running. That leaves me with fleshing out my existing factions which is plenty of hobby time for now, but will also eventually dry up unless GW starts going back and adding new models to the ranges.
  10. I wouldn't have thought that the Bloodthirster would have gone from $130 to $170 (CAD) last year either, but they bumped it and the Lord of Change up to be in line with the other greater daemon prices. There are a lot of kits of a similar size and price on that list, I would actually be very surprised if they didn't get the same treatment. Glottkin, Nagash, Verminlords... they're all as big or bigger than the greater daemons physically and they fill the same army role. Why would the changes be any different?
  11. Wow... that is one heck of a list. If I had to guess now, anything remotely similar to a greater daemon is probably getting the same treatment as the real greater daemons last time around. That means if you want to pick up Nagash, Glottkin, a Maw-krusha, Verminlords... basically anything big, you better do it now before it gets a 30-40% price increase. Too bad really, I was planning on getting back into nurgle when they release the next book and finally picking up the kin. I don't think I can justify a knee-****** purchase to dodge the price increase right now and I'm sure I'm not going to buy it once the price jumps by 30% for no perceivable reason. I guess that pretty much writes off a return to Nurgle for me. I am really curious if this is all increase or if some of these will actually be getting price decreases. A number of the terrain kits on here are already massively overpriced... I already can't imagine anyone actually buying them as is. It'd make more sense for GW to just drop them from the line entirely if they're going to jack the prices up.
  12. Hmm, well I will say that right off the bat you're in for a bit of an uphill climb competitively. The great thing about the Khorne book is you can run pretty much anything you want to some degree of success, but certain things require more effort to build around. Blood warriors and chaos knights aren't exactly the best units but they can certainly be made to work with a little elbow grease. For support the first things you'll want in Khorne are slaughter priests and the scenery piece. They provide a lot of the support the army needs through their prayers and shore up the lack of ranged damage. If you're going to include StD units then a warshrine is a really good choice as well since its buffs are very strong. I think a bloodstoker is also a must for the army since it helps knights and blood warriors quite a bit. A bloodsecrator is welcome in pretty much any khorne list... and I guess to keep with the cavalry theme you could also pick up a Chaos Lord on Karkadrak. He's pretty beefy, buffs chaos knights, and hits like a truck if you give him one of the -3 rend artifacts from malign sorcery.
  13. They typically work on a pretty structured release schedule, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Sons and even more are ready to go. That being said if they follow their regular pattern and release all of that at a normal pace then, after it's done, there's going to be a couple month gap where we get absolutely nothing again. I'm pretty sure they'll add a few extra weeks between the next couple releases to try to and absorb the time lost in quarantine and keep people at least partially engaged. I expect they'll be milking realmlords and then Sons for quite a while.
  14. I use marauder horsemen often in my slaves lists. They still have potential in Khorne although they overlap with bloodreavers a bit. For strengths they're relatively cheap, extremely fast (for Khorne anyway), and bring a relatively unique ranged weapon. The ranged weapon is total garbage but... yeah at least it's there. Might pick off a single 1 wound model per game haha. My preference is to use them as 5 man units for whatever the need is. They make for solid screens on their long bases, fast forward objective grabbers, or to harass flanks and threaten back field objectives/support characters. Basically they're swiss army knives that shore up gaps in your composition and can bring flexibility in game. I can't imagine running them in huge units though because, like you said, there are so many better choices, but a couple minimum size units can be really useful.
  15. You need a slaves hero with mark of khorne and 8 units of slaves with the mark of khorne. Since the darkoath can't take a mark he can't qualify for the battalion. Personally I'd prefer to keep the 40 man unit because it will keep its rend longer. If you lose a single model from the 20 man units your damage drops off significantly, but the 40 man unit can take a solid hit and still be a real threat. Screening will help, but if all you have is 20 man units then I think you might drop off in the later turns of the game. Although I guess that's something you can easily tinker with later while you're playing it.
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