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  1. They both lack rend though, which can be a big deal in some matchups. They also lack the hedonite keyword so can't get a double activation, don't have innate reroll charges and don't generate models on a lucky battleshock roll. I'm not trying to say the beastherd options aren't good, they are, but the comparison isn't that cut and dry. Plus all beastherd come with the extra costs associated with the battalion that you can't simply ignore. Edit: Your math appears to be assuming getting all 30 gors into combat as well, which is a pretty massive stretch. I've used large bases and getting more than 20 in is much more difficult than 30 small based models. Not to mention maneuvering them up the board. But you know what? It's all just my personal experience and intuition. If daemonettes don't work for you, don't use them. If all you own is beastherd then the choice is obvious. If you're struggling with hordes, maybe give them a shot. You might be pleasently surprised.
  2. For sure, but you're also paying the points for the batallion and swapping out a hero that does work for the support shaman. The herd is awesome, don't get me wrong, but if people think there's nothing that pure hedonites can do against hordes then they're mistaken. But they were never just an average unit, they were always one of the best battleline units in the game. The wrath and rapture buff was absolutely bizarre considering how good they were before it. I get that the perception of value drops when a unit gets nerfed, and a double nerf makes that even worse, but daemonettes are far from average. With no support at all they still average 25 rend 1 wounds! Most armies would kill for something that good.
  3. I do think it's a little funny to see people hating on daemonettes in one breath and the saying that we struggle vs hordes with the next. That's what daemonettes are there for. Give them reroll ones and they'll blender almost any horde unit out there. Seriously, per activation daemonettes with reroll 1s unit puts out about 30 rend 1 wounds. If that's somehow not enough, just activate them twice. They have an absolutely insane damage output for a battleline unit.
  4. I think one problem is that optimizing terrain turns it into not terrain. In a competitive environment it could easily turn into people bringing styrofoam bricks that match the exact maximum size, or a shape that suits their army. For example a player using archaon could bring 3 sheets with the maximum vertical/horizontal dimensions intending to block LoS as the big guy moves up the field. Optimal to protect your 660 point investment and doesn't take up a lot of space, but they would look awful on the table. Personal preference I guess, but one thing I learned playing warmachine for a few years is nice looking terrain is a big deal. I guess we'll see though, if these rules don't become the norm for tournaments then I doubt people will go through the hassle of building competitive 'terrain' suited for their army. Or buy 3 sets of masoleums/woods for that matter. Edit: does anyone remember the big snafu a while back where a GW game designer brought their own terrain to a tournament that was perfectly built for their nighthaunt army? It was beautiful terrain, but it felt gamey because it was a massive hindrance to any army that didn't have flight since it was super tall and wide. I'm thinking that kind of thing, but nowhere near as pretty. Actually now that I think about it, I wonder if that's where these rules came from haha.
  5. The only trick to the daemonettes and seekers is to add the second banner/icon to the unit since they can take both at the minimum size. Oh, and all the bits are pretty interchangeable between the different kits so feel free to swap heads and claws for a little variety. It helps when you're building 30+ daemonettes haha. For the chariot my favourite is the bladebringer on exalted chariot. More points to summon but it's damage is crazy good. I also made a viceleader with the extra Herald model and some claws off the seeker sprue. Just shaved one shoulder to roughly match the pose of the resin model.
  6. Easiest answer is blades of khorne isn't meant to be a summoning army. It's there as an option if it's needed, but generally they don't seemed to be designed around it like tzeentch or hedonites. The main allegiance ability is meant to be the abilities from the tithe table. Makes sense if you think about the background, Khorne doesn't just throw daemons around to save his followers. He makes them work for everything and murder needs to be their primary focus, not summoning.
  7. Of course they do, and for added convenience they added 30% to the real life price tag at the same time.
  8. Realm of beasts for me, I like the thought of a world dominated by massive beasts around every corner. Great fantasy concept and scratches that kaiju itch.
  9. That's really unfortunate. I've been wargaming for almost 20 years and I've never had a need to varnish plastic models. Pewter maybe, but even then it was usually good enough to have a decent carrying case and just avoid having them rub together. Plus I've never liked how they change the finish on a model I've spent so much time getting just right. Thanks for the response though!
  10. Quick question for people that have had a chance to use their painted models, are the reports that the paint rubs off during play true? I've been thinking of picking some of the paints up for a new project but if I have to varnish everything after painting I'll probably pass.
  11. The changehost rule is terribly written and one of the most ambiguous rules out there, and trying to argue for one interpretation over the other really is pointless. There's no indication of what the devs meant by 'swap' and there's no indication of when a unit can or can't swap. If you want to artificially limit yourself because you think it's too strong then go for it, but there won't be a unified interpretation until GW cleans the rule up. Personally I would think that if the devs wanted it to be impossible for a large base to swap with a unit, which is a fairly common use case for the rule, they would have called it out specifically. Since they didn't I just try to swap as close to center as possible and leave it at that. Easy, quick, and no one has ever had a problem with it in my games.
  12. I've tried the thermal rider cloak on the aspiring deathbringer to keep up with archaon, but I found it unnecessary as you're better off spending the command point to attack twice. Otherwise like Xasz said you'll want to take slaughterpriests for bronzed flesh and killing frenzy. Killing frenzy is gold on him since, when combined with the locus, he basically gets pure rerolls to hit. Wrathmongers are another consideration but really they should be in any list anyway.
  13. Oh, haha sorry I missed that in the disadvantages. Glazed right over it.
  14. For sequence breaking I think the unfettered is your best bet, however I don't think you can just hold it until your opponent is done unless you also have other units to pile in. Since your bloodthirster is eligible to pile in you have to activate him when there are no remaining units on your side. Also if your target survives, and hasn't activated yet, they'll be able to activate after you attack since they weren't eligible before but now are since you are within 3. Not likely to happen with two rounds of bloodthirster attacks, but something to keep in mind. You could also toss on a doppleganger cloak to protect you for one of your opponents turns.
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