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  1. @HMB Depends on how crazy you want to get. I've played it in a dozen or so games with 30 pinks and no blues starting on the board, and I think I can get away with 40 blues 85% of the time. Typically blues will die around the same speed they're created, so you shouldn't usually need double your number of pinks. I've ended up with extra blue or brimstone points in the end game but usually when I do I've already won or lost, so the extra summon wouldn't make a difference.
  2. I would expect something you don't see played a ton, but still newish stuff. From the new chamber they could include a couple dracoline cavalry boxes, aventis firestrike for the centerpiece, castigarors, and then some sequitors to add draw and round it out.
  3. So are knight questors becoming the primaris lieutenants of AoS? I mean the model looks cool but even the stormcast have heroes from the lore that would be cooler than another generic hero, not to mention the nearly limitless number of excellent heroes from other armies that could use a resculpt or even a first plastic model.
  4. @Overread it's interesting because I feel pretty much the complete opposite of you. To me the warcry warbands fit into AoS incredibly awkwardly. Having big unique models like the rocktusk prowler with mostly the same stats as the plains runners doesn't feel seamless, it feels shoehorned in to keep things simple. Something that lets them say there are AoS warscrolls without putting in a bunch of effort. The idea that they will form the core of an eventual chaos release is just truly bizarre to me because they just don't seem to be designed to take 20-30 at a time. Too many mono pose models with tons of detail and character. My impression was that Warcry was originally meant to be like necromunda. A stand alone, chaos only, game with all new models. Sure the models could be used in AoS, but it'd be more like the rogue trader release for killteam. Then when the details got out and people started complaining about it being chaos only they quickly jumped in and put the other factions in the book. There's such a significant difference in overall feel and flexibility between the base chaos warbands and the non chaos stuff... it seems like the non chaos stuff couldn't have been intentional from the start. Plus we had that bizarre dead zone for like 6 months between the initial info and the actual release that could've given them time to scramble and make the extra campaigns before sending the book to print. Who knows, maybe that's why we saw the monsters and mercenaries book so quickly. That stuff could've been intended for the core book but got shuffled out to fit the extra warband campaigns. Of course that doesn't mean that we won't see AoS factions rolled in now. That Pandora's box has been opened for better or for worse, and Iknow I'd love to see daemons.
  5. Well a keeper-less slaanesh box would be pretty handy for fleshing out models to summon. Maybe three chariot kits, 20 daemonettes, 5 seekers, 3 fiends? Actually, nah. That'd be too good of a deal. Forchaos I'd lean towards beasts of chaos since they've been out for a while and would be pretty easy to put together.
  6. But the aspiring deathbringer affects all friendlies within 8, potentially way more devastating than a single model's attacks.
  7. I'm a little confused on something, so just to be sure. You aren't limited on taking mercenaries from within your warband, just based off the grid in the book right? So an ironjawz warband could take a member of the gobbapalooza or the FeC could take a lone necromancer?
  8. I think so... Didn't watch the whole video but there are some strong models in there. For example the khorne aspiring deathbringer will crank up the damage for nearby friendlies like crazy.
  9. GMG review is up covering the whole book. Seems like the balance concern with heroes was covered by just making them much weaker than expected. Still powerful, but definitely not a direct port from AoS. Pretty cool overall, I'll be picking it up if I can get some consistent narrative gaming in.
  10. Decent looking list, some surprises for sure. Definitely hoping for cards now considering it looks like they're adding new chaos beasts with the warhounds.
  11. I'm not solid on all the buffs out there, but if you don't have rend it'll take about 48 succesful ranged attacks to kill him. So for hurricane crossbows (4+/4+) you would need 192 shots, or 9 models firing all shots at him for two rounds. That doesn't account for 'look out sir'. Shootas would need 288 shots from large units. Not saying he can't be killed, but the investment for most armies are far from trivial. He could also run the palisade to block LoS, have some healing magic, run with the deepkin to prevent being targeted... Lots of options to keep him safe until he wrecks face.
  12. Not sure exactly what you mean, but yeah screening is going to have to be to go to strategy for most armies. Keep in mind though, with cogs he can still get around small screens and he'll have a whole army behind him too. If he's allied with a shootcast army or free people they can just nuke the screen from range and let him go free. Plus he can kill most screens in one round so you won't be tying him up for long, especially if he gets a double turn.
  13. Yeah I think free people probably have the best shot against him with the high volume of low damage attacks, but that could change in the new battletome too. Most armies can't put down that much fire though. Even tzeentch would have an extremely difficult time bring him down before he started cleaving his way through important units. Plus any army that's willing to dump the resources required to kill him will be giving the rest of his army a free pass for multiple turns.
  14. Yeaaah, ok then. Anyone saying this guy isn't competitive is off their rocker. I appreciate he's expensive, but his only weakness is speed and if you can drop cogs he has a threat range around 17.5" with the reroll charge command ability. Or you can use a command point to run him on an objective and just own that point for the rest of the game. He'll walk through any magic heavy army because it takes 24 successful spells (because each spell can only do 1 damage to him) to kill him on average. He'll walk through any combat focused army. A ranged heavy army miiiight just kill him before he fights, but it'll take 48 successful wounds at rend 0 to kill him. Oh, and he can be healed so those numbers could be even worse . He does an average of 30 wounds to a 4+ save opponent per combat phase. You can play around half the damage by removing the models close to him, preventing the double pile in, but that doesn't help if he's gotten to one of your heroes or monsters. It also ensures he's free to move and charge whatever he wants to in the next turn. I'd expect some serious nerfs for him next year, but for now I think we've entered the Age of Gotrek. Start filling your lists with cheap chaff to stall him as long as possible, you're going to need them.
  15. At the moment they're not a playable faction, but we could definitely see some of them acting as mercenaries in the new book. I'd actually be pretty disappointed if the didn't include maneaters. There's also a chance that GW might add other AoS factions down the road, but they haven't said anything about that yet.
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