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  1. Wow those points...Oh well looking forward to using these cool warscrolls in a couple of years time after a couple of point drops
  2. I hate double turns with a passion. So many good games that got ruined by it (regardless if I won or lost) Too much of the game resting on one single roll off. Shooting shouldn't be the dominating meta across the board as it is for so many armies. IMO that's what should make AOS unique rather than turning into fantasy themed 40k. Obviously related to double turns as well but the fact GW keep releasing shooty armies that also dumps mortal wounds without requiring LoS doesn't help to make the game better either. Battleshock needs a rework since it has so many work arounds I feel like it's
  3. I suppose 40 man group is a more effecient buff target than 20. I do run 20 warriors in my Glottkin army and it works really well but I'm no tournament player.
  4. Even within the display painting world there's a lot of different styles and approaches so I'd say it's hard to recommend something without knowing what you are looking to achieve. Personally I like the clean and vibrant 'eavy metal style and for that style I think some of the best tutorials have come from Darren Lathams youtube channel (he also has some shorter tutorials and tips on his instagram) Another style of painting that's quite popular is one championed by Youtuber Squidmar Miniatures , He has some good beginner tips on his channel and recently released an hour long masterclass tutori
  5. These are the ones I found, did I miss any? Also these looks like they might be Lumineth related: Looking at the horns on Celennar they seem very similar in design as the rumour engine split horns above:
  6. Wow!, missed this. GW reaching new heights when it comes to designing dumb kits. A real shame the models looked awesome.
  7. Looking at the new chaos warriors warscroll a multi-part kit must be a given now? They still have standard bearer/horn blower and multiple weapon choices. I can't see them going through the trouble of making new models and still force youto use 20 year old models in the same unit to atleast get the standard bearer/horn blower.
  8. Recently bought the Azyrite Townscape only to realize that it's not legal to use in AoS unless I'm missing something here which is why I'm putting the question you guys. So the Azyrite Townscape is not listed in the either of the two terrain lists so it would have to be taken as a "Unique" terrain feature but the problem is that the largest piece of the model is too large to fit the dimensional restrictions put on even the primary "Unique" terrain option which reads as follows: "Unique: Any other terrain feature that is no more than 10" across at its widest point, and no more than 18"
  9. I was refering to a period that ended a few years back when GW had zero communication and pretty much actively sought to destroy their online communities combined with relentless money-grubbing schemes which didn't particulary lend itself to folks having a "positive mindset" in the comment section.
  10. Comments are allowed on that video 😃 Most likely just forgot to disable it but maybe not ^^ I feel like GW is far enough out of the "dark ages" to maybe start allowing comments again.
  11. Spotted this pic on twitter, new Seraphon? Edit: nvm It's just converted units
  12. Yeah that was my point. GW has a very finite amount of people designing and developing these minis so a massive release like Warcry obviously takes away a huge chunk of development time away from AoS proper. Warcry so far has 8 unique warbands each with their own look and background. That's alot of dev time right there. Maybe two full new armies worth for AoS that you won't be seeing. That's why you have 1-2 years worth of Soup Battletomes supporting old models or new 2.0 refresher Battletomes with one new hero model and then some cheaper terrain/endless spells that are produced in China.
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