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  1. These are the ones I found, did I miss any? Also these looks like they might be Lumineth related: Looking at the horns on Celennar they seem very similar in design as the rumour engine split horns above:
  2. Wow!, missed this. GW reaching new heights when it comes to designing dumb kits. A real shame the models looked awesome.
  3. Looking at the new chaos warriors warscroll a multi-part kit must be a given now? They still have standard bearer/horn blower and multiple weapon choices. I can't see them going through the trouble of making new models and still force youto use 20 year old models in the same unit to atleast get the standard bearer/horn blower.
  4. Recently bought the Azyrite Townscape only to realize that it's not legal to use in AoS unless I'm missing something here which is why I'm putting the question you guys. So the Azyrite Townscape is not listed in the either of the two terrain lists so it would have to be taken as a "Unique" terrain feature but the problem is that the largest piece of the model is too large to fit the dimensional restrictions put on even the primary "Unique" terrain option which reads as follows: "Unique: Any other terrain feature that is no more than 10" across at its widest point, and no more than 18" tall at its tallest point." And as you can see the widest point of the Townscape is about 10,5" So I'm a missing something here or is a AoS terrain kit released less than a year ago not legal to use in the main AoS game?
  5. I was refering to a period that ended a few years back when GW had zero communication and pretty much actively sought to destroy their online communities combined with relentless money-grubbing schemes which didn't particulary lend itself to folks having a "positive mindset" in the comment section.
  6. Comments are allowed on that video 😃 Most likely just forgot to disable it but maybe not ^^ I feel like GW is far enough out of the "dark ages" to maybe start allowing comments again.
  7. myeah I noticed just after posting >_>
  8. Spotted this pic on twitter, new Seraphon? Edit: nvm It's just converted units
  9. Yeah that was my point. GW has a very finite amount of people designing and developing these minis so a massive release like Warcry obviously takes away a huge chunk of development time away from AoS proper. Warcry so far has 8 unique warbands each with their own look and background. That's alot of dev time right there. Maybe two full new armies worth for AoS that you won't be seeing. That's why you have 1-2 years worth of Soup Battletomes supporting old models or new 2.0 refresher Battletomes with one new hero model and then some cheaper terrain/endless spells that are produced in China.
  10. People wondering where all the new AoS models are need to look no further than Warcry. Creating 8 warbands each with their own unique design and background must have a taken a good chuck out of AoS releases for some time to come. Possible could have had something like two new full army releases instead of Warcry.
  11. I own armies of Sylvaneth, Stormcast, Maggotkin and Gloomspite and out these I find Gloomspite to be the easiest to paint by far. But of course it depends a lot on the level of finish you're looking to achieve. For instance Stormcast can be done by undercoating with Retributor armour spray, shade all over with reikland fleshshade and then a light dry brush with silver and then you a 90% finished battle ready Stormcast but if you're looking to take them further than that layering and highlighting metallics can be a pain in the behind if you ask me and the time spent goes up a by a lot.
  12. Well this rule from the Mausoleum warscroll definitely sounds like it would work just like a normal gravesite except this one you can't reasonably block it with your own units: Domain of the Dead A Sigmarite Mausoleum is a haunted desolate place, cursed with a a deathly energy that empowers the minions of Nagash. A Sigmarite Mausoleum is treated as a gravesite for the purposes of the The Unquite Dead battle trait from Battletome: Legions of Nagash. This in addition to any gravesites that would normally be picked. https://www.dropbox.com/s/i3sujnplxc3rfxv/domain_of_the_dead_rule.jpg You are probably right about the Wyldwood though I guess sylvaneth is immune from taking damage from it so it has a faction specific bonus imo.
  13. So Legions of nagash now get 3 extra fairly unblockable Graveyards? Sylvaneth get 3 free wyldwoods meanwhile a lot of factions get next to nothing out of the terrain. Sounds really well thought out and balanced.
  14. The things we actually do know about Warcry at this point aren't really that closely related to AoS at all I feel. The design of the new Warcry models are clearly a step away from the AoS model range and a have a unique feel to them and so do not really fit into any existing army. Had I first seen them without knowing their origin I would never have thought they were connected to AoS at all. And while Kill Team is a game system designed around using the existing model range Warcry is using it's own model range with the added option of using certain existing models which I feel is probably just a tacked on feature to satisfy people who complain about the all chaos range. Also we know next to nothing about the rules or even what type of game it is going to be except that it is a skirmish game. This game's impact on AoS is probably going to be on a similar level as Underworld.
  15. Wow. I continue to hope witch each Warcry reveal that I will like the new warparty but it seems to be going the same way as Necromunda for me (a game that's appealing to me from a gameplay perspective but I consider off limits because I don't care for the aesthetics of the teams) I get that it's a personal taste thing but I really struggle to understand the decision to make a new AoS skirmish game but only release niche chaos warbands for it And yeah they've said they're allowing you to use models from AoS but if it's anything like the existing skirmish it's going to be extremely hit and miss depending on the models available to your army.
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