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  1. Hello everybody, New month, new pledge! First one finish my deamonettes, second one paint my last 24 marauders. Happy painting all! Greetings, Zoinkboy
  2. No, not at all. (but that will be different for all of us i imagine) Just finished my stretch goal, NOT a unit of marauders! Next to that it will not be used on the table, but had a lot of fun painting it. Greetings, Zoinkboy
  3. Hello everybody, Pledge finished, i did start last month but finished non the less. For the stretch goal, we'll see...maybe a break from marauders Anyway, 24 more marauders! Greetings, Zoinkboy
  4. Hello everybody, Nice to see a lot of pledges already! Good luck to all, for me i pledge to finish my 24 marauders from Febuari. Next to that a stretch goal of another 24 of these guys... Would be nice to have all of these marauders finally painted. Bringing it up to a total of 150 marauders. For now let the painting gods be with us 😋 Greetings, Zoinkboy
  5. Hello everybody, This month has been a good one! In the picture an overview of my pledge (20 marauders), stretch (lord on juggernaut) and ... well the start of my march pledge (24 marauders) After that only 24 marauders left to do. I'll see all of you in the next painting contract! Greetings, Zoinkboy
  6. Hello everybody, As slow and unproductfull as January was, how well it is going this month! Pledge done, stretch done...and now as a big surprise returning to a new batch of marauders. 24 this time, here we go again....💪 Greetings zoinkboy
  7. Hello everybody, Here is another pledge fulfilled! I finished painting my 20 marauders of chaos. As stretch goal for the rest of the month, no more marauders! 🤔 There is a chaos lord on juggernaut waiting. 🤣 Greetings, Zoinkboy
  8. Hello everybody, After not making my January pledge, due to RL... Here is another try: I pledge to paint (or better, finish painting) 20 marauders of chaos. Greetings, Zoinkboy
  9. Hello everybody, Sadly i did not finish my pledge this month. Got some paint on my toysoldiers but not enough... Well, there is always the February contract. Greetings, zoinkboy
  10. Hello everybody, Last painting contract for me was in november. Then RL got in the way...but here i go again! I pledge to paint a new batch of 20 marauders of chaos. Greetings, zoinkboy
  11. Hello everybody, Halfway trough the month and the 20 pledged marauders are done! The stretch goal is on the painting table ... @Kramer nice work! And funny to see a dutch newspaper under it all
  12. Hello everybody, First of all, a big thumbs up for the organisation here! Keep those painting contracts comming, there are more marauders to paint. Then for my pledge, like last month i will paint 20 marauders. As a stretch goal more marauders... (I've got to paint these guys one of these days)
  13. Thank you very much! It is a basecoat of the fang with a light brushing of some old codex grey.
  14. Hello everybody, My pledge for this month is done! Here are my 20 marauders. For a strech goal...well lets save it for later ? Greetings, Zoinkboy
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