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  1. This army is really light on bodies. However, you have a lot of monsters who can score extra points. However, they ca grant your opponent extra VPs as well. Perhaps you could swap the Chariots with another unit of Marauders for some extra threat. The Exalted Hero is in a somewhat weird spot as he is very unreliable at damage dealing and does nothing for the army. He should rather be replaced by a Darkoath hero who can at least buff the Marauders or, if you replace your chariots with Marauders, you can get yourself a Chaos Lord who makes the Marauders much more threatening.
  2. I guess it is even better if he knows about it, because it will influence their play a lot. Well...unless they know how crappy Bloodwarriors and Bloodreavers are -.-
  3. I think you found a good start with 2 units of Bloodreavers and the Bloodsecrator. However, for me, there is some beat Stick missing, like Skullreapers, Demon Prince, Lord on Karkadrak, Chosen, Marauders, Minotaurs, Ghorgon... Perhaps even a Fomoroid Crusher or Cockatrice for some shooting and extra scoring on objectives You have All the buffing Potential available, but few units to Profit from buffs. The Juggerlord is not that good as well, he has only got 3 attacks at - 1 Rend and I would only take him if I wanted to play a lot of Skullcrushers.
  4. You can still build Archaon with flaming weapons by equipping a hero with the book, so that He can cast Flaming Weapon. That uses up all your enhancements, but it is possible. About the Bloodthirsters: You can never have enough Insensate Rage Thirsters . For tactical reasons, the Unfettered Fury Thirster seems to be the most viable because of that 6" pile-in. However, the Wrath of Khorne Thirster has some nice abilities as well. In Reapers of Vengeance, he can unbind 2 spells with a +2 Bonus and his shooting attacks are a nice Bonus. His command Ability looks good on paper. Nevertheless, it is outclassed by the Unfettered Fury Thirster's Command Ability. Skarbrand is the worst choice for Bloodthirsters. He can be devastating in melee if He gets there. If. He cannot fly, so he can be screened. He has 0 extra protection compared to other Thirsters so the opponent will put much effort into shooting him off, which will, depending in the army, not be very much.
  5. I do Not think that Bloodthirsters are ging to be really good in AoS 3.0, because one of their main strengths, bringing - 2 Rend to the army is kinda negated by the Modifikation cap. Most units can still save a BoIR's attacks on a 4+ or 5+, where every save really hurts. Furthermore, the meta is still very shooty, with KO, Cities and Lumineth still dominant. I guess the better Route is to go with units with many attacks or Mortal Wounds or both. So for me the meta units in Khorne are units like Marauders, Chosen, Bloodletter, Skullreapers and Wrathmongers and perhaps even Bullgors or Ghorgons. These units receiving attack buffs can do some serious work. For me a unit of 10 mongers is an auto-include because of their attack buffs and their damage Potential with at least 41 attacks, dealing Mortal Wounds on death and piling in on death via Skarr Bloodwrath.
  6. I think they still have their place, as they count as two models and are hard to remove. You can take a unit of them for hold the line. Just put a unit of 9 on an Objective and they will score. Objective + hold the line. Coherency rules are annoying, however, you may still Charge them wide for impact Hits and pile in to re-establish coherency. Their 5 wounds 3+ save is pretty unique and hard to Bypass.
  7. As a pure buff piece, the warshrine would be too expensive. Howe er, it is pretty good in close Combat as well so a Warshrine could serve as a Combat unit as well. In 800-1000 the Warshrine might be worth a look. Remember, however, that you still need a hero and battlelines.
  8. Beastmen in 6th were great. Back then I started playing Hordes of Chaos and could rarely pull a win until I integrated Beastmen into my army, especially Beastlord (little worse than Chaos Lord for a lot less points), Gor/Ungor Herds, Minotaurs, Dragon Ogres, Chariots... so many units at such a good value. Nowadays, both armies suck, StD just a little less...
  9. I think Bravery bomb can definately be a Thing in Khorne. Let US Look at the Bravery Debuffs available: Skull Helm - 2 Bravery Khorgorath: - 1 Bravery Chaos Knights: - 1 Bravery Bleeding Icon: - 1 Bravery Mindstealer Sphiranx: - 2 Bravery So a total of - 7 Bravery Max, so even a Bravery 10 unit has to roll 2 or lower after one casualty. If they fail a Battleshock by X, X+ D3 or D6 will run away. If we play Reapers of Vengeance, another D3 will flee. So failing the Battleshock by one will results in at least 3 casualties up to 10. So we need elements that can spread out wounds across different units to make use of this. We have the Dark fire Demonrift (eww, Sorcery), the Wrath-Axe and the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage for spread- out Mortal Wounds. That might be a viable Bravery bomb build
  10. The +1s to save still do something: Negating enemy's Rend. So if you put a Mystic Shield in a unit of Chaos Warriors, they will ignore - 1 Rend. If you combine this with a Mark of Tzeentch, you got a really strong anvil again. Reroll saves is great, but becomes much less useful against Rend.
  11. In my opinion it is not. It does less damage and disappears as soon as it has dealt damage. And the - 1 to Hit is miasing. So it became worse and more expensive. I love my Wrath Axe so much because of the - 1 to Hit and the D6 Mortals, which have both been taken off it
  12. That point hike for Skullreapers really hurts. On the other Hand, Chosen are a very viable Option to me now. 5 of them cost 60 points less, their damage output is comparable, they only lack 1 wound. Mortal Wounds will be the way to go in this Edition, so Skullreapers, Chosen, Skullcrushers and Bloodthirsters of Insensate Rage will See more play. Monster Hero abilities combined are really good now, as they can get a free +1 Hit, wound and save. Not only Thirster, but a Lord on Manticor is worth another look as well.
  13. For me, Chaos Warriors are best on a 3+ rerollable save. There are two ways to achieve that: Either, play the in a Khorne army and give them the +1 save prayer or play them as Nurgle warriors. The Warshrine can buff their save by one with the Nurgle prayer. The best way to field them is as Nurgle Warriors with the Shrine buff and included i a Plaguetouched Warband, so that they bounce Mortal Wounds on the enemy while being too sturdy to die.
  14. That is true, but Belakor does not need the Doombringer Blade for rerolls, another hero may take it and declare an enemy hero or monster and the whole army can reroll hit and wound rolls against it. So Belakor can benefit from it without taking an artefact.
  15. That list looks pretty funny. How about replacing the Chaos Warriors with a Warshrine to buff Archaon? Then he may have a 2+ rerollable save. Or reroll everything. On top, the Marauders get a 6+ shrug- not the best in the world, but hey, better than nothing.
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