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  1. Thanks! Currently it's: Ahkelian King Tidecaster Soulscyrer 2x6 Morsaar 6x Ishlean Archmage on Dragon 3x Aetherwings On the painting table is: 2 Allopex Ahkelian King/Volturnus 6x Aetherwings 4x Cellestar Ballista 1x Leviadon But those may take some time.
  2. Hey guys, been working on an Idoneth "counts-as" army for a few months. Never been a fan of the flying fish on land idea, but love the rules and wanted to keep a nautical motif, so: birds. I've tried quite hard to keep weapons and base sizes accurate. Hopefully you enjoy!
  3. So are you not taking any wizards at all? I was considering maybe an Archmage just for the cheeky 6+ save here and there and still getting a +1 to unbind.
  4. I played against Tzeentch for the first time today. Pretty tight game. He won the scenario in the 3 turns we played (I had to leave) but we both agreed I would have likely tabled him given 1 or 2 more turns. My question is how we deal with spell casting? I had an Ionrach Aspect of the Sea with Alchemical Chain and still only managed to stop 1 spell all game. On top of that, our spells felt pretty weak with such short ranges and lack luster results. I felt like 440 points could have just bought me more eels to hunt enemy wizards with.
  5. Hey guys, kicking around the idea of starting a PT army and had a few questions: Does a the Phoenix's Attuned to Magic rule work on saves beyond armor? i.e. Witness to destiny, master of defense, etc.? And same question regarding Sisters of the Thorn, can you re-roll failed Witness to Destiny rolls? Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, I'm building up the following list for competitive purposes and would love some feedback. Pretty straight forward, Eidolon and Ishlean start on the board and move defensively while the King and Morsarr come on in an ambush.
  7. 5+ Save, 10 wounds, 6" move Eels 4+ (3+ on charge), 12 wounds, 14" move
  8. What allies are you guys using, if any, in your lists? I have 100 pts left over in my army and so far the lone Tidecaster I've been using for it just doesn't make any kind of impact. I'm running an Akhelian Corps and thinking of just adding 2 Aetherwings simply to sit/take objectives while the rest of my army goes off to fight.
  9. This was the one game where his opponent wad not OK with him switching terrain out. It is far more open with far less LOS blocking. Ben still tabled his opponent as he is a solid player. But one can imagine why tables like this suddenly being filled with movement and LOS hindering mountains may be considered giving yourself an advantage.
  10. There is zero problem with players bringing terrain for tournament use. Tournaments bring in more players on average than casual play and stores/venues often can't supply enough terrain to fill the number of tables required. The problem stems from allowing players to bring the terrain they bring to each table they play. Ben was allowed in 4 of his 5 games to change out existing terrain with his own. Now I'm sure there was no ill intent meant - his terrain looks great and he wants to play on a great looking board - but with the size of his terrain coupled with the composition of his army it's hard not to imagine he created an advantage for himself inadverdantly or otherwise. If players bring terrain to a tournament they need to give it to the TO prior to the tournament start so that the TO can set it up on a table *where the terrain will remain* for the entirety of the tournament. This eliminates any potential advantage one can give themself and leaves it up to luck of the draw for playing on that particular board.
  11. The exploit comes from the fact that that's not what the table was set up as for the tournament. Ben brought his own terrain and apparently placed it with TO consent. Now if your opponent agrees (as apparently is implied) I suppose no harm no foul, but then again bringing huge pieces of LOS blocking terrain coupled with playing an entirely flying army can be construed as giving yourself an advantage. This is why TOs should never let players have any say in terrain, not only can it be exploitative but it's just lazy for an organizer to have players set table terrain. Players stand to gain from placement of particular terrain.
  12. So long as you were cool with it then I'm happy. Just want to make sure players aren't in the habit of bringing their own terrain if they're going to exploit it. TO's should borrow terrain if they need it, but they should also be the ones to place it. That's all I'm aiming to ensure happened.
  13. The pictures were of his previous terrain pieces, not of the current event. As you can see in the above post, the same pieces of terrain were brought.
  14. Sure...but not to get to place that advantageous terrain in nearly every game... players should get no say in placing terrain ever.
  15. Sooo, not to create controversy, but is it now legal to bring your own terrain to events? Because it's being reported that this is what happened here. The TO allowed Ben to put some ridiculously large LOS blocking pieces that he had brought onto the board which of course his army could charge over no problem but the Nurgle army could not. For reference, these were some of the pieces brought and placed:
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