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  1. On 8/15/2019 at 8:17 PM, Sleboda said:

    Actually, also @DrJekyll325 , I've just had another look at Ironskull's Boyz and it turns out that the only one that has a use in Warcry is Bonekutta. Gurzag and Basha have the wrong weapons to match any of the Ardboyz, and Hakka is not a Brute, which is the only 2-choppa Warcry orruk.



    Incorrect.  Choppas and Smashas are the name of the dual wield loadout.  Any dual wielding ardboyz are using the Choppa and Smashas loadout.  

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  2. 25 minutes ago, twrightii said:

    Agreed, and good thoughts, I hadn't thought about the bigger units. Still though, what I found was when I did want it, it was really only for one turn, and I'm happy to spend the command point in exchange for much more reliability on insensate rage going ham. He had three rounds of combat in a row of blowing up, or rather 2 rounds with a double activation as he consistently is hitting 5 out of 5 with Amberglave and Killing frenzy.

    Counterpoint to my own point though, I did also have a unit of 6 Bloodcrushers and I could only get 4 in when counter charged because of the footprint and how far the two on the end had to travel. Counter point to my counterpoint on my point though they were sweeping the flank and outside of 16" anyway =D

    You've also utterly embarrassed everyone you've fought with that list too 😀

  3. 1 minute ago, themortalgod said:

    Most armies in my meta either shoot you or beta strike you so hard with a double turn that no one ever wants first turn. I'd say at least 20% of the games I play end after a turn 1 double turn where one player just gets obliterated. In my last 5 games, it has happened 3 times. I don't find it exciting at all to show up to a game, set my army up, have an uneventful first turn, then spend the next hour taking my models off the board, then pack up and go home. 

    Dang, that's rough.  Very different metas.

    We use a disgusting amount of line of sight blocking terrain there is almost zero shooting, outside of the poor ko guy who I don't wins much.  Usually turn 2 double turn means our chaffe is dead.

  4. 1 hour ago, themortalgod said:

    Most armies in AoS can't alpha strike that hard. Alpha Strike is more of a 40k problem where most weapons are in range turn 1. The vast majority of armies in AoS don't actually do much on turn 1 and even such. I've been playing Warhammer (40k and WHFB and now AoS)  for almost 25 years. I have never once felt alpha strike was as destructive as the double turn has been consistently in my experience. Not to say powerful alpha strikes are not a problem but double turns feel like solving a minor problem with a major problem. Its like letting a tiger loose in your house to kill a mouse. 

    That said, the double turn issue is only magnified further due to the choice to go first. If going first was a fair roll off then each player has to deploy with the potential of either going first or second but when one player can deploy knowing they will be going second that already gives a huge advantage even if they don't get the double turn.

    Its like lighting your house on fire (double turn), then tossing a grenade in for good measure. (lower drop choose turn order)

    Side note: I do feel teleport mechanics are far too common in AoS which contributes to alpha strike problems and can often mitigate or completely offset the tactics of movement and deployment.

    I'd argue a BETTER solution to alpha strike would be giving the player who is going second a "pre game" turn where they can't move or do anything offensive but can cast buffs and defensive spells and use command abilities. This would represent armies showing up to a battle already buffed and would help mitigate alpha strikes by making you less vulnerable)


    I've just never had a problem with it.  Yet the alpha strike is so awful I hate 40k.  I do think you're on to something though.  Locally most the 2nd turn haters are primarily 40k players.

    My first miniatures game was AoS just when 40k 8th was coming out.  Everything about AoS, including the double turn just seemed so much faster and fresh, while 40k - even in 8th edition felt old and cumbersome.

    I know people love the games they grew up with, but the double turn is a great, fun mechanic that adds excitement and depths of planning to the game.  Endless spells add even more to it, position them in ways that force your opponent to want to give you the double turn.

    Also, how often are you seeing first drops going second, most want to go first to secure objectives (mission depending).  Usually I see people fighting for the turn 2 into 3 double turn.

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  5. 18 minutes ago, themortalgod said:

    So basically what you are saying is don't choose army based on what you like or what playstyle attracts you. Instead, specifically, choose one of very few armies which can 1 drop because of a horrible mechanic which creates bad play experiences? That only shows how bad of a mechanic it is. It isn't a solution.

    I mean, if you go first, I should get the chance to go first the next turn, otherwise I might never recover from a hard alpha strike.

  6. 2 hours ago, Dead Scribe said:



    Thats because the double turn is a monumental negative game play experience for a lot of people, and going backwards is preferred by some over an experience that is negatively fun.

    Thankfully, it's almost impossible to get double turned.  Get a low drop army, choose to go second and your opponent will generally not give you the double turn if they win the turn 2 roll, and if you win, give them the turn and you go second.

  7. 8 hours ago, lord_blackfang said:

    Really sour reveals for AoS.


    Forbidden Power: Endless Spells 2, Electric Boogaloo: 17 new ways to deal D3 mortal wounds.

    The Khorne 3.0 that nobody asked for, with totally not endless spells.

    Sylvaneth warband for WHU looks well sculpted but a bit samey.

    War Cry better not mean a discontinuation of WHU. I would assume arena gladiatorial combat between chaos, chaos, chaos and chaos.

    I asked for Khorne 3.0.  I didn't expect it so soon, but they have a lot more potential than just Gorepilgrims and a new book should help that.

  8. 5 hours ago, Mikeymajq said:

    I think 2x axes might be the optimal choice in most cases. But I run shields and picks. Partly because tossing the shields is fun and does a few mortal wounds before combat kicks in. But I really like the rend on the picks too. Especially when the rune that adds rend to weapons activates and the swing with -2 rend (or even -3! With luck). That should get through most armour :D


    I went picks and shields.  My whole goal in starting this army was to try a more defensive faction than Ironjawz.  I can always come them off later if I hate them!

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  9. I'm sitting with my first SC box and a paralyzed with load out indecision.  I'm going to be running 1250 point Vanguard mostly, I have 30 Vulkite Berserkers and thinking I should go pick and shield, but rerolling hits just always seems like the best practice.  My second battleline will be either 10 Hearthguard for now.

  10. On 9/26/2018 at 5:11 AM, Clinch said:

    I haven't used it myself, but I have seen a lot of people running Temple Nest (for snake armies) and Slaughter Troupe. So there are some viable options for sure. At least Slaughter Troupe has done very well in competitive settings as well. Temple Nest might not be as worthwhile simply because it forces you to take two ranged units that are quite subpar compared to their melee variant.

    They might be subpar, but they are essentially the equal to Stormcast Judicators.  They couldn't be any better without a point hike.  I'm not sure I'd want to bring them up to Skyfire's level if the points matched


  11. On 8/19/2018 at 11:18 AM, DantePQ said:

    That's funny as I was going to use Slaughter Troupe army list but minis didn't get to me in time (post office screwed this up badly as it took 6 days instead of 24h) so one day before tournament I had to scrap whole list. 

    I took 

    HaggNarr Temple 

    Ghur Realm

    Slaughter Queen of Cauldron + Blessing of Khaine + Gryph-feather Charm 

    Morathi with Mindrazor 

    2xHag Queen (Martyr's Sacrifice and Catechism of Murder) 

    30 Witches with Knives 

    30 Witches with Bucklers 

    10 Witches with Knives 

    5 Heartrenders 

    10 Doomfire Warlocks. 

    It was risky to start without CP but I manged to play around it with deployment. 

    Warlocks were really great and Gryph-feather Charm will be my go to item for sure - 1 to hit won be final battle against Sylaventh. With HaggNarr  and Look out Sir it's amazing and extra inch of move for Cauldron is quite handy. 

    How did the unit with bucklers do?  I'm nervous to invest in such an expensive army with mixed loadouts.  I figured I'd want to get 20 Sister that I would do with Buckler's and I have 40 Witches with knives that I'd like to build up to 60.  

  12. 22 minutes ago, EccentricCircle said:

    I don't think many are hoping its a spell for the Legion of Azgorh, I think most are hoping that it presages the coming of a plastic Chaos Dwarf/Chaos Duardin faction, which would exist alongside the Legion. Forgeworld will always be niche, but there is no reason why the faction has to just be forgeworld.

    Did they do that with 40k, the Custodes?  Is that the only example of resin to plastic for GW? 

  13. 4 hours ago, Bloodmaster said:

    Or they could say something at nova next week. Nevertheless, the next few months won't be bleak, with or without destruction. There are so many new toys coming, that there isn't enough time to handle a fraction of what is worth to get your hands on. 

    I'm glad people are getting things they want.  As a destruction player GW has gotten some dice and malign sorcery money from me.

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  14. GW was killing it with hype, but this missed big for me.  It's been a bummer of a summer as a destruction player.  I'm new to GW games, but from what I'm gathering if you aren't playing something that looks like a Space Marine you don't get many updates.


    Last quarter was Nurgle and Sigmarines, this quarter Death and Sigmarines.  Maybe next quarter it will be something Destruction and Sigmarines, probably Slaanesh and Sigmarines.  Hopefully another Aelf faction too.

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  15. 6 hours ago, Tasman said:

    I appear to be wrong. I stand corrected. My bad. Sorry. 

    Now what you should do is drop the second unit of knights and make it a plaguetouched battalion.

    I would love to run a PTWB, but my entire list revolves around Nurgle abilities and PTWB is General Alliance Chaos only now.

  16. 4 hours ago, Domowoj said:

    Only two things need to happen. You need to have 2 CP, which is easily done and no risk here. So this method only depends on one dice roll: a successful charge, and that can be helped in numerous ways to make it less risky. This effect doesn't need to carry over multiple turns because you will delete the unit you hit, or enough of it that you don't need the buffs to finish it off.

    However, I usually take a 1950/2000 list and an Aetherquartz brooch. This lets me start with 2 CP and each time I use one, it's a 5+ roll to recover the used CP.


    You are right, there are a lot of things that need to happen to make Tchad's combo perfect, however it doesn't require every little thing you mentioned to be successful; it really only needs Blades of Putrefaction and the CLoDM's CA stacked. Movement shenanigans are fine, but he's likely to get a charge with knights anyway with the free re-roll; Cogs and Sayl are just gravy. Daemonic power is just a cherry on top. Again, starting with extra CPs and/or banking your first turn CP has no risk associated with it. The only thing here is Blades of Putrefaction. Plaguetouched is the wrong choice for this list because it would strip away any possibility of this offensive combo being able to work. If he fails to cast BoP, that's one thing, but if he doesn't have the spell to begin with, he will fail to cast it 100% of the time. 10 Knights without BoP are still scary, but it's better to have that tool available.  If you want more defense, put Witherstave on the CLoDM.

    Yeah, I anticipate BoP is my first cast and I'm sure as heck looking to keep him outside of unbind range and on Arcane terrain if I can.  With a well placed Gnarlmaw I shouldn't need Sayl, but it could lead to some potent movement options.  With cogs the knights are getting +3 to charge - rerolling.  Gutrot will need a 7 to get in, his Blightking band 6's.  If I don't get BoP off, I'm hoping to hold it for a turn and have the blightkings do some work.

  17. 22 minutes ago, Tasman said:

    He can use it as many times as you have the points, yes. But NOT on the same unit. This has been Faq'd everywhere for everyone that has these type of abilities, i.e. the Glotkin. No +3 attacks just because you have 3 cp. Sorry.?

    It's been FAQ'd for specific units.  As a primary Ironjawz player in very aware of stacking command abilities.  I searched for this unit and couldn't find him as being unable to, thus he can until FAQ says he can't

  18. 4 minutes ago, Tasman said:

    He's not going to be able to put that on a unit more than once.... but he could do both units once. And I'm not seeing the mortal wound on threes?

    Sorcerer throws putrefication blades, and he can use the ability as many times as I have CP.  Sayl throws them behind enemy lines.

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