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  1. Full disclosure, I haven't been using BoC allegiance abilities almost at all (one game before quarantine struck), and I've never used StD with our army. But ... Others have been recommending the khorne daemon prince for his command ability (engaging the enemy on your terms is always best), Belakor neutralizes one enemy unit for a turn and (I believe this is how it works) is immune to our reduced saves bubble plus he's still a reasonably hitty daemon prince. The sphiranx is another decent option, but the main issue for all allies of BoC is that we don't play well with others. They have to start out closeish to our painful to non-BoC auras. There are a lot cool and thematic options that we could take, but if they get close to the herd stone, they become exponentially more vulnerable. Makes them much less viable as options. I had two questions for everyone. 1: Tzaangors enlightened on discs are a great unit and I'd like to use some of them, but to me, the beasts of chaos are meant to be very much separate from the chaos gods (directly). Thus the discs bother me. Does anyone have ideas for a more unaligned enlightened model? I'm aware of the winged tzaangor idea, but the discs dish out serious damage. I'd like to do that justice on the model. I was going to go for Gavespawn as I like converting (I'm leaving the guys who pull double duty for Khorne as more normal, but my gavespawn exclusives I plan to play with). Wanted to play around with a mild Lovecraftian vibe from them. Servants of the yellow king perhaps? (damnit, I'm going to have to make a third beast lord for the yellow king … *sigh* AND re-paint my gavespawn specific units *double sigh*) 2: Ungors are surprisingly hard to come by, and getting the bases (since GW still doesn't sell them with the correct ones outside of the start collecting) is a pain. Does anyone have any suggestions for alternative models that are at least similarly priced? Part two of this. Since I'm going with gavespawn I was planning on mutating many of these ungors. How much is too much? At what point does the model stop looking sufficiently like an ungor to be a reasonable replacement? (Speaking of the yellow king has made images of ungor raiders as devolved, shambling cultist like horrors spring to my mind) For Mourghur! (I have no idea how to spell his name off the top of my head)
  2. Hey, so I've decided to switch my beasts of Khorne to beasts of chaos (the joke is that they are taking anger management classes over the quarantine) and was intrigued by the idea of the tzaangor enlightened on foot. Has anyone given them a try since the points increase on the disc version? I also had the silly thought of up buffing chaos giants and throwing them at the enemy for shiggles. (potential +3 attacks on one of them at a time) What's been peoples' experience using our gargants? Any little, often overlooked gems I should know about? Side note: It seems that I'm not the only one who wants their beast lord to be relevant. It really seems like the only way to do so is with the gavespawn, I mean + attacks is nice, but I more want to use it so my herd's alpha beast can feel like ,,, well, an alpha beast. It's a real shame that all of the command abilities for BoC are situational at best. (of which there are only two, geeze) Any other ways for a beast lord to shine?
  3. From my experience with the brass despoilers you probably will want to maximize the BoC section so that you earn more value from the 2 abilities of the battalion. With a minimum Despoiler battalion it feels more like wasting points. Centigors are an unexpectedly good choice. They offer ludicrous speed and surprising damage when buffed plus they can give you the battalion reroll when and where you need it. You'd probably have to convert them up though. Bestigors make a powerful alpha strike option if you can keep the buffs going with them. Allied BoC models are also worth considering for various buffs/roles available depending on how far down the goat hole you want to go. All that being said, I haven't played around with adding many mortals besides the three universal buffing units. My initial thoughts: Blood warriors are better than gors for damage and durability, but they don't cover the same area as efficiently for chaff screening. The mortal cavalry is slower, but hits harder. Skullreapers are always nice, but expensive. Reavers are better for backlining with the secrator/emergency hammer... As always, it depends on what you're trying to do. Beasts of Khorne are an interesting fusion between BoC screening game and BoK Buff/countercharge game(in my experience). Out of curiosity, what slaughterhost are you theorizing for the beasty boys list? TLDR: Most mortal units don't serve a sufficiently different role to BoC options that will benefit from/to the battalion outside of the universal buffing units.
  4. I'm a bit odd, but I like to have 2 units of wrathmongers. Lets me spread the buffs around to multiple areas. It really depends on what you want to do with the army though. 15 reapers in the slaughter born battalion are very deadly. I'm not a big fan of blood warriors, so I'm biased against them outside of battalions. They're pretty good as tar pits in slaughter born (once again) though. All that being said, I say mongers.
  5. Hey, so I've got a tournament late march and had been thinking of bringing out my mortals again. Wanted to get some advice. It's a pretty competitive crowd and I know there'll be Osiarchs, big waagh, Tzeentch, and skaven. This was my initial list idea. Also been theory hammering out an infantry based list too, but it's not done yet. It's reasonably fast, has 3 wings to it (2 smallish cavalry wings and the backliners.) so it can attack multiple targets, and actually has threatening heroes in their own right(a novelty for me). That's all good, but the army itself feels vulnerable to me. High drops, little redundancy(in purpose), and the infantry probably needs a babysitter. I might be overreacting from the switch from beasts of Khorne, but I'd like to get my fellow lords' opinions on it.
  6. Don't think of them as smelly elves on top of uppity pigeons. Instead think of them as the objects of your cult's devotion. What are they worshipping? What are they inspired by? Maybe the ice ones are aging those nearby who don't follow the cult, or maybe the mortal wounds aren't flames but the souls being sucked out of your foes? The huricanum (if you wanted to bring one) could be a mobile altar to their god (possibly Nagash?) It's all about theming what you "need" to be a fightable list so that everything fits. Take my huricanum for example. It is a mobile command center on a floating dais. The thought of a altar in my practically minded legions felt silly, so instead I chose something that fell in line with my theme. I love your theme and am interested to see what you do with it. Don't give up! Also those other ideas sounded cool too. What would the hobgoblins represent?
  7. Of course if you're going for a darkling focused list I'd say dragon sorceress, but for a more generalized combat/magic monster I'd go with the griffon mage. More consistent melee damage(flat with possible additional attacks), I'd argue a more versatile magic load out(with more potential damage), and I just love the griffon model. The -2 rend and potentially 6 damage is very good though. The difference in speed/wound count is negligible since both are faster than what they'd likely be running with. That's if we look at them in a vacuum against each other of course. I'd say taking a darkling contingent (black guard, some meat shields, and the sorceress) is definitely more valuable though. 700 or so points for a dangerous murder blob with magic support? That's pretty good. You can't really do that with the griffon wizard. So I guess it really depends on what you're trying to get out of your list (as usual). I'd be more inclined to add a coven detatchment than just the griffon wizard. He's probably something I'd take for fun, but for face smashing probably the coven. Alone? I'd probably leave both at home and pick something that synergized more. My area is rather competitive though. Mileage will likely vary. Also you could use your old high elves as the coven I'd say if you can take it, do so. It costs you nothing and you might not have to use it, or it could save the game. Biggest thing for a retinue is knowing where your general will be and make what he/she is hanging out with be the bodyguard. For my freeguild I've used both gunners and guard as the retinue, but alas greatswords are too valuable to throw in front of attacks. Obviously phoenix guard are the best retinue with a save vs mortals. General rule would be to pick something reasonably expendable by where your leader will usually be, or pick something who's job is only to be the retinue(/reserve unit).
  8. Probably a poor idea, but I was struck by the thought of dudes in plate with guns and thought of the grundstock thunderers. With a khemist I feel they could do quite well with the longer range and better armour than gunners. Slap +1 to wound on them and they could be a mobile fire base. Thematic too if you wanted to represent a shooty army's elite infantry as not using swords. So the actual question is has anyone tried the Grundstcorp out? Are they worth it as allies or do you have to go Tempests eye? Do allies count as "friendly" unit/hero for bodyguard/advisor purposes? (it doesn't actually list it needing to be a cities unit unless I missed that in the FAQ) On a separate note. I've been trying to find a good close combat unit that isn't around 400pts in the army. Something that could reasonably mess up a monster if they strike first and cheap enough that you could include a duplicate without making your entire army about them. (600pts of the army was what I had been shooting to be in the ballpark of)The closest I've found are the phoenix guard, but they have the reputation as a "golden unit" in my group so I'm trying to avoid them if I can. I tried out an all combat army theme and … well, it wasn't very effective. Too squishy, or too pillow fisted in my limited free guild trial run. I'll be trying out lances on the gryphs to see if they can put out the hurt (preferably with +1 to wound) next. What has everyone else been using as the combat wing of their army? Am I crazy to want to engage in melee with our army? Are the small 10 man units of the elites worth taking? (greatswords, black guard, ect)
  9. Darksteve is right. Slaughterhosts and realm artifacts are fair game. I don't have the realm artifact book, so I can't really help with those. Thermal rider could help the secrator keep up with the speedy goat boys though. (only useful one for beasts that I know off the top of my head) I however typically used the skullfiends tribe so that my mortals sort of gain my battalion's ability (re-roll ones). Makes it easier to remember special rules if they have the same effect. The additional attack artifact from them is useful on the doombull's axe and the command trait is more of a bonus if it happens. (could use aforementioned doombull to hunt heroes) The goretide's command trait isn't bad on the bull, but I feel it's better on the beastlord (assuming that you want to keep your army in the BoC range). Makes him into an actual combat threat. Unfortunately the artifact feels wasted on BoC heroes with their 4+ max saves, but it's not terrible. (side note-shaman helps the beast lord's move too) You could even use the daemonic hosts' artifacts/traits as they aren't daemon specific. Reapers are useful if you feel your anti-magic game needs help (both their things). Bloodlords is an interesting option. I'd call it more of a finesse move, but +movement and the chance to always strike first aren't bad. Too flipfloppy for me, but you could have fun with it. For my second artifact I often liked to throw a banner on the secrator. Your choice of flavor. Most of the others didn't feel very helpful to my beastmen, but maybe you'll spot something I didn't for your support crew. As for picking your host, I'd say it depends on who you're bringing to party with the goats. Mortals would obviously lend you to the hosts that support them, same with daemons, but it doesn't invalidate the other side either. Like I said before, even with mostly just using the battalion, you have a lot of options to choose from. Theirs also nothing stopping you from converting the key units that you just want to use into beasts. Did that with my priests and secrator, and I've seen conversions of thirsters, princes, juggers, ect. If you're looking for how I used mine, I dropped the battle reports form the tourney back on page 226. (I think I've sprinkled other reports with the beasty boys before that too)
  10. Not sure I'd necessarily call it the best, but I've been running beasts of khorne for a while now. Managed 2nd in a one day event, so there's that. I've been keeping as much of my army in the battalion as possible to give them the most chance to benefit from the bonus of the battalion. Also because of the size of the battalion I'd say to generally (unless you have a plan) keep things MSU. More blood tithe, more units to hand out the re-roll 1s to each other. Gors are excellent fast cannon fodder, I haven't played with the chariots, but the BoC forum likes them as chaff. Your chaff game will probably be stronger than a normal blades army, but not necessarily. The biggest decision I felt was on what to take as your hammers. You've basically got 3 options. The bullgors need buffs, are reasonably fast, and hit like a ton of bricks when supported, but they're expensive and squishy.(They NEED their buffs, even if it's just attacks) The wrathmongers will most likely be able to keep up with them most of the time. Option two would of course be bestigors. More of a finesse option, they're fast, hit reasonably hard, and have okay armour, but are still squishy. Their biggest problem is running out of attack buffs range. Using them as angry goat missiles isn't a terrible idea (slaughterpriests are better for that, or mix in a gore pilgrims battalion to increase range). The final curve ball option is dragon ogres. Fastish, multiple attack profiles to benefit from bonuses and tougher than either of the other options. Are they good? I don't know, as I never used them (don't have the minis). Doombulls could be used as okay murder units, but they can't beat out their buffed up subordinates for damage. Still an option though. Ghorgon/cygor. I never really used them, so I won't comment on their abilities, but they too are an option. The only things I took from the main book are support units. Blood secrator, wrathmongers, priests. Placing my heroes out of a battalion meant I had a fairly high drop army despite the battalion's size. Even sticking to a BoC core, you'll have a lot of variety to choose from. Bonus weird options: BoC are allies to Khorne, allowing you to use some normally forbidden units. Ungor raiders are surprisingly useful for gumming up the enemy's works (first line of chaff or sneaking onto objectives). The bray shaman (magical heresy!!) still can buff the movement of gor type units inherently and can unbind. I think the shaggoth buffs the dragon ogres naturally. You can get some interesting things for the up to 400pts of allies. Beasts of Khorne play similarily to BoC, but you've got to play smarter. No respawning units, no expanding bubble of doom, but in exchange you get soooo many buffs to stack on units. You can easily punch above your weight class, but you're still a bunch of shirtless goat people running at the enemy. You can't take heavy blows. Which is why I say to keep MSU. Make them spread the "love." If one hammer dies, you've got more. Good luck and, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!!!!!!
  11. Nope. Alas my 2 weeks ago memory appears to be shoddy. Hopefully my 1 week memory is better. They just didn't have too much of an impact in the games. There might have been more stuff, I just didn't pay it much attention(too little impact). He was mostly messing about with his kung-fu panda army. We agreed that he'd have been better off with gluttons over the maneaters. The pistols were nice, but not worth the potential extra bodies. Too squishy. I'm currently still debating about what size for my own units, especially the swordsmen . That's kind of a thing for CoS though. The battalions are specific, meaning you won't necessarily have the ability to take one. None have freeguild guards in them for that matter either. Only in one of my games did I get to pick who goes first. Feels more important when you rely on fairly short ranged shooting a fair bit.
  12. - *shrug* Mine has been a great assistant for killing stuff and generally maiming, but enough to carry the list? Not really. Battle report time! These are from 2 weeks ago, so the details are fuzzy, but here was my list. I'll get into the disaster battles later. First battle Mission: (I unfortunately don't remember, but we were long ways and close) opponent: Ogres shooty mawtribe - I set up in the center with the swordsmen securing the front and demis on my flanks. Everyone else kind of squidged in behind the swordsmen wall. There wasn't a lot of cover between us. I could shoot him first turn so he decided to go first. Moved up and peppered the swordsmen, killing a reasonable number, the maneaters then made a long charge into the swordsmen. They wiped out the unit, but the greatswords were in range to assist and killed 5 of them with the general slaying another, fortunately for them they had the immune to battleshock trait and were fine. My turn I put the -1 to be hit on the greatswords and failed the other spell while the boss ordered our shooters to hold the line. Halberds rush in to attempt another meat wall while the handgunners wipe out the remaining maneaters and the other shooters effectively neutralized a larger leadbelcher unit. My demis manage to charge in and tie up the remaining leadbelchers, killing one each. Priority comes up and I win it, which was basically gg. The greatswords charged the ironblasters, killing both and injuring the butcher, tyrant slaughters the halberdiers (who charged him) and one of the demi units fluffs its saves and is wiped. The ogres freed themselves from the demis and the heroes were both slain by the greatswords (tyrant charged in) at great cost. I think he killed 14 of them. At that point we called it. Game two: also don't remember*shrug*( short way but squared deployment)t vs Shooty Ogres Opponent's List: - This time I put my shooters off on the sides with demigryphs acting as shields and flankers. Swordsmen in the middle in front of the artillery and other melee troops(plus command staff). He deployed pretty evenly across with the maneaters on the flanks and the blasters in the middle. I chose to go first as I once again could reach him with shooting. Both demi units moved just in range to grab the objectives. I used hold the line on the crossbows who wiped out a leadbelcher unit. The handgunners moved up and killed another model from a different unit and the hellstorm wounded an ironblaster. In response the ironblasters shot my greatswords, killing 8, and the army moved up. Strangely the belchers shot my gryphs instead of my shooters, did a couple of wounds. The maneaters on my right made a charge into the handgunners and gryphs while the tyrant and other maneaters made it into the swordsmen. Carnage ensues. 8 handgunners and a demigryph go down for 2 maneaters, 24 or so swordsmen are massacred for 3 maneaters and the tyrant's injury. (greatswords were supporting). Turn roll off and … he gets it. Unfortunately for him there's not much more he can do, he's already fully committed. Lost a gryph from the left, 7 handgunnerst, and 5 greatswords to shooting. The tyrant could only hit the swordsmen and killed another 10 or so. They responded and cleared that flank. The maneater tried to kill the gryph but left him with one wound. He's injured and then finished off by the handgunners. My turn, I fail to cast spells and then moved the halberds at the ironblasters, greatswords went at remaining leadbelchers and the gryphs went to help there. In shooting the wounded belchers were finished(crossbows) and the butcher injured(hellstorm). The greatswords kill the pot butcher who was hanging by the belchers' remains and the halberds are wiped out by the butcher and cannons for the wounded cannon (probably a mistake). Turn roll off and my opponent wins it. The butcher goes for my hangunners while the blasters try to finish the swords to push and grab my home base. 2 swords are left and the blasters fail their charges. Butcher gets killed by overwatch and then we called it. - Greatswords were definitely MVP. Saved my bacon from danger both games. Very expensive unit though. Would be reluctant to use them as bodyguards because of that. The guard are kind of disappointing, but do well enough as meat shields. Everything else was just pretty okay. Ranged appears to be our strength, although I know that it isn't something that can be relied on to do so. One double turn and your shooting masterplan falls apart. Sticking with a similar list in the next 3 games.
  13. He's a custom sculpt. Started life as a chaos chariot driver though. Retributer and temporary swordsman for scale. I've got more work to do on him, so he's not done yet. Based off of https://www.deviantart.com/l3monjuic3/art/House-Leo-Centurion-794039437.
  14. I was considering that. Wanted to bring out the old retributers again, see if they're any good still. Might be large enough to hide the boss, he's rather tall though... True. After getting penned into my deployment zone by beastclaws the game before, I opted to maintain pressure on the center. Relying on my 40 swordsmen and the pheonix guard to protect the boss. Unfortunately ironblasters are about double the height of a man so he just peeked over. Even more difficult against the catapult as it's around Nagash's height. I have a luminark, it's more that the huricanum feels shooting focused and I want to rely mostly on combat if I can. (Our players were scarred by an all shooting free guild list at a tournament back in the day. Trying to avoid those memories) It's rather difficult to do though. Unfortunately that's for hammerhal only, I was playing hallowheart. Alas, no more shield or banner, but at least you can't just idly poke him with a stick in melee anymore. I love the griffon model, but he always has underperformed when I use him. I'm reluctant to use my points on him. I might give him another shot if this keeps up though. He was using the shooting mawtribe which gives an artifact that hands out +1 to hit against heroes/monsters. That combined with two of them and the double shot command ability was dangerous. Admittedly I should have thought about my set up more, as I could have held off, but I was thinking about the beastclaw game. He also got 3 hits that did 16 wounds (0 passed saves+ near max damage = oof). Also failed all 3 saves against the catapult (which does need line of sight). Like I said, might have just been bad luck. I think I'll try using some phoenixes so that my opponent has something else to think about alongside a trial run of the stormcast helpers. I should make someone else my general, but I might not for thematic reasons. We'll see. I'll try it next weekend and let you know how it goes. (side note): Are batreps ok here? Are people interested in hearing them?
  15. Hey, bit of a specific question. So in the last couple of games my free guild general (who might be a bit too much of a lynch pin currently) has been getting sniped first turn with very little I could do about it. Even with look out sir and a bodyguard he got obliterated first by ironblasters and then by bone reaper catapults. (forgot to say he was not in front, that's the goons' job) My city is from the realm of light so hallowheart felt right and then I of course picked the battleshock immunity trait (feel like the others should be better so there's more of a choice, but that's not the point of this post) which made him my opponent's top priority. I'm not sure how to protect him outside of using a dwarf as my freeguild general (which feels very wrong) to be invisible behind his human guards. Maybe make someone less valuable be the army general so at least I can keep his command ability? That's more mitigation of damage though. Plus I like the thematic nature of it being our regal leader to make the peasants fearless. Might just be a matter of luck, but any ideas?
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