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  1. As an additional information. They only count towards battleline when using them in a SCE or Order Allegiance. There is for example no ruling that a Stormcast Battalion would count towards the new Army of Lethis Allegiance so at the moment they would could as Allies if used in a battalion in the Lethis Allegiance at the moment.
  2. the rule works with all melee attacks. If it should only target the rider they would have only mentioned the riders Melee Attacks in the rule.
  3. There is no point in the rules that refer to ignoring los blocking in general. Only that they ignore the "Overgrown Wildness" rule of the Citadel Wood.
  4. In case of Battalions they only have the Keyword of the Allegiance and the Grand Allegiance if it isn't stated otherwise (like in case of the 4 Chaos God Battalions for Beasts of Chaos). So the Pestilens Battlions do not have such a statement and so don't have the Nurgle keyword and would count as allies in a Nurgle List.
  5. Only the lores that are mentioned in the Allegiance are part of it, and the Legion of Grief has only the Lore of Grief (like the other legions of Legions of Nagash mention the Lores of the Dead)
  6. Actually it's 1/4 in case of units and 1/5 in case of points if you play one of the three standardsize games Everchosen is one of the worst Allegiances at the moment. It only has 3 units uses the same allegiance Abilities as there grand alliance und since 2.0 even the units in Everchosen battalions are allies (just not using the 1/4 rule). So you can't even fill your battleline with marauders or chaos warriors (this was possible in 1.0 after models in battaltion counted as part of the Allegiance of the battalion).
  7. I have that problem with only one book. "Labyrinth of the Lost", the Warhammer Quest Story written by Andy Clark. At first I wanted to wait if a german translation would come out (but when the first german books came, the translation of "Plagegarden" and "Hammerhal & other stories" the book wasn't available anymore as a physical copy. You can buy the kindle version for 6,99 € and a physical variant new for nearly 80,-€ on Amazon. I would really hope that this book would be reprinted in an Omnibus or as part of the Novel line (after only having about 85 Pages) At the moment I'm basicly reading the retro AoS stuff (aka the Realmgate Wars Omnibus). Still reading "Borne by the Storm" (sadly I'm a quite slow reader in case of english stories, thats one of the points why I would have prefered getting a german translation). I actually have thought I would have seen a connection between Entyr Rocha from Soulwars and Ionus Cryptborn in "Borne by the Storm" but Rocha's description that is was actually another character (perhaps I overread a mentioning, but both sharing the point that they hoped to be united with there loved one after death).
  8. @Rid Your List isn't valid because the bloodtoof Battalion has the restriction, that the ironfist battalion must include 5 units (your list has only 4) And the cheapest configuration would be this like @PlasticCraic said with the points: Allegiance: Destruction Gordrakk the Fist of Gork (580) Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (440) - Boss Gore-hacka and Scrap-tooth 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) - Pig-iron Choppas 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) - Pig-iron Choppas 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) - Pig-iron Choppas 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) - Pig-iron Choppas 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) - Pig-iron Choppas Ironfist (180) Bloodtoofs (120) Total: 2020 / 2000
  9. In case of Command Abilities. You get three with the core rules ("At the double", "Forward to Victory" and "Inspiring Presence") + the command abilities of the Hero Warscrolls you use +the Allegiance can have Command Abilities (in case of Stormcast Eternals it is only through the Stormhosts)
  10. There are some terms thrown together in a strange way. First of all "Straunch Defender" is a Command Trait. Command Abilities are another mechanic, as well as battle traits are another mechanic (page 117 in the Battletome). If you choose a stormhost you are forced to use the Command Trait and Artefact of the Stormhost. If you don't choose a Stormhost you can use the one of the Command Traits and Artefacts from page 118 of the battletome.
  11. The only thing to think off, is that in the start collecting box is only one 120x92mm Base (and only the assambly guide for the Exalted Charot), if you have both you can build two of the other chariots with the start collecting box.
  12. Yeah, I have the feeling in the german onlineshop its out of stock since end last year, never getting a mail during last months that it was in stock. 🙁
  13. Hm, after a Hero is a unit too (with one model), Sylvateth at least get the Arch Revenant and in case of Flesh-Eater Courts the Abhorrant Archregent was new. So basicly both get a new unit (that is not availlable at the moment, because the box set is sold out)
  14. After there was a mentioning about July 2019 in one of the Videos. I would simply wait to End of June if there are enough informations to make a decision.
  15. The summonable Keyword is used for Rules of the 4 Allegainces "Grand Host of Nagash", "Legion of Sacrament", "Legion of Night" and "Legion of Blood". The Soulblight Allegiance doesn't have rules that use the summonable Keyword.
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