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  1. EMMachine

    Disheartened about the current stance on Elves

    I have the feeling you got the wrong faction here. In case of Malerion it would most likely be Order Serpentis.
  2. @SwampHeart Maybe my statement I made before was because of a missinterpretation of the same sentence @Kramer mentioned. I mean, in worst case it could be interpreted as "why should I listen to you, you are not important enough." That's a point that is baffling me, too. Most of the time its a statement of outsiders (WHFB/9th Age Players) to understate AoS. But this is also a point why a current tactics guide could be a good thing. Sometimes I have the feeling that in case of WHFB, for some part the tactics were basicly hardcoded into the rules.
  3. EMMachine

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    Many Warscrolls have been updated in the shop and the app today. The units that can dispell, can also try to dispell Endless spells in there own herophase right now. Only +1 for Flesh Hound units with at least 10 models. The collars mostly only gave the chance to dispell in the first place. And after seeing the Warscrolls, it is often more some sort of 2.0 nerfs ("wholly within", differenting between companions, mounts etc and "unmodified rules", (even I wouldn't say that the last thing isn't a complete nerf after debuffs can't remove the trigger of the abilities anymore. )
  4. EMMachine

    Age of Sigmar Skirmish Rules v2

    There will be maybe another release later, but at the moment it is White Dwarf only
  5. EMMachine

    Terrorgheist/Zombie Dragon in Legion of Nagash

    The app is only a "Third Party device". Even with the goodwill to update the Errata into the warscrolls there, if Battletome + Errata is different to the App, the Battletome beats the app (most of the time the app is wrong in such a case). Only in the case of the Wrath & Rapture Box they forgot to make the update with an Errata. In that case the Warscrolls on the Webshop would invalid the ones in the Battletome. You can believe @XReN and me in that case.
  6. I would say, 1500 Points is a quite wierd one, because it is the only one in between that is not supported by Matched Play Restrictions and is houserule territory. Since the Generals Handbook 2017 those ranges are the supported ones. Vanguard is 750-1250 Battlehost is 1750-2250 Warhost is 2250-2750
  7. EMMachine

    Terrorgheist/Zombie Dragon in Legion of Nagash

    As long as the Legions of Nagash Battletome exists (and Battletome + Errata normally takes preference before third party devices), and the Errata doesn't say that the warscroll shouldn't be used anymore, the warscroll will be valid. There would be a point like the following in the Battletome Errata if the warscroll wouldn't be valid anymore:
  8. EMMachine

    Terrorgheist/Zombie Dragon in Legion of Nagash

    The origin lies a little more in the back. At first there was only one Warscroll for the unmounted Terrorgheist, in the first Flesh Eater Courts Battletome it got the Flesh Eater Courts Keyword (if I remember correctly) When Legions of Nagash came out, they renamed the Terrorgheist into Royal Terrorgheist as well as the Zombiedragon into Royal Zombie Dragon with an Errata in the Flesh Eater Courts Battletome, so the Warscroll in Legions of Nagash wouldn't override the Flesh Eater Courts one. They are basicly 2 different warscrolls, (because of different names, Terrorgheist in the LoN Battletome and Royal Terrorgheist in the FEC Battletome) even if both warscrolls are doing the same (after the latest Errata) and the only difference are the Name of the Warscroll and the Keywords.
  9. EMMachine

    Terrorgheist/Zombie Dragon in Legion of Nagash

    Yeah, the Scrollbuilder finds it because it has a subsection "Legions of Nagash" rather than only the subfactions in it (how it is in the AoS App). In the end in this case the physical copy + Errata is superior than any program (but also the most expensive one)
  10. EMMachine

    Who is this mysterious SCE on poster?

    And were are the shiny wings? And this object he is holding doesn't fit to Ghal Maraz or the Staff.
  11. EMMachine

    Who is this mysterious SCE on poster?

    Hm then I remembered it wrong. Is it? I mean it is sort buttom up view, so we don't see much of the face part, mostly the Helmet decoration (in that case a Lord Veritant would also be possible, but he isn't normally holding the lantern in his hand, after it is on the staff). Do we have other thinks that are hold like that (in the picture above in his right hand), rather than a lantern (and the Lord Castellant on my picture, without converting anything, is holding it in exact the same way).
  12. EMMachine

    Staff of Focus + Everblaze Comet valid after all?

    I see it like @Sedraxis and @Fluttershy in that case. Even there are the terms "Ability" and "Command Ability" on Warscrolls, I have seen the term Ability most of the time as a Synonym for "Special Rule" like it was called in older warhammer editions (or as another Term for example "Model Assigned Rule (MAR) from Dystopian Wars). In the end Spells and prayers do provide Abilitys as well.
  13. EMMachine

    Who is this mysterious SCE on poster?

    It looks like he is holding a lantern. So maybe a Lord-Castellant. (Would also fit with the helmet. And who was mentioned lately in the Background/Story as a Lord Castellant? Settrus. He would also fit to the Anvils of the Heldenhammer, who have black armour.
  14. EMMachine

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    Hm, you have to spam Ghoulkings and Archregents because each one can only summon 1 unit. The chaosgods can do more without spamming the highest leaders of the faction.
  15. EMMachine

    The Rumour Thread

    Looks like a pretty normal chestplate to me. I would say, it could simply be a Lord Castellant. The model looks like it holds a Lantern in his hand and the starshaped form would fit the helmet of the Lord Castellant A Lord Veritant could also be possible (quite the same sort of helmet), but he has the Lantern on his staff. That could actually be possible after he is mentioned to be a Lord Castellant.