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  1. This is true, absolutely true! If we would talk perfectly optimal solutions, Gunhauler certainly isn't the first one in the list with raw stats being sub-par from everything else. I am perhaps viewing things with bigger picture than what's necessary. Hit roll can be complemented with Battallion's own Focus Fire ability or ie. Mhornar provides an Command Trait to re-roll all of your hit rolls in a more critical turn. I don't know all of the options the game provides, but I bet there's better options as well.
  2. Well maybe to against to a common word, I have literally started to work on it to test it out. After further thinking, Gunhaulers are 40 points more expensive cannons with movement of 10" and ability to soak damage from big guys. So can essentially formation of 3 Gunhaulers and a frigate that has 44 wounds, granted that haulers will succeed at soaking it. Plus, to me 28" of potential threat for 4 cannon shots is quite notable, combined with Barak-Mhornar's abilities, you have quite ugly tool for removal what is even faster than during the first turn. I would see whole Battallion excels as fast, target removal focused army, but will struggle due limited range those fast melee armies what whole KO is already weak at. Only thing I find problematic is having to take unit of Skywardens what doesn't necessarily find their place in the list but I am willing to experiment. This opportunist is willing to go and show how to strike first and the hardest.
  3. Competitiviness does not ruin anything. It is always the people. I think players should simply be aware of different kinds if players and embrace all the aspects. Even if you are not the competitive person, but playing against one, bring something what is exciting to play and give your opponent your best shot. And in opposite, competitive player can despite having maybe strong list offer great match to someone who is less so. I may have had the pleasure to see such a healthy Warmachine/Hordes communities despite competitive focus. Even back in 8th Edition Warhammer times, all we had all sort of players are still everyone were having good time with whatever focus they could have had.
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